Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Day In The Life Of Maggie May

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

For once, I am at a loss as to what to post about. This doesn't happen very often. I usually have plenty to say on my blog.
I won't bore you with more rabbit antics and there doesn't seem to be anything much going on in my garden to write about. No lovely flowers in bloom. My wind chimes are tightly tied up as it is quite cold and I don't often go outside unless I have to, so I might as well leave them tied up for the Winter.
However the photo of the roses taken in early summer, will help us along during the cold weather. We can imagine they are still in flower.

So I will just write about today and that happens to be a Sunday.
It started off with me getting up rather late so everything seemed to be a rush after that. It was eight o'clock before I awoke. That might sound early to some people but I usually like to get up at 7 am.
By the time I fed the rabbits and transferred them from their sleeping quarters to their run, I had breakfast, while attempting to do the easy Crossword from Harry's paper, made the bed and got ready for Church and the time was really slipping away.
There were no children in our house today.The granddaughters were here yesterday but today we have to ourselves.

In Church, I hate reading out or talking from the front. They know me well and do not expect me to do that, but during my battle with cancer, they have asked me to write about my feelings and experiences so that they can be read out. Today my third letter was read out to the congregation. Obviously I had agreed to do this beforehand, as I had a complete openness about my illness all along.
Probably, I can express myself better in writing. I have always been like that.
So anyway, that is what I did this morning. After meeting up with friends, we then came home.
I cooked a quick lunch. I don't do roasts these days. We had a quick stir-fry. I think I associate doing Sunday roast dinners with being chained to the cooker. In my mother's day, it would have been scandalous not to have cooked one. So as soon as I could, I shed that tradition.

The local radio jolted me into realising that Christmas is much nearer than I had anticipated. As we are near the end of November, I suppose it is common sense, but I have only just realised how unready I am going to be this year.
So I decided to start writing Christmas cards. I got out the list from last year and unfortunately had to strike off one or two names of people who have died. This always happens every year.

So that is what I have been doing this afternoon. I am still supposed to be doing the cards but decided my post needs to be changed. Now I have started doing this task, and the table is still full of cards and address books.
I did a pile of ironing in between.
I am seriously disorganised.
Later on, I watch Strictly Come Dancing, on BBC1 television. One of the live shows that I am hooked on.
So hope you haven't been too bored with my day. I never do seem to get bored myself.
I wonder what you did?


Akelamalu said...

I still do a Sunday Roast (unless we go out) although there are only MWM and I here now - habit I guess and we do enjoy it.

I wrote my Christmas cards too today - another job done for Christmas. I always buy my cards in the January sales but posting them costs a fortune doesn't it???

As far as I know I have all the Christmas presents now so hopefully sometime this week I will wrap them up then I can relax about Christmas. :)

lakeviewer said...

Not at all! We got to glimpse into your life, without fanfare and learned a lot both of habits and rituals, such as the Sunday roast you Mom used to cook, and how you have reinterpreted your life.

Yes, these are the posts that sink in the most, the way of life we think is too mondane to share.
Thank you.

Teacher's Pet said...

Bored? NEVER!!! Your post took me through a quiet but busy Sunday at your home and church....and trust me, could write about those adorable rabbits every single post, and I would be happy, happy, happy!!! They are soooo sweet, and I know they bring you much pleasure. It was nice to hear that your writing was read at church today....I hug you, my dear friend. I hope that your week is a quiet and restful one....full of nothing but happiness. Know that I am thinking of you, Maggie.
With love,

Moannie said...

Dearest Maggie, a day in your life seems to mirror my own, in that one seems to do very little yet suddenly it's Strictly' time. wouldn't miss it for the world.

heck, veri word is: repents. I'm sorry, honestly.I do , I do. hehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maggie xxx sometimes normal is grounding

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Maggie, it is so lovely to meet you! I dropped by to thank you for visiting me at my blog today, and I enjoyed reading every word of your post. And what gorgeous roses! Living in England must be so wonderful.

