Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Merry Month Of May

Photos copyright: Maggie May

There is a saying in England...... "Don't cast a clout till May is out." I used to think that it meant, do not take off any winter clothing until the end of May has passed. However, I now think the saying meant till the May blossom is in sight and that is definitely out now in the hedgerows and gardens. 
Not that I have the slightest intention of stripping off my winter clothing just yet because it is still very cold for the time of the year.
May blossom is very lovely to look at but does not last long if it is picked and put into water, so it is better left on the shrubs.
Out of all the months, I have always loved May the best. Maybe because my Birthday is in May or maybe because it is well and truly Spring and all the blossoms are out and it heralds the beginning of summer. Anyway, I do love May. I only wish the weather would start to act normally again.

I did a rather stupid thing a couple of days ago when I was visiting my son's house. I forgot that there was a step going down to his kitchen and as I was looking at his latest alteration and was not looking at the floor at all, my brain thought that I was on level ground.
I went crashing to the ground like a fool and my ankle turned in on itself and the outside of it hit the peddle on his bin.
The result is not pretty to look at and I have a very swollen foot and the bruises are well and truly coming out now.
I had to miss singing practice one night as I couldn't walk the distance. I've been sitting with my foot elevated and put on ice packs.
There is an improvement today though and I could walk without a stick.

Harry went to see the consultant about his hydrocephalus on his brain and we were hoping for an answer to his problem. After lots of tests and examinations, he said he really didn't know what was causing it or if anything could be done. So we were sent home and told he might get an appointment for a Lumbar Puncture and in the meantime it was just a question of wait and see.
Not a very satisfactory outcome, really.


Marianne said...

I adore the soapy smell of May blossom and like you have just spotted the first flowers in the hedges.
Btw, I find homeopathy extremely helpful for all kinds of health problems. Maybe you have considered it already.

Retired English Teacher said...

Oh Maggie, that foot looks terribly painful. I'm sorry. Those ankle problems can linger forever. Keep it iced and elevated.

I love May also.

I hope you get some answers for your husband soon.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry about your spill....looks painful! I hope you have a wonderful or had a wonderful Birthday! Best wishes for Harry and his health.

Anonymous said...

Ouch - your foot looks very swollen!

I'm suffering terribly this May due to birch allergy... but I do love it when all the flowers are out and the green is so dazzling it almost hurts your eyes.

Hope you get some answers for Harry.

Brian Miller said...

oh that looks like it hurts...i am so get it cared for....

may is our anniversary month as well....

dianefaith said...

You've got May and cool weather, and I've got May and am sweltering. We have had a few cool days, but not today.
I'm sorry about your fall and your hurting foot. Take good care of yourself.

Glenda said...

Oh my Maggie, what a painful looking foot. We've had a cool May also after a very hot March and April. Loving this cool weather though. Happy birthday in May! Take care! Hope things improve for Harry - and of course for your foot as well.

Irene said...

Take care of that foot. If it doesn't get better soon, you should have it looked at.

I hope you get a solution to Harry's problem. It is something to worry about.

I love the May blossoms but like you, I don't like this weather. It's much too cold and wet.


Suburbia said...

My mums foot looked like that about 4weeks ago when she did something similar. I do hope you are out of pain soon Maggie.

Difficult to get inconclusive news for Harry :-(

May blossom is so lovely, later this year don't you think? I love the smell of it :-)

Jackie said...

Maggie...isn't it amazing how one step up or down that we aren't anticipating can take up to the floor or the ground! It's happened to me several times. I'm so very sorry about your foot, my friend.
I hope that you recover quickly...and I'm praying that you do. I'm praying for Harry too. I hope that it can be determined what is causing the hydrocephalus. I know it must be of great anxiety to the both of you. I pray for answers quickly for dear Harry.
Would you mind letting me know when your birthday is, Maggie...puhleeze. If you don't want to put it on your blog, you could put it as a comment onto my blog (my comments are private and I won't publish it...but I would love to know so that I could send you a card.) Hugs and love to you.

rosaria williams said...

