Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Eyeing The World Through My Lens.....

I've been a long time between posts as I've been in a kind of limbo with my eyesight and reading (which affects blogging) has not been too easy for a while.
This is because of the cataract operation that I had in June made my eyes very imbalanced while I waited for my second eye to be operated on. Meaning I needed my varifocal glasses for the bad eye and which I couldn't use with the good eye because of the lens implanted in that eye but I still need reading glasses for it. Anyway, everything is a bit of a mess until I get my second operation in a few days time. I'm writing this with great difficulty.
Surgery is very good in England but we have to be prepared to wait for it.

We've had some very varied weather over here from very hot to cool, dry to wet but nothing like the awful floods going on in USA right now. That is a terrible disaster which we're following on our news- reel. The TV news is full of disasters and worrying things right now and some people don't watch it anymore. However, I feel I need to know what is going on.
We were fascinated by the total moon eclipse galloping across USA.
I seem to be writing to USA and Canada readers so if I have anyone over here reading this, you'll know all about the weather etc so please excuse me.

I've had a good display of flowers in my tiny garden and the above Clematis flowered for a long time but is over now.


MARY G said...

Canadian reader here. We have been following the flood news as well, will we nil we.
Sorry to hear about your vision struggles. I was very lucky with mine - I had almost a year's wait between the two eyes, but the lens that had been done was enough of an improvement that I could read and sew. We have long wait times here as well. I need a minor surgery done and have to have a cardiac specialist approve the general anesthetic. I have an appointment in December for that.
We have had a wet summer too, although not up to flood level. It has given us a wonderful display of wildflowers along the country roads.
Hope your next surgery goes perfectly.

ADDY said...

I hope the second cataract operation improves things tremendously and you are back to reading/blogging normally soon. We take our eyes so much for granted until we can't use them properly.

Shammickite said...

Ontario, Canada here. We have been following the Texas flood news too, and hoping that it never happens here. Good luck with your eye surgery. Any surgery is always a bit daunting, but isn't it amazing what can be done to prolong our lives and allow us to function properly, through all sorts of ailments.

Wisewebwoman said...

Good luck with the other eye. An awful nuisance. The news everywhere is appalling. On every front. Is there hope at all?


mrsnesbitt said...

The weather! Lots to do - lots to plant but not in this weather. Still...a good time to plan eh?

roth phallyka said...

We have been following the flood news as well, will we nil we.


Secret Agent Woman said...

The eclipse was fantastic where we were in the totality path. We are not where the hurricanes are, but I have lots of family who are. It's been a scary time.

I hope the second cataract surgery goes well!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Praying for your eyesight. I hope it gets better! I can't even begin to understand how stressful that must be!

jorjorbeth said...

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