As far as what I did today, well... I overslept because I had worked very, very hard all week and all day yesterday getting ready for the Garden Club's Chrismtas Tour of Homes on which our home is going to be a tour house. They come in and decorate your house for Christmas, but I have to get the house and yard in fighting form. It's very daunting. LOL! ;-)

At any rate, I quickly wrote a post and got that up, and then popped over to Eddie's for a visit. I emailed some friends and suddenly the computer server went wonky. SO, after brunch, I drove all the way home from our retreat (where I was staying) in order to use the server in our actual residence. Hence, I am very far behind with my blogging visits. I do try my best to call on everyone who is kind enough to call on me, and I like to see what everyone is up to. So glad to see that you had a good day, and I'm doubly glad to see that you are a cancer overcomer! I like that word better than survivor... it implies more power over that hated disease.

I also loved and adored your little rabbits. What darlings!

Thanks again for visiting me, and I hope you will come back to see me when you get a chance.


Sheila :-)

sallylwess said...

This is my first visit to your blog. You have inspired me with your simple Sunday story about choosing to face life honestly after having the life you have known before changed forever.

Living life, no matter what our circumstances, does mean that we create our own stories and traditions doesn't it? It is a process of getting those old voices our of our heads. I can relate to your roast story. The memories of the past are priceless. Living today in the face of new realities is even more valuable.

Thanks for sharing your story with so many.

Lakeland Jo said...

I enjoyed reading about your day. I had a lovely day. watching son at rugby, coffee out, lunch out (chestnut soup yum) and supermarket. Three hours sleep and then tv time with the family XX

San said...

Maggie, your day sounds lovely and quite productive. Today I shopped for our Thanksgiving feast. In the U.S. this holiday is coming this Thursday. I'm a little bothered by Christmas music on the radio--I like to look forward to Thanksgiving without listening to Christmas music.

But soon I'll be starting on the Christmas cards...

Mimi said...

Oh, Maggie, your writing is never boring!
I loved this post, found it consoling and grounding as I listen to the TV "rabbiting on" about the imf and the bailout.
It's really nice to get a window into your ordinary Sunday, and because you have such a gift with words, it's a great read.
I'm nowhere near as organised as you re Christmas, but I did ironing today too!

Bernie said...

I love reading about your day and it is not at all boring. You know when I had my family I always cooked a roast on Sunday's. (cooking a ham today) I am so happy for you that you are well Maggie, you have come a long way. Now continue being well sweetie, and I for one like to read about your rabbits. Many hugs to you and Harry.....:-)

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Isn't it funny though - just when you think you have nothing to write about you find in fact there is plenty going on. I did enjoy reading about your day Maggie. Thank you too for your kind comment on my blog earlier.

Wendy said...

Ah yes, I can see you express yourself quite well as a writer. And your day didn't sound boring in the least!

My days are usually unorganized, but somehow we manage to get things done.

Thanks for sharing your roses. They do brighten up a cold and gray day.

Expat mum said...

Well I was busy (ferrying kids about, sorting out old clothes etc) but bored. Your day sounds peaceful at the very least, and really quite a nice Sunday.

Celia said...

Sounds like a good day to me. I like having a little peek into your life. I too got up late and just made it to church, sat with my children, went home and watched it snow and read.

Hilary said...

You sound pretty darned organized to me.. and busy. And never boring. Thanks for sharing your day.

gaelikaa said...

Yesterday was Sunday so I was running around after the kids mostly. My father-in-law's eleventh month (after death) ceremony is tomorrow, so it was a cleanup time in preparation for relatives' visits!

How nice that you share your experiences with your Church. My own mother overcame her breast cancer by faith although she did not get a lot of inspiration from our own Church people but mainly through the wonderful teachings on God Channel and evangelical Christian friends. She often shares her testimony in prayer meetings.

God bless you and your family Maggie and may God give you the faith to overcome all the difficulties.

Suburbia said...

Your day sounds comfortingly normal.

I think I express myself better in writing too but I think you are brave to have your letters read out in church.

I know what you mean about a roast! Sometimes I think it would make a nice 'occasion' to do one on Sunday, but it does feel like the whole day is spent in the kitchen when everyone else seems to be relaxing!

I really enjoyed hearing about your day :-)

slommler said...

Sunday we do leftovers and watch American football games. Quiet and just the two of us. Quite nice actually. This past Sunday I started shopping for our Thanksgiving feast and my granddaughter went with me. We did lunch too at one of our favorite places. It was fabulous!!! We had so much fun!
Sounds like your day was rich and full as well!!
Hugging you

Anonymous said...

That's what I love about blogging - reading about people's lives. We shouldn't feel pressurised into writing posts, though I sometimes do. Recently, however, I have been unable to read as many posts as I'd like and I've noticed comments have dropped considerably!!

