Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Deep Cleansing Today?

Photos copyright: Maggie May

It was some weeks ago that I took pictures of this blossom in a lovely part of Bristol called The Downs. There were many trees covered in either white or pink.
I had just started to recover from my sixth session of chemotherapy and I can remember that I walked quite a long way without having to sit down and I was encouraged to get well by the visual effects of the blossom and the lovely views, as well as my rising energy levels.

I have much more energy now but several things are bugging me.
The state of my house for one thing. My house is fairly large by modern standards so quite a big place for me to keep up together.
I am visiting so many blogs that are in an enthusiastic state about deep Spring Cleaning. This is one bug that I would really love to catch. So far it has evaded me.
I am trying to catch up on months of neglect because I really couldn't do much before, so I am attempting bite sized corners (clearing up one muddle from one corner at a time.) Why is it that when I do these things, I inevitably transfer the muddle to another corner?
Much of the problem has been housing Ash. He has a large shelf in the alcove with his cage on and all his equipment is stored underneath the shelf. Well that isn't too bad at all. However the problem arose when we bought him a playpen for him to exercise in. To save me having to take it down and then re erect it each day, we (or rather I,) decided to remove a chest of drawers from another corner and put his playpen there, as a fixture. So now I have all the contents of the chest of drawers in little boxes waiting to be sorted. The chest of drawers has fitted into a spare room upstairs but because I have the tendency to hoard, I am waiting until I am in the mood to be ruthless and halve everything. In fact we really need to halve everything in the house....... so the minute I finish this post, I am going to re-organise the house and have a thorough Spring Clean! I have the day to myself and no children's duties whatsoever. There is no excuse today for idleness and I have to admit to my energy levels being very satisfactory.

I went back to the After School Club yesterday evening and it felt just as though I had never been away. The children asked me about my hair re-growth and I showed them the back of my head and how the hair was growing again. They were very accepting and interested.
I am going in again tomorrow. I shall just do two evenings for now and see how I feel by September.
Talking of hair, all you people who read this blog who have been through chemo and come out the other side, I wonder if you can tell me if you suddenly started to have prolific hair growth on the sides of your face? Seems to be growing faster than my head hair. Yesterday on impulse, I picked up Harry's electric shaver and got rid of it. Yes....... I have a problem now, as it is stubbly as it regrows. Fortunately for me, it is very light coloured hair, otherwise I should be embarrassed.
It is bad enough to have little on top, but to be a bearded lady as well....... that is drawing attention to myself.


slommler said...

Oh dear!! A beard is definitely sucky!! When I went through menopause I became the proud owner of a beard and a mustache. I am now getting electrolysis. Definitely worth it...hair is going away. Down to just a few hairs now. Soon I will be a smooth as a baby's butt!!
Good luck on the cleaning and sorting. I have always said that if I open a closet to start organizing it, I end up with a room full of stuff!!! It's a no win situation!!

Rose said...

Maggie, you sound so energetic! I used to attempt spring cleaning in the summer, when I was off from school. But now that I have the whole year pretty much off, spring cleaning has been moved to winter so that I can spend time gardening. Of course, when winter gets here, I'm not in the mood either:)

Glad to hear your hair is growing back in, but the other hair is not so fun. I've heard laser treatments are great. This is a time in my life when I'm glad to be a blonde, too:)

Akelamalu said...

You might be better off using waxing strips on your face rather than shaving.

It's good to hear your energy levels are rising. Good luck with the spring cleaning. :)

jinksy said...

Lovely blossoms, and I sympthise with the little boxes that need halving! I have a house full of those too!! :)

lakeviewer said...

Take your time, one room at a time, or 1/2 hour a day. If you try to do it all, you'll have nothing left.

Reasons said...

Easy does it, don't do what I do, full on for a day and then can't move the next!

Neva Flores said...

Spring cleaning Yuck! Good luck with this! Lovely post!

RNSANE said...

Your post today has me feeling guilty, for sure...I know a move for me is imminent and I need to be selling some things on Craig's list and cleaning out and throwing away...but I got so behind on blogs during my five day hospital day, I'm catching up on that instead. I'm still not really up and about though, today, finally, my right foot isn't swollen and I can wear shoes. I've got to kick myself in the rear and start moving!

Neva Flores said...

Please don't feel guilty, sounds to me like you need to recover. :)

Jeni said...

O Lord, Maggie! I can think of so many other things -besides the "Spring Cleaning Bug" that I would like to have come my way but definitely would have hissy fits for sure if it were to be that item! (Cleaning and especially of the deep spring or fall stuff) is not on my list at all.
As to the hair issues, I never lost any hair with my chemos -or if I did, it was quite negligible, at least on my head. I do get a few stragglers that pop out on my chin but don't know if they came before or after the chemo. However, one area that has become quite bald -well let's put it this way -if it weren't for the fat between my waist and thighs, I could wear one of those hi-rise cut swim suits without waxing! Nary a hair there nowadays!

