Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Seeking Comfort

Photo Copy: Maggie May

I am still seeking comfort from the pain I am in and nothing seems to help.
Sam took me to *that certain Swedish store* this week and although I had gone there to buy something else, I found myself sitting on one of these chairs and I was so comfortable that I could have fallen asleep.
I was urged to buy one and I didn't take much persuading. It came in a flat pack but for my carpenter son, that posed no problem and it was assembled in next to no time.
It is very comfortable and wobbles slightly balancing on its arms and legs in a soothing kind of way. Lets hope it doesn't collapse under my bulky frame.

In spite of the pain, I was able to sing in the concert last weekend in the Colston Hall, together with another excellent community choir singing alternately with us. I think both these choirs are the two largest community choirs in Bristol. We had been practicing a large selection of eclectic songs for months and when I developed this awful pain recently, I wasn't sure I whether I would be able to see the concert through.
I shovelled in the pain killers and was able to really enjoy the singing and the lovely atmosphere. There was a full house and judging by the applause, it went down well.
However, I'm beginning to wonder whether now seems the right time to drop out of the choir, with the summer holidays stretching ahead, as I am becoming quite suspicious about this persistent pain and I feel it is getting quite difficult to get about these days. I will see how things pan out over the summer.
I am continuing to hobble about and try to tidy up the house but everything takes much longer these days.
It seems that I am having to sacrifice more and more of the things that I want to do but can't.


Irene said...

I used to have a chair like that and I did enjoy sitting in it too. I hope it helps your back a lot. Are you saying now that it really isn't getting any better? You do have me worried. All my thoughts are with you. xox

cheshire wife said...

I do feel for you. After all that you have been through this must be very frustrating and annoying. Life becomes a real drag when ailments get in the way of our hobbies and activities that we enjoy or need to do. Perhaps you should pamper yourself and just do as little as possible for a few days.


Pearl said...

So sorry to hear of your need for many, many painkillers.

I think you should continue to sing, if you can. There's so much joy in it...


Suburbia said...

Oh Maggie that's really sad, pain does bring us down and you have suffered for ages now. Do try to take heart though, the consultant did say it might be a fracture so it's bound to take time. Easy for me to say I know.

I'm glad you have a comfy chair now :)

Mimi said...

Maggie, sorry to hear that your pain still continues. I'm thrilled that you made it through the concert, and you were right to shovel in the painkillers to get you through.
If it's any consolation, one of the young ones at our band weekend (post being written!) was in terrible pain with wisdom teeth. So pain can hit all ages.
I've a chair just like that one; it is very comfortable and the design is really sturdy. I only have to tighten the screws every year or so and it's been with us about 8 yrs.I**a stuff is great quality.
Try to take it easy with lots of naps this week, maybe that will help you recover.

Mimi said...

oops, forgot to say the most important thing!
If you can at all, I think you should continue to sing, it is so good for the soul.
Don't leave the choir yet anyway.

Expat mum said...

As someone who suffers from occasional back pain, I have an inkling of your pain but obviously nothing like it really. It's a real drain though isn't it?
Have you looked into acupuncture? That's my next step and everyone who's done it says it helps.

Hilary said...

So sorry to know that you're still struggling with pain, Maggie. I suspect, as the others have said, that the singing is good for you in many ways. And I hope your chair will offer you some physical comfort. Hang in there. Hugs to you.

rosaria williams said...

Oh Maggie, I feel for you. Hope the new chair really helps.

cloudia charters said...

Do hope you feel better very soon.

Wishing you a pleasant thoughts &
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SueAnn Lommler said...

Oh Maggie sweetie...I am so sorry to hear this. You have my prayers for sure!!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I wish I could take the pain away....I'm happy you are mustarding the strength to do the things you love like singing. Take care!

Akelamalu said...

The chair does look comfy I have to say. Fractures do take a long time to heal Maggie, try not to read more into it than than for your own peace of mind. x

Ayak said...

I'm so sorry you are in constant pain Maggie. I hope things improve very soon.

Coincidentally I bought one of those chairs quite recently. If I sit in a normal armchair for as little as 10 minutes I find it difficult to straighten up on standing. This chair has quite the opposite effect.

Jenny Woolf said...

I'm really sorry that the pain is continuing to plague you. I know how even a few days of pain is enough to send me up the wall.
It's funny you should mention that chair from IKEA. I was at a Danish friend's the other day and I thought to myself it must be some very expensive chair from Denmark I was sitting on. But when I commented, she said it was IKEA and it was one of the designs they started off with and have continued to produce because it is so popular. I hate tramping round IKEA but next time I have to go, I think I will bite the bullet and buy one.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

My daughter has a chair like that and it is very comfortable. So sorry you are still in such pain Maggie. I do hope you soon get some relief. A x

Jeni said...

Maggie -my advice to you it that you continue to participate in the choir group as long as you possibly can do it! We all, depending on our circumstances and physical ills and abilities, still need to have some kind of outlet for our creative energies as long as they last within us so if you can still sing, if you can use that as a way to kind of put the physical problems in the background for the time you're singing, then go for it!
And I'm loving that chair -color is gorgeous and it looks very inviting!

Life with Kaishon said...

I am sad to know you have been in so much pain : (

Secret Agent Woman said...

I'm so sorry you are having difficulty with ongoing pain. The chair looks great, and I'm glad it's a comfortable one.

Wendy said...

Your chair looks so comfy! I think you made a good choice!
Sorry you are in pain. I hope you find relief soon.
So nice that you were able to enjoy the concert.
Summer here is very hot and dry, but I hope summer where you are is pleasant and warm.

Sending gentle hugs your way, my friend

Gail said...

Poor you! It's so depressing having chronic pain. Here's hoping you improve very soon!

Rose said...

I'm so sorry you are having such continuous pain, Maggie. I hope you don't give up anything just yet, especially when singing brings you so much joy. Constant pain can certainly be depressing, but I hope there will be relief for you soon. Your new chair looks very comfy, which is worth every penny paid for it!

CiCi said...

A comfortable chair is a must-have, just like comfortable shoes. So glad you found a chair that helps you rest. It is wonderful that you were able to join the singing and that you enjoy the singing so much.

FeltByRae said...

I can't believe I missed your choir night :( things have been a bit chaotic here lately and I've been up to my eyes job hunting so I'll put it down to that not me getting dotty in my dotage!

My sis has a couple of those chairs and loves them, sadly they make me seasick, boats don't, just rocking (and bouncing) chairs! So glad it is comfy for you - it's awful not being able to get comfy because of pain, I do hope it eases for you soon

Suldog said...

Am I too late to tell you to keep singing? It seems to me that making yourself happy in that way would be just as much of a pain reducer as anything else in life. I pray you are doing well.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Hi Maggie - sorry I have been away and not commented recently and I missed your telephone call over the weekend and you missed my call to you again at the weekend. Hope the chair helps and the painkillers do their stuff. Love Eddie xx

PS as you can see I am almost back in BlogLand.
PPS There is something funny on Plato which you might like.