Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Scary Changes

First it was Brexit and now Trump!
Over here, it has been likened to *Brexit on Steroids!*
People on this side of the Ocean are really shocked and dismayed. Some American Nationals on local Radio were crying while some were overjoyed.
While I completely agree with democracy, and we must have that at all costs, I really hope that our fears are unfounded and that it will all work out well.
In the meantime, I will miss the Obama family and the way they conducted themselves in an upright way with grace and dignity.


ADDY said...

I agree. The Obama family were a breath of fresh air and acted with dignity. If Trump and Clinton were the best America could offer out of 318 million inhabitants, God help them. Neither behaved angelically and I fear for ALL our futures, not just America's.

Cathy said...

All I know is $34b has dropped from our share market - we draw on our super each month and it's taken a pounding!
Not sure how Queen Elizabeth 11 will feel at having to 'entertain' him and his wife - with diplomacy I'm sure.

Cathy @ Still Waters

Marie Smith said...

Yay for the Obamas. Good people! As for the rest, gob smacked!

Shammickite said...

I agree with all 3 of the previous commenters.... I liked the Obamas very much. Mr Obama is a caring, calm, diplomatic and intelligent man and he filled the position of the US President with grace and dignity. I'm not at all sure Mr Trump will be able to follow in his footsteps with any success.
This morning's news was quite a shock. How did he get so many people on his side, I can't fathom it! Of course the TV and radio are full of a post mortem of what went wrong, and what went right today. Stay calm, America!
I'm glad I live in CANADA.

Eddie Bluelights said...

It was indeed a shock and rocked the world. Both candidates behaved very badly and it was a very dirty fight. . . Trump has no political experience and thinks he can run the country like a business. He will find he cannot get all things his own way so he will be diluted . . . Poor Hillary, I expect her breakfast was spoilt this morning and it seems she did not make a speech in defeat . . :)

The markets have made a surprising recovery like they did after Brexit . . :)

dianefaith said...

I live in one of the southern states which are strongly Republican, so I was not surprised by the election results. But, I am dismayed that so many of my fellow citizens voted for Trump. The Obamas have made me proud. The contrast is shocking.

Eddie said...

I've just seen Hillary's cocession speech ~ quite beautiful and magnaninous in defeat . . . :)

Expat mum said...

For me, although I voted for Hillary, my dismay is not about the politics. I can live with people with whom I disagree on many issues, although I could have done without George Bush and the devastation he brought. No, what I'm very upset about is the man we have elected. I have a 23 year old daughter and now her President-elect is a serial sexual assaulter (by his own words), a man who has called women pigs and dogs, and who is in effect giving men permission to treat women like pieces of meat.

cheshire wife said...

The world seems to have gone mad. I wonder what will happen next.

Jackie said...

All of us over here aren't upset at all that we have a President Trump.
I, for one, am very delighted about that fact.
Things aren't what they are represented to be in the press (as you can only imagine.)
The last 8 years of the Obama administration have been divisive ones. Our countrymen and women are farther apart than we have ever been. Our economy is suffering. Our borders are like sieves. Our national health insurance (Obama Care) is a disaster. Trump will repeal and replace Obama Care. We needed a change.
There will be a change beginning in 2017 with our President Trump.
He loves our country and will lead us well.
I am proud to have cast my vote for Donald Trump.

Maggie May said...

Jackie (and anyone else)......

On this blog all views are respected and no offence meant to any reader.
However, I can only write about things as they are here and we have to agree that we're all extremely different individuals with rights to believe and express ourselves in anyway that we wish as long as we're polite and respectful of others, which you clearly are.
All my readers are valued and it's good that some of us have very different views on things otherwise the world would be a very boring place!
Maggie x

Jackie said...

Which I have respectfully done here......

Hilary said...

This Canadian will miss the Obamas also. They are a class act.

The next four years (if it goes that long) will be.. interesting.

Rose said...

Maggie, I can't tell you how upset I was the morning after the election when I heard the official news. I worry for our country; besides having Trump as our leader, it is so distressing to think that half of our country voted for him. I know now that not everyone who voted for him is a bigot or a racist, but I worry that his election is only going to encourage those who are. But I vowed long ago that I would not resort to name-calling and will respect our President whoever he is and even if I disagree with him. There were so many hateful things said about President Obama during his terms, and yet he handled it all with grace and dignity. I am going to miss him and Michelle!

Wisewebwoman said...

Well Maggie, you know how I feel. Terrified.

But hey, I would love to be unterrified, so let's see what the New World Order brings to the table.


Secret Agent Woman said...

It's a horrifying turn of events. (And I, too, will miss the lovely Obamas.)