Ayak said...

Oh Maggie don't read blog posts "that are in an enthusiastic state about deep Spring Cleaning"....just do a bit at a time. Save all this regained energy for more exciting things!


Joey said...

I have that kind of hair... I get cold.

Someone convinced to let them wax it off when I was 41. They burned my face badly.

Don't ever shave again, and don't wax. I've learned to live with it.

I cannot live with the hair above the lip or on the chin. I do get that waxed.

Please Maggie, do not push yourself too hard. One room at a time, perhaps?


Bernie said...

Hi Maggie, you sound wonderful. Love hearing you are feeling better and have so much energy.
I didn't have the hair growth on my face Maggie but if I did I would of had it waxed or lasered off....don't think I would ever shave it.
Don't worry about cleaning, do fun things right now, I mean if you set aside 20 to 30 minutes a day to spend on deep cleaning, that is okay but oh please don't do any more than that....enjoy your summer.
Stay well my friend, keeping you in my prayers......:-) Hugs

gaelikaa said...

You're just like me when I start cleaning. With four kids in the house I never get to the end of it. But as you say, one corner at a time is the way to do it. We'll get there in the end.

gaelikaa said...

You're just like me when I start cleaning. With four kids in the house I never get to the end of it. But as you say, one corner at a time is the way to do it. We'll get there in the end.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Good to hear that you are feeling better again Maggie and enjoying your walk and the after school clubs. It must be lovely to be back with the children too. Housework and spring cleaning are such a chore, even when you are well so you are right to just tackle a small corner at a time, you'll get there! A x

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Good to hear that you are feeling better again Maggie and enjoying your walk and the after school clubs. It must be lovely to be back with the children too. Housework and spring cleaning are such a chore, even when you are well so you are right to just tackle a small corner at a time, you'll get there! A x

Eddie Bluelights said...

I just don't know where the 'clobber' comes from! We aquire it over the years and are reluctant to throw it out. Our house is like a tip still because of the kitchen refurb - it's affected every room in the house. However the end is now in sight.
Tackle it a bit at a time and enjoy yourself - you deserve it.

I have a bad infection in my leg and the doctor has started me on some antibiotics. I felt lousy yesterday.
I may not be able to publish a roast this weekend.
Love ~ Eddie

Nessa said...

The color of those blossoms are vibrant.

I haven't had chemo but I have the hairiest upper lip and I have tough grey hair growing out in spots on my chin.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're surviving. xxx

Ann Best said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog about my daughter's funny green birthday card. She keeps it by her bed for a laugh. And isn't green wonderful - as wonderful as these beautiful blossoms.

Glad you're feeling more energetic, but go slow. Relax. Enjoy the beauty around you.

Suldog said...

Hmmmmmm. I have never heard of a woman suddenly growing a beard after chemo. But, perhaps it's not something spoken about often; just an oddity. However, I would think it is a good sign! If you are growing MORE hair than you did before the treatment, then your body must be working marvelously well!

Working Mum said...

Glad that after school care went well. Children really are a tonic. As for your Spring Cleaning, I think that's a definite sign you are getting better, but I'd just do the important rooms this year (kitchen and bedroom) and leave the others till next spring. Or alternatively, book one of those spring cleaning services just this once!

She Writes said...

Oh! I wish I had answers, but I have none. Here's to speedy recovery of your hair growth where you want it!


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Hello, dearest Maggie...Do they have you on any special meds? I know certain drugs cause facial hair to grow, and perhaps you are on some as follow up? Don't have any answers, I'm afraid because I didn't have any trouble with hair growing on my face...But the hair grew extremely slow (or so it seemed) on my head!! I was very impatient!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Ooops...I wasn't finished...LOL...Didn't sleep well last night so I'm afraid I am a bit dingy today...

Good luck with the Spring cleaning!! I hate that job...and so hard to sort stuff...I'm like you...I have a hard time getting rid of anything...But I am sooo pleased for you. It sounds like you've gotten a lot of your energy back! Woo Hoo!!!

And it also sounds like Ash is settling in nicely! Love the photo with this post! It's gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend! You remain in my daily thoughts and prayers! Love, Janine XO

Hadriana's Treasures said...

So, so glad that you are feeling much better, Maggie. You sound like a fighter as I am (which I didn't know I was until last year). Sorry - a million times - that I have not been posting comments over at yours enough. I love blogging but I'm an all or nothing lady and there was a time when I thought I was blogging too much and neglecting the children.
I'm trying to teach myself how to do it in small bites now.

Love your sense of humour about yourself! You sound great! Fabulous...which I am sure you are! :)