Sunday, 5 December 2010

Jacko and Plop

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

On my last post, I used my own painting for the 9 o'clock fairy and my two granddaughters were a bit put out because I didn't use theirs. It wasn't because I thought that mine was more suitable. It was just because they were a bit late delivering their pictures and by the time I received them, I had already posted mine.
I promised that I would post theirs next time and as I have a little tale concerning my Birthday grandchild, thought it would be appropriate to use Millie and Amber's fairy pictures.

The post is about Millie who is six years old this week.
Apparently, last week she was the Star of her class and for a treat she got to take Jacko and Plop home for the weekend.
Jacko and Plop are two stuffed toys and they came in a carrier together with a book with an invitation to write down their adventures and illustrate with drawings or photos.
Millie immediately started to write down their adventure and over the weekend she had made her story which was as follows:

Jacko and Plop had a good time at my grannie's house. They met Ash and Lily, the rabbits.
Plop and Jacko had pasta Bake for tea and Plop fell out of his chair because he had too much to eat.
They slept in my bed and Plop cried for Mr Darley (teacher) but Jacko said it will be alright cuddle into Millie and Plop fell fast asleep. Jacko fell out of bed.
When I came back from Rainbows, Plop and Jacko were playing with my toys and they were knitting with my needles.
Plop and Jacko wanted to stay with me but they couldn't, so I said to Plop and Jacko, on Monday you're going back to Mr Darley. So Plop and Jacko went back to Mr Darley.

I added a few commas so that it would make more sense.

You might remember that back in September, Amber had a bear as a Birthday present from a massive shopping centre in Bristol and I wrote a post about my thoughts on the visit to that establishment here.
While we were there, Millie also wanted one, so I promised I would get it for her when her Birthday arrived. Well, it has arrived and here it is in the picture above, all set for skating, and while we are talking of skating, it is really slippery under foot and I am using all my safety apparatus that I bought too late last year and I still do not feel safe.
So many memories are flooding back from last year when I was waiting for chemo and experiencing the same bad weather. All the anxiety that I felt then, returned to haunt me.

Today I was putting up the first of the Christmas decorations and was not in the mood to do it at all.
Quite suddenly, I thought, "Why should I feel like this? I am glad to be alive. I will enjoy this Christmas like no other." Those feelings from last year just lifted. It just proves the way that our thoughts control how we feel.
Lets hope that I can practice doing this.
I wonder what techniques you use to change your mood?


Hilary said...

The story is adorable.. though Jacko and Plop do a lot of falling. Maybe that's where some of your anxiety is coming from. ;)

I think you're wise to focus on the positive and lift your own spirits this way. It does help most of the time. I'm glad it's working for you. Hugs to you, Maggie.

Teacher's Pet said...

Maggie...I say this with the most sincerity: I read your blog to 'change my mind'.... I get to feeling low...sad....and I come here and you always ALWAYS pick me up. What a beautiful story your Millie tells of happy times....and did make me smile!! Tell her that Ms. Jackie is sooooo proud of her...and I know that she was happy to take Jacko and Plop home with her. That is SUCH a treat for the students. What a great teacher she must have!!!
I then read that Millies bear might go ice skating....and I hang my head in shame. I can't ice skate, Maggie. I've tried....twice. It burns my ankles soooo bad that when I make it around the rink one time, I have to stop and get those skates off and limp to my next destination: a bench. that lovely sweet bear with the ear muffs, I tip my hat and say, "Have fun!" I know that Millie will enjoy her very much. You are such a loving Grandmother.
Do take care and don't take a fall, Maggie...please. I feel the anxiety in your post as your memories of last year's chemo come to mind....and then I read that beautiful BEAUTIFUL part of your blog that lifted my spirits: "Why should I feel like this? I am glad to be alive. I will enjoy this Christmas like no other." ....and I smiled...and I am going to take your philosphy and adopt it for myself, if you don't mind. MUCH love to you, Maggie.
It always helps me to get lots of hugs and kisses from my grandchildren. I can see how much you love yours. Grands are exactly that, aren't they!!!!
Love you, my friend,

Dimple said...

The story of Jacko and Plop is adorable!
I do something similar to you when I realize I am thinking demoralizing thoughts: I remember what I have to be thankful for. I have found it's a matter of perspective; whether up or down, my mood depends more on my focus than on what is there.

Ayak said...

What a lovely story from Millie. I love the way kids use their imagination.
It's hard at times to pick yourself up from a sad mood. I make myself stop and think about all those worse off than me...that usually does the trick.

mrsnesbitt said...

A lovely story. I have taught 6 year olds in the past and loved the vivid imaginations and thought patterns they used One of my all time favourite lesson observations was based on Peter Rabbit's garden - how I loved it! We had a chart made up of all the vegetables Mr McGregor had in his garden - the children had each made their own craft vegetables - we counted them each day One day I had removed some and the hush in the classroom was awe-inspiring. The children thought Peter had visited during the night and helped himself to some carrots!

Jeni said...