I will always have my regulars though, and that's you included.

CJ xx

Nora said...

I liked reading about your day, Maggie. It was very interesting. I like to know what keeps you busy on an ordinary Sunday or any day of the week. Those are the best kinds of posts. Little peeks into your life. Like you look into mine.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

secret agent woman said...

All in all, it sounds like a very pleasant day.

RNSANE said...

It's nice to hear about your Sunday, Maggie. I'm not reading it till Monday night, though. I had a nice Sunday, actually. I went over the Burlingame Hyatt to see a friend, a lovely African American woman, a PhD, former teacher and school administrator, who is a fabulous jazz and blues singer. I hadn't seen her in three weeks with my illness, then the kidney stones - and I needed
to get out and have some fun. Her singing is so incredible, it always lifts my spirits!

Jeni said...

I think, because when we think of our own lives, they seem pretty mundane to us most of the time and at times then, trying to think of what happened, what's going on around us to write about it, makes it seem even more of a "nothing happening" type of day. But, if we really sat down and gave it some very deep thought, I think somehow we're each then able to piece something together. You did that and it was interesting just in the way you described your methodology. My Grandma, every Sunday afternoon, would sit in an old armchair in our sunporch and write letters to her children and each letter always began with these words: "It's another dreary Sunday afternoon." (Sometimes it would change to say "rainy" or "snowy" but even so, she never seemed to see sunshine when she wrote. Funny, isn't it how we reflect on our own circumstances when they appear to us to be just nothing of consequence.

aims said...

Sunday roasts were the first thing to go for me too Maggie. Even now I can't eat pot roast. I hate it!

It is currently -32.9 outside. I'm definitely not going out and am even afraid to wash my hair in case it cracks off in the cold!

Brian Miller said...

nice. so cool that your story is being used to impact so many cards, ugh...i have yet to start...

TechnoBabe said...

Each one of us is busy with our own daily life. Mine seems so busy to me but to someone else it may seem boring. For me, I am grateful for some quiet days at last. The fact that you are interested in a full life and you reach out to people is a wonderful thing.

Jules~ said...

OH Maggie that was not boring at all. Sounds like you had a very full day indeed.
Writing as opposed to speaking...I am the very same way. I can spin and weave all sorts of things on my keyboard but when it comes to speaking in person all I seem to hear are the crickets that chirp out the silence.
Stir-fry sounds wonderful. I never seem to make roast anymore though I may be well intentioned. It tastes wonderful. I just don't like to clean the pot afterwards. Lazy and silly right?
Blessings to you today.

Dimple said...

Oh, yeah, cards! I wonder if I will do any this year...I haven't really thought about it till right now!

I spent today inside as much as possible, keeping warm--it is well below freezing, and the wind has only just slowed down to a dull roar. The arctic express has been blowing through!

I'm glad you came by!

Rose said...

I've been struggling with writing block lately, too. The garden has frozen, so there's not much there to write about, though I do like think about next year at times.

The holidays always come too soon for me; every year I intend to start Christmas shopping earlier, but always seem to wind up rushing about the last two weeks.

Your Sunday sounds like a typical one for me, too--I'm always flitting about going from one thing to another. Kind of like this comment:)

I Wonder Wye said...

Hi Maggie -- i am a cancer survivor - been living with it for 27 yrs and 11 major surgeries -- I wish you the best in your cancer journey...Sunday I met with a grief group and did my grocery shopping for Thanksgiving to avoid the crowds and the rain and storms that are hitting us off and on this week...I host Thanksgiving and my SIL hosts Christmas...but it's a great excuse to extend the table and get out the china, crystal and silver. I do as much as I can ahead of time so I can relax and watch Macy's parade and 'Miracle on 34th Street.' I know what you mean about holiday cards...I can't seem to scratch off dear friends in the address book so many aren't here anymore...last year, I noticed we didn't get as many cards as we usually do about a 30% drop ... don't think it's because we were 'dropped' as friends I think it's the cost of postage and the recession - but as a writer who still sends 3-4 letters and cards a week I can't stop that tradition...

mrsnesbitt said...

Last Sunday we had a drive over to Thornton-le-Dale re hubby's business. We had soup at a cafe for lunch. Jon had potato & leek I had ministrone - both delicious.