Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ballet, Knitting and Rabbits

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

Although I had good news about my CT scan last week, I have also had an anxious time with my little rabbit, Ash.
I had decided he needed to be castrated as he was reaching his sexual maturity and letting me know it by mounting my arm when I went to stroke him and giving me little nips and trying to show me who was boss........ as well as spraying. No, I couldn't put up with any more of that.

His appointment had been made for last Thursday morning and after looking at him, the vet declared him healthy and old enough enough for the operation.
I knew he'd be traumatised by it but didn't realise just how much.
When I went to collect him that evening, he looked fairly alert, but subdued. Well he would, wouldn't he considering what I had arranged to have done to him?
I was told to get him eating again as fast as possible. Well, I tried all his usual favourites as well as his staple food. He wasn't having any of it.
I checked on line and realised that the slightest thing could get a rabbit to stop eating with disastrous consequences. They go anorexic if they are not happy and Ash was definitely sulking.
By 11pm that same night he had only eaten a piece of raffia from a toy and refused everything else.
The next day he had developed rabbit scours. Well I won't go into detail as to what that means, but it meant lots of cleaning up for me and I realised that it was a potentially serious thing in rabbits. Fortunately he was drinking lots of water and eating green stuff but nothing else.
I stayed up till very late that night comforting him and trying to coax him to eat hay. I also felt very guilty that I had caused all this suffering.

Next day it had been arranged to go to the vet for a check. However he was bright eyed and bushy tailed by then and had eaten a tiny amount of food before he left for the visit. I was hoping that he wouldn't be set back by further stress from this.

On examination, it was found that he'd bitten one of his two stitches out and was due to have the other one removed on Monday. He has now almost fully recovered and is eating well and throwing his toys about and taking an interest in things around him.
When he goes to the vet tomorrow, he will be having two inoculations as well and I'm hoping that he won't be set back again by this new experience.
I am considering getting him a little companion later on, but am giving the matter great thought. I certainly don't want to rush into anything I might regret as I believe it is not always easy to get rabbits to bond with each other. They can be quite violent little beasts at times.

I expect you will be wondering why I have photos of Millie on this post and none of Ash. Have I made a mistake, you might be asking?
Well no. I was going to show pictures of Millie knitting but felt I had to mention Ash's trauma.
Millie is not yet six and can knit a row unaided. She picked it up very fast, though her sister, threw hers down after twenty minutes of trying to learn.

Millie loves pink and is knitting a scarf.
I keep having to rescue the stitches when she looses them but I am really pleased with her progress.

She has also started a local ballet class and I thought her outfit is really cute.
The knitting was still on her mind even though it was almost time to set out for the class.


Brenda said...

So sorry to hear about your rabbit, but glad that he is doing better now.

I love little girls in pink, your granddaughter looks precious!

TechnoBabe said...

I didn't know rabbits were susceptible to that much trauma. I guess I really know very little about them as pets. Millie and I share the same favorite color. Good for her to enjoy knitting.

mrsnesbitt said...

She can teach me! lol!
Thought of you when I visited the beach yesterday - do pop over and see the pictures I took just for you.

I have added you to my blogroll - is it OK?

mrsnesbitt said...

We live on the North East Coast - 9 miles from Whitby - whereabouts are you?

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Poor Ash...I'm so glad that he is feeling better...he sounds quite sensitive...he must be extremely smart!!! Millie looks beautiful in her outfit!! And so talented at such a young age!! You must be so proud of her!!! Love, Janine XO

Nora said...

Poor little Ash. Well, he pulled through alright. I'm sure he will be fine.

Milly looks lovely in her ballet outfit. Very graceful. It's great that she can knit so well at her age. She takes after you, no doubt.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Sorry to hear you have been worried about your little rabbit Maggie. I know from expereience that they are inclined to be "highly strung". Glad he seems to be on the mend now.

Your grand-daughter looks lovely in her pretty ballet outfit and is doing very well with her knitting. My 6 year old GD just hasn't caught on yet but enjoyed making bobbles with me when she was staying.

Twain12 said...

sorry about your bunny, i hope he fully recovers...the pictures are adorable though :)

Bernie said...

Sorry Ash had a rough time but sounds like he is doing better already.....Millie and I share our favorite color, I have always loved pink and she is adorable as she goes to ballet. Wishing you and Harry the very best.....sending big hugs from Canada.......:-)

Anonymous said...

Darling girl, just darling.

I have never kept a rabbit-they're far too tasty. Sorry.

secret agent woman said...

I am a big proponent of neutering and spaying pets, but something about calling it castration made me laugh and also cringe.

Love the little ballerina outfit!

gaelikaa said...

