Thursday, 18 July 2013

Rabbit Droppings To The Rescue

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

It's official now. Six days of 30+C (that's up in the 80F range) and no rain means its a heatwave. Although the farmers and gardeners are struggling and I dare say that we will be threatened with a hose pipe ban if it goes on too long, it makes a welcome change from the cold and damp that we had previously. When I think about the wet Summer we had last year and our late Spring this year, it seems incredible.
British homes, as a general rule, don't have air conditioning so that we do tend to swelter when it gets like this. Electric fans are a must though when relaxing in a chair. However, it is always a treat to go into a supermarket where there is air conditioning and cool down before the trek home in the heat and of course its good to have a cool shower.

The Clematis, roses and all the other plants in my garden are all doing well. I have been throwing rabbit droppings on the soil around the roots of many shrubs that were looking tired and that seems to have given them a new lease of life. As far as I'm concerned, one can never have too many rabbit droppings.

Harry has finished his 10th chemo which he's tolerated with stoical determination. I'm hoping that he will have a bit of respite from his cancer now and that he will be able to enjoy and take part in Sam and Sandy's wedding that is now only a month away. They have found a very picturesque place to have the reception that will make a good backdrop for photos and the grounds will provide a lovely play area for the 20 or so children who will be attending.

It is nearly the end of term now and we have both been to see the children in their school musicals. Millie played a villager in The Pied Piper Of Hamelin which was a delight to watch and she spoke her lines very clearly and confidently.
Amber was an orphan in Oliver and I must say that they are a very talented group of children and the singing was extremely good.
So now we are nearing the end of the early breakfasts and keeping an eye on the clock in order to move on to the next activity and I daresay that it will take a bit of getting used to having time on our hands. However, there are books to be read and endless sunshine....... What more can anyone ask?


dianefaith said...

Books, sunshine, singing children, and rabbit droppings . . . sounds about perfect to me. I'm glad you're getting some sunshine, finally.

Akelamalu said...

I'm loving our 'summer'. We have every window and door open in the house then I go and sit outside in the sun. ;)

Jackie said...

You are enjoying so much, Maggie, and that is a blessing and a praise.
I'm so thankful that Harry has finished his 10th round of chemo. Praying that he will continue to do well and will be in the upcoming wedding. Give Sam and Sandy an extra hug from me, will you please. I'm so happy for them. I do hope we get to see photos of the lovely wedding.
Millie and Amber are talented young ladies. I know that you are proud of them beyond words. Hugs and love to both of them.
Our European family lives in Southern Spain. We visited with them for 3 weeks, and I remembered that they didn't have A/C. But, the humidity there was such that we didn't need it. It would be unbearable here in the southern USA to not have air. Unbearable.
Praising our Lord for the flowers and all of the creatures He gives us to enjoy. Sending you love, Maggie.
Much love....

Brian Miller said...

ah i hope for that respite for him as well...its smoking hot here the last couple days after a week of rain so its drawing all that wet back out in a hot box have some lovely flora perking up out there though...and bunny rabbits seem to be coming out of all the creases....

rosaria williams said...

Yes, we hope Harry feels better. Glad you are having some decent sunshine for a change.

Expat mum said...

Here's hoping that Harry has a better time in the weeks to come. x

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if life is good - even the weather is cooperating.

Rose said...

So glad to hear that Harry is finished with his chemo--perfect timing for Sam's wedding. I hope you all have a wonderful celebration!

Glad you are getting some sunshine--it's been even hotter here, so I haven't been spending much time outdoors at all. I bet the rabbit droppings are great fertilizer for your garden. As I recall from the one rabbit we had for a short time, there's never a shortage of droppings:)

RNSANE said...

Do your bunnies supply an adequate amount of fertilizer for all your gardening needs? I never considered that added plus of rabbit pets!

Sounds like the remainder of your summer will be a busy one. How exciting about the wedding. I hope we see some of the photos!

Here in Mumbai, sun is a rarity. Monsoon rains are heavy and keeping me from sightseeing and travel. I am tiring of the downpours though India does need the rain.

Hope this round of chemo proves successful for Harry. My prayers are with all of you.

Wisewebwoman said...

I count my blessings when I read your blog, as you do yours. Even to the rabbit droppings. Perspective. I need it today.

I hope Harry continues to fight the good fight and you are all set for the wedding. I love happy occasions.


Hilary said...

Here's hoping that things will be much better for Harry. And rabbit droppings... who knew! :)

Secret Agent Woman said...

We've had heat and near constant rain. It's so soggy here!

I'm glad your husband is getting a break and I'm wishing him well.

Geraldine said...

What a fun post to read!

We just got through with a heat wave here in BC too, thank goodness. I'm NOT a hot weather fan.

Love the riding photo, what a couple of cuties.

Hugs, G