Thursday, 28 January 2016

Brewing Storms and Technology

I've just been out to look at my garden and there are definitely spring bulbs peeking through, which is heartening to see. 
According to the weather forecast, tonight we're due for a storm but it will be at it's worst in Northern England, Wales and Scotland so we might escape it here in the West. Today was sunny and dry. Everything has gone crazy weatherise. 
My American friend in Washington DC, rang me a few days ago and told me how they were under 2 feet of snow and that everything had come to a complete standstill.
Nothing surprises us anymore and yet we still talk about the weather, don't we? Britain is renowned for it.

This week I had an eye test and a new pair of varifocal glasses which have made a good difference to my far sight and I also visited my Oncologist who told me that my recent CT scan showed improvement in my hip fracture and no other worrying problems were noted.
My son had an amazing dental filling that was made to measure by computer. 
We're certainly gaining by all this technology. None of it would have been possible when my parents were alive.
I don't think I'd go back to the *old days*, would you?

Friday, 15 January 2016


After weeks and weeks of rain, it's now turning very cold even though the sun shines quite often. 
Although I'm hoping it won't snow and get icy, purely because of the practical problems of getting around without falling, I always think that once we get towards the end of January, it's not going to be long till the Spring, my favourite season. Already we have bulbs peeping through the soil..... tulips and daffodils.... months early. I think Nature is quite confused.
I try to keep the bird feeders topped up as occasionally I get flocks of sparrows visiting and then nothing happens for some time and I wonder where they've gone.
It's good that the days are slowly getting longer and the evenings are noticeably lighter.

I've soon got back into my routine of being back on my own after all the company I had over Christmas. It's surprising how soon that happens even though I felt quite weepy when I first arrived home after my holiday with my daughter and then she went home.

Winter seems to be a time of waiting. Waiting for warmer weather and I'm waiting for the results of a CT scan, waiting for the chance to visit the sea again, waiting for ideas about which way my life should go now. It's a time of expectancy with hints of hope and promise.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Years Resolutions?

I've had two weeks of none stop company. It's been lovely.
My daughter spent a week with me over Christmas and then on the 29th, we went back to her house on the east coast. It's more or less across England in a straight line. I live on the West side and she lives on the East. It's about 178 miles. 
I was brought back home yesterday and after an over night stay, daughter's left for home again. I'm sure by tomorrow I will have adjusted to my own company but now it seems very quiet.

I have survived our Wedding Anniversary, Christmas and now the New Year without Harry, so I only have the Birthdays to face this year. However, it's all much more complicated than that. Grief can hit you in the most unexpected places and times ....... but I've had a good time over the holidays and we went visiting different towns around her home area and the weather was kind to us, unlike it was  here. I've been told it has rained constantly over the holidays here in the West of England.

My New Years Resolution? To just get on with life and try to live it to the full. I have to cut down on food as well, as we've done nothing but eat over the holidays.
What about you, have you made any new Years Resolutions?

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Season's Greetings

Time to get the knitted Nativity set out.
The weather does not indicate that we're anywhere near Christmas though. It's wet and mild and not the least bit seasonal.
If I don't get to put a new post in before the holidays begin, then I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. 

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Pride Comes Before A Fall

Since I last posted and told everyone what wonderful weather we were having for the time of year, it has done nothing but rain. That is so typical, isn't it!

I had a sudden fit of Christmas inspiration the other day when Millie my youngest grandchild, came for tea. Between us we managed to decorate my little silver tree and the next day I put up some tinsel and other decorations. However, within the space of yet another day, I felt the whole thing was a load of old tat and felt like taking it all down.
This is how I am lately. One minute looking forward to things, the next not.

I have always gone out and about in the city by myself quite confidently. However, yesterday my good foot must have caught on a raised paving slab and I went flying down and I knew when it all seemed to be happening in slow motion, that I was going to fall down on concrete.
Fortunately, nothing was broken but my pride. I felt a fool and was very grateful for the concern of  some Bristol students who stopped to help me back on my feet. I had felt like a stranded whale while down on the pavement.
It was a relief that I was surrounded by kind people and that I wasn't mugged while in a vulnerable position.
It has knocked my confidence a bit and the worst part was coming home and not having anyone to tell or share with.
Never mind, today is another day. A fresh start with better things......

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Getting On With Things.....

I can't believe we're almost finished with November. Soon it will be advent and we'll be into Christmas.
We've had an incredible Autumn with sunshine on many of the days. Ok, so not warm enough to sit out in the sun with a cool drink and a pair of sunglasses! However, the sunshine does seem to lift the spirit somewhat. It's something to do with the way the light strikes the garden and makes everything look better, making me feel better. In fact I feel a lot better lately.
Occasionally, it's poured with rain and then I've been glad that I have the ability to amuse myself with books and jigsaws and needlework. Some times I've cleaned a corner of a room, cupboard or whatever needs doing. This gives me a tremendous sense of achievement.... clearing a clutter that has been there for ages  and shredding up those annoying papers that have been lurking in my folders and cluttering up my filing system for ever.

I expect people are wondering how I am. I think I'm managing a lot better than I thought I would. The time seems to be ticking away and I'm getting on with things.
People have been incredibly kind to me and I've managed to get out and about and meet up with friends fairly regularly.
In fact the most difficult thing I've had to do recently is to restring a rotary clothes line that snapped in many places due to old age. I expect it made a funny spectacle in the garden with me trying to battle with the new rope that tangled itself round everything...... my legs, the plants and itself. Has anyone ever tried it?
Eventually I got my towels pegged out securely and it looks as though everything is working OK but it wasn't a professional job by a long chalk (as we say in England).

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Healing Time......

For the past few weeks I've been yo-yoing between good news, bad news, good news bad news.....
Its been a gruelling process of uncertainty.
However, I can now say that the biopsy did prove that *it* wasn't cancer and that it is fibrous tissue and a haematoma. 
My fractured hip will heal and the haematoma might be reabsorbed into my body in time or it might have to be removed at a later date. I'm having another scan in three months to see if it is going down.
I can live with that and feel now is the time to make a Fresh Start and to get on with my life.
I just need space to recover from all the trauma and worry and allow the healing process to begin.
Thanks for all your support during these difficult times.