Ahh...I feel sorry for the poor little rabbit, but you only did it for the best. I'm sure he'll be fine with all the love and care you're giving him.

Loved the photos. She's lovely!

Thinking fo you!

slommler said...

Poor Ash...such trauma! And I am glad that he is doing better and finally eating.
She is doing well with her knitting and such a pretty pink color!! I love pink!!
And she looks so beautiful in her ballet outfit.
Oh they grow so fast!!

Sandi McBride said...

Hope Ash is doing well now and over his trauma. Our Silver lived to be a very elderly 17 years and I don't think he ever forgave me his trip to the vet for the surgery! Your granddaughter is an absolute angel and now is the best time to learn to knit! Good for her!

Akelamalu said...

Glad to hear Ash has recovered from his op.

Millie looks so cute and she's very clever to have picked up knitting so quickly at her age. :)

Jinksy said...

Adorable ballerina in the making! verdict is out on the scarf... LOL :)

Suldog said...

Interesting post, Maggie, and nice photos of the beautiful little girl, but I'm a bit puzzled about your personal e-mail to me. I don't see anything to take a guess at. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Poor rabbit!

Love the soft pink knitting. She looks like a very graceful young lady.

Rose said...

I'm so glad Ash is okay; I didn't realize how easily rabbits could be traumatized until we had our Buddy. Unfortunately, his trauma had more serious repercussions.

Millie looks adorable in her pink ballet dress! And I'm so impressed with her knitting--I'm still learning and I'm a wee bit older than she is:)

Brian Miller said...

aww...beautiful wife was one for 18 years...good to start them early...and nice job on her knitting....

soryr about ash...glad he is feeling better...

Janean said...

i tried to teach my granddaughter to knit... uh not successful as of yet. i'll keep trying.

i adore seeing ballet, knitting and little sweet girls. yay!

Mickle in NZ said...

I'm relieved that Ash is recovering okay now - here's hoping he doesn't have a long memory! Zebby had been neutered long before we adopted each other 4 1/2 years ago.

Well done Millie for learning to knit and continuing. My Nana taught when was 10 (I asked her to teach me), but she lived in diffrent city so wasn't aroung to help with my early efforts. I've really come back to knitting in recent years, and now feel odd when I don't knit during the evening.

Sending care, love and huggles to you, and all your family, Michelle and a sleeping Zebby

Sassy Scribbles said...

oh rabbits, we sure plan of having one in our home cuz i frequent this pet store and always want to stroke the rabbits...what i didnt know is, they can have traumas and anorexia? oh poor things, i'm glad your rabbit it doing well now, he sure knows he is loved and will cope :)

thanks for visiting me after the roasting! :D

Nick Thomas said...

Funny, we must be on the same page. I had a reference to the same "procedure" in my post this week. But knowing what bunnies are like, I'm sure he'll find a way to reverse the procedure.

Anonymous said...

Poor Ash - hope he has fully recovered now! And what a charming grand-daughter, with one of my favourite names as well....

Jeni said...

Rabbits -the pet that few people know much about I guess, huh? Like Technobabe, I had no clue that they had to deal with so much trauma/drama when being neutered -or given any kind of medical care apparently. But then too, I never gave a thought that Rabbits COULD be neutered either even though I have frequently talked and gave comparisons to people and other animals reproducing like rabbits. Hope the Bunny recovers with no major issues and that your granddaughter continues to do well learning to knit. It is a skill that does take a lot of patience to learn, especially for a child her age and it's really great that she's able to do that well so quickly.
Oh and thanks for the positive vibes and prayers too for me. The chemo today went very, very well and thus far -10 p.m. my time -I've had no repercussions except that I am very tired and for me, its also very early in the night to be getting this tired so fast. But I'm not knocking it, not at all! Just relieved that the port worked beautifully and I'm now on the road, come what may, to fight these nasty cells to the death. Here's hoping I kill them first, ya know!

Anonymous said...

Millie is so beautiful and she's doing wonderful with the knitting.

Poor Ash. They do have a mind but we often wonder what goes on in it! I hope he is back to normal very soon.

CJ xx

Nessa said...

i am glad your news was good.

I had no idea rabbits were so sensitive.

I think it is wonderful when children begin crafting.

RNSANE said...

Well, Maggie, it's good to hear that Ash survived his emasculation. It seemed a necessary evil as you couldn't have him piddling all over the place and, frustratingly, trying to be amorous with your arm, to no avail!!

Oh, having three sons, really made me moan when I saw that sweet pink picture of your granddaughter all decked out for ballet and knitting a pink scarf. I do hope to hear grandbaby news SOMEDAY...but I doubt it will be soon. Alex and Laura have now been married five months ( or will be on the 7th ).