I thought Millie did an excellent job writing about Jacko and Plop! Pretty doggone good content there coming from a 6-year-old.
This morning, I am supposed to go to the cancer clinic for my regular weekly blood work but the weather is supposed to turn quite nasty today and through tomorrow -upwards of 8 inches of snow predicted with blowing winds that will cause a lot of visibility problems as well as icing on the highways. Normally, I am not a total coward when it comes to driving in bad weather but lately I've noticed I'm either turning into a big old coward or I'm finally getting a bit of common sense about this kind of stuff. I'm debating about whether or not I should go for the blood work as it involves driving about 22 miles, one way, to the clinic and most of that is on the interstate highway which will be full of the big semi-trucks that just blow that much more snow around and create that many more driving and visibility problems. Like you, my balance these days isn't the best so I get rather antsy about going out and having to maneuver around on icy and snow covered walkways and parking lots too. But as to the bad vibes about the holidays and such, having dealt for many years with issues of depression, I finally took stock of my life a few years back and made a resolve then to accept the things about myself that I can not change and work to keep in check those things I can possibly make better simply by a change in my attitude. And yes, you are so right on the difference that makes in us. There are too many things in our lives that do make it good and well worth being here to see and experience to allow my attitude to ruin the beauty of life, family and friends for me. Thanks for the reminder about that! (Thanks for the comments of concern too about my son and his problems. That's one of my more difficult areas to deal with as I have a hard time differentiating there whether I can change a situation or not with respect to him. Working on that all the time though.)

slommler said...

I loved her story of Jacko and Plop's adventures! So cute!
Yes we can overcome those blue feeling by just changing our point of view!!
Make sure you show pics of your tree now. Your victory tree!!!

Akelamalu said...

Millie's story is delightful as are both the girl's paintings. :

Love Ambers bear too.

I'm so glad you're looking on the positives and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time over Christmas.

Reiki blessings to you Maggie. x

Suldog said...

There is a truly remarkable technique that works for many. All you have to do is physically smile. When you do, the act of doing so prods your brain into thinking you are happy. It's true! I find it works best if I do it while looking in a mirror, and you can't just smile for a second, say, "This is the bollocks!" and stop. You have to give it a minute.

Now, if it doesn't work for you, that's the way it is. Not a fault, to be sure. But, it does work for many, myself included.

Rose said...

What an adorable story--Happy Birthday to Millie! I hope she enjoys her special new bear.

Do be careful on the ice! I find that when I'm not paying attention is the time I'm most likely to slip and fall.

Whenever I start feeling "down" (which usually happens without a good reason), I read blogs like yours, and my spirits are always lifted. I was feeling that way last night, but my internet connection went out, and I spent an hour trying to figure out what was wrong. So instead of improving my spirits, I just got frustrated:)

Happy Frog and I said...

Great story, thank you for sharing it! :-)

secret agent woman said...

Good for you! I'm a blessing-counter myself.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Great post Maggie and wonderfully inspiring. It is not the trials we are given, it is what we do with them. I'm sure I've completely butchered the original quote, but you get the idea.
Love the drawings!

My word veri is fun: Moogity

RNSANE said...

I love your posts, Maggie May. They always cheer me when I need it as I really do now. I've been so sad of late, guess it's the prospect of having to move and make such radical changes in my life, at 66. I don't want to, I'm terrified of my really terrible financial situation and I am constantly bursting into tears. This has been going on now for almost two years, since my job ended but, now, that I've gone through my entire savings, I am really having to come to grips with it all.

Then I remind myself of the battle you waged, with such courage and fortitude and it gives me a bit of a kick in my more than ample posterior - which I really need. My bouts of ill health are nothing like what you had to face so I need to stop bi#$hing and get it together.

Retiredandcrazy said...

As you know, I'm feeling the same feelings as you. Last Christmas was snowy too and the bad feelings keep crowding in. We just have to keep our pecker up Maggie.

Wendy said...

I think Millie did a good job writing that story! And Jacko and Plop will have more adventures, I'm sure.

Winter here and the days are short and dark. But soon it will be the 21st and days start getting longer. I definitely feel better with more daylight.

Fickle Cattle said...

Awww, what a cute story.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I am so glad you gave yourself that "talking to" Maggie and lifted your spirits, because you seem to be such a positive lady.

I loved the story of Jacko and Plop and I'll bet they had a much nicer time with Millie and at her Grannie's house than anywhere else. Imagine meeting Ash and Lily, they can dine out on that for ages! A x

Jules~ said...

Ah Build a many times we were trapped in its clutches when the girls were younger. Whomever thought of it as a store idea must be as rich a Bill Gates by now. giggle giggle

I love Maggie's story and it made me laugh to know that Plop 'plopped' out of his chair true to his name sake. That is sure a nice thing that her teacher has put together to honor each students' birthdays.

Good job Maggie on lifting those feelings. "Our memories are such trigger associations for the things around us. I like what Suldog said about smiling in a mirror. I have always believed in the power of our spoken words and how it can change our feelings and thoughts.
When I am especially down I find that keep worship music going in the background helps me a lot. Things never stay looking completely dim for me when I have music reminding me of God and His loving plan that He is in charge of and put together just because He loves us.

Blessings to you today.

Jules~ said...

Maggie, I have jsut spent the afternoon going through your posts from last year. I have to tell you that I find you to be so inspiring and encouraging.Even in the toughest of things when you were feeling the lowest you still chose to look up and know there is more than the moment.

You are an amazing woman.
Thank you for being transparent and sharing your life here with us.

Reasons said...

Same as you Maggie, I remind myself how lucky I am to be here, that those I love are OK and at the moment, after a broken boiler, how it is important not to take the little things for granted!

My daughter just got an xmas job in that certain bear shop. I don't know how she stands the noise of the parties but I agree it must be an aladin's den for little ones.