Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pink Beginnings......

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

Six years ago, I'd never heard of a blog let alone owned a computer. I didn't have the faintest inkling how to use one nor did I ever want one.
However, my son, who lived in Japan at that time, must have wanted me to email him instead of using the snail mail and he hated writing letters anyway and phone calls were expensive.

Sam must have been visiting and was here in the New Year and he generously treated me to my first ever computer which happened to be a pink iMac, pictured above.
"I'll never be able to use it," I protested. He was leaving for home within a few days so I tried to learn fast, making copious notes that I don't even understand to this day.
Before leaving, he had told me that he thought I'd be good at blogging so he set one up for me. I was panic stricken. How would I cope when things went wrong?
Anyway, I started blogging in earnest early in 2008.
It was quite a while before I received any comments and what a big day that was! Someone had actually read my post and bothered to leave an answer.
There seemed to be a whole community of bloggers out there and very soon I got into the swing of things and back then it seemed to be the fashion to give and receive awards. That seems to be a thing of the past now, thankfully, as it did involve quite a lot of hard work putting in links and sending them on. I can still remember the thrill of my first one though, even though it seems slightly ridiculous now.

I often wonder if Sam regrets getting me that computer, as he has been the first port of call when things go wrong (and they frequently do) and even though I've got through several different models since that first iMac, I still live in dread of breakdowns and I don't really understand much more about computers now than I did in the first place. I regard myself as a technophobe though I'm really trying to get out of that.

Looking back, it seemed totally different to the blogging life today. 
Not many of my original blogging family are still writing now, though some are.
I think Facebook and Twitter have taken away most of them and I don't take part in either of those.
I really appreciate my present blogging friends and value comments very much but I don't take it as seriously as I used to and only seem to write a post  once a week, whereas I'd publish at least three in the old days.
I live a fairly full life, have many interests, family, friends, church and other activities and hobbies...... so why do I keep thinking of the many people who I considered to be good blogging friends and wonder what they are doing now and how they are? I really miss them.
Is that pathetic or what?


Cal said...
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Expat mum said...

Sorry, that was my deletion.
I think I've been blogging since 2008 and the UK blogging crew has all but gone from those days. Very strange. I think a lot of people went at it hell for leather and just couldn't keep up that pace.

dianefaith said...

I had a computer like that except mine was blue. I got hooked on macs in the 1990's. . . love them! Your son was wise and knew you well; you are one of my very favorite bloggers. You write about good times and bad and it always seems as if we're sitting there talking.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Amazing how computers have changed! I started blogging around the same time and oh how that has changed. I have less time now but also miss that connection with old blogging friends! Have a wonderful day!

Celia said...

I read more than I post these days but am really glad to have found your blog and others as well. Its part of my morning almost daily.

Jackie said...

I love this look back into your blogging beginning, Maggie.
It seems like just yesterday that we were introduced to computers, and I cannot imagine today without them, can you?
Love the pink computer...Love Sam for introducing you to computers and blogging and for being there whenever you needed him to be your computer guru. :)
Love being your blogging buddy from across the ocean. Love you and your sweet family!!
Hugs to you, my friend,

rosaria williams said...

I know just how you feel! Though we live across many miles and continents, those of us who have stayed in touch have shared so much. I keep threatening to give up blogging, but I feel that it is the only thing/activity that connects me with a bigger world. Thanks for staying in touch, dear friend.

Gosia said...

Your first computer was typically for a woman. Having computer at home is a paradise. I think so.

Hilary said...

Ha.. you're the second person I know who had a "Barbie Pink" iMac. The other is a man. :)

One bloggie friend or another is often on my mind. If things are going rough for them.. or especially well, it's impossible not to have them on your mind. I don't think it matters how often we bloggers post, as long as we stay in touch somewhat. It's nice to know what's going on somewhat.

Wishing you many more years of blogging, Maggie.

cheshire wife said...

Keep on blogging!

Yours was one of the few blogs that I looked at during my time away from Blogland. I often wonder about blogging friends who no longer blog. How are they and how is life treating them?

Blogging can take over your life and I am still trying to fit everything in. Will have to go for now.

Rose said...

I remember "meeting" you through Suburbia, I think, years ago, and I'm glad I did, Maggie. I always enjoy your posts, and it's nice to have a faithful friend like you through the years, especially since so many of my early blogging friends have "disappeared." I think the initial enthusiasm for blogging has worn off for me, too,though I still enjoy it. I just don't post as often as I did, and try not to spend as much time reading as I once did. I think a lot of people have switched to Facebook. I'm on Facebook, too, but it's just not the same, kind of like little soundbites on the news.

The pink iMac looks like an antique now, doesn't it? Technology is changing so rapidly, I can't keep up!

Chris said...

Hi Maggie, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Wisewebwoman said...

Maggie, this is quite strange. I blogged about 4 hours ago on the very same thing - where are all the old bloggers? :)

I do love coming here and long live blogging!!


Suldog said...

It's not pathetic at all! I sometimes wonder about people I shared the fun with, but who seem to have disappeared. Folks move on in any endeavour, so this is no different. Glad you're still around :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't usually comment Maggie but dropped in to say I'd read another post today about all the early bloggers not being around and what do I see but the actual blogger (WWW herself) has been here before me lol
I know you have been through a lot these past few years but please don't give up your writings - there are many out there who look to you for support and encouragement as they deal with similar life problems.
Facebook and Twitter are 'small scribbles' compared to the thinking of bloggers !
Take care

Eddie Bluelights said...

No - not pathetic - very understandable. Most of my original bloggy pals no longer blog but I still have a few and getting to know others as well. I keep in contact by email with some of those who no longer blog. It is very interesting looking back on how we all started and why we did it, and why we still do it!
Love ~ Eddie

Secret Agent Woman said...

Not pathetic - it truly is a community. I miss the ones who have stopped blogging and grieved when a couple of bloggers I followed died. I cherish the support I get from other bloggers and can't imagine going without it.

Suburbia said...

Not pathetic at all Maggie, I feel just the same - about everything you've written. I loved it then and wish I could write more now. It's sad to have lost touch with those who are not here any more.

So glad you are still blogging.


Josephine Routledge said...
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Josephine Routledge said...

You've been mentioned in a blog