So sorry about your fall! It must be frustrating for both you and Harry not to know what to do about the hydrocephalus problem. Has he had it long?

Ayak said...

Oh Maggie your foot looks very painful. I'm afraid I do this sort of thing often as my ankles seem quite weak and seem to have a will of their own.

I love May too. Here in Turkey it's not too hot. My favourite time of the year.

Hope things get sorted for Harry very soon xxx

SueAnn Lommler said...

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Looks so painful!
Take it easy
Hope he gets good news soon.

Dimple said...

The flowers you posted are lovely, Maggie, but your foot, not so much! I pray for you and Harry's health, and wish you a happy birthday!


FeltByRae said...

Oochy-ouchy, that looks dreadfully painful, oddly enough I recently did the opposite and managed to whack my foot in to my one and only step in my flat, but it was only my toe so it mainly involved an outburst of swearing! Have you tried arnica tablets? I found they worked very well when I shut my ankle in a car door and bruised the bone... me? Accident prone?!

I do hope the doctors get Harry gets some sort of help soon, it sounds very frustrating for you both to not have a remedy

Oh, I keep meaning to ask, you will et me know when you are next singing in Colston Hall won't you? I have a feeling it is going to be soonish?

Hilary said...

Oh ouch. I feel your pain. I did the same thing last summer. I hope you heal faster than I did. So sorry you're not getting clear answers about Harry. Both of you remain in my best thoughts.

Jeni said...

I too love the blossoms in May but this month had been lagging behind a lot due to the cold weather snap we had in mid-to-late April here. However, now the blooms are beginning to appear and I see my neighbors all seem to have some beautiful bushes in full bloom now. Mine however won't be joining them in the beauty parade for about another month as mine is Mountain Laurel whereas other have rhodededrons. That foot looks really bad -very swollen and purple -and very sore! Perhaps you should have had it checked?

Gail said...

Sorry to hear about your foot Maggie. Must be very painful. I love May blossom and in particular the hawthorn. As David Hockney says, the display that we get from hawthorn would be revered in Japan yet here nobody takes much notice!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your foot - that looks quite painful. And I hope they can figure something out with your husband. My son had to have a lumbar puncture for increased CSF and it wasn't fun.

I haven't heard of Mayflowers. But we are in shorts and sundresses here.

cheshire wife said...

Your foot does look swollen. I am sure that you have had enough of hospitals but I trust that you have had it X-rayed. I hope that you will soon be on the mend.

At least Harry's doctor is honest rather than fobbing him off with some excuse.Hopefully things will improve.

Happy Frog and I said...

I hope your foot is feeling a lot better now Maggie and well on the mend. Sorry to hear the doctor was unable to help Harry, I can imagine it must have been very frustrating for you both.

RNSANE said...

Oh, Maggie, that foot looks really bad. Reminds me of the time my girlfriend and I were taking our long awaited trip to stay at a beautiful lighthouse hostel on the Pacific coast about 30 miles from home and I, busily photographing the sea, fell from a curb and nearly broke my ankle. We ended up having to drive to an ER later that night and knee and ankle were a mess for six weeks.

Happy May birthday, dear one. It is a great month, I think, to be born.

I hope Harry will hear good news soon and have some relief.

I head back to India, arriving in Mumbai June 19th, hopefully for a six month stay this time. I will, again, travel lots of places and see old friends and new ones.

Sue said...

Dear Maggie, sorry to hear about your foot - I too am suffering due to lack of attention (I swung a tote bag with a box of batteries to be recycled - all 13.2 lbs - over my shoulder and cracked two ribs- ouch). I think that the "clout" in that rhyme is a clout of soil, meaning not to plant until the last of the frosts are done in May.

Jinksy said...

Ouch! Maggie, that was some bruise. Poor you!