Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Rabbits' Progress

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

Some people might be wondering how the rabbits are getting on.
I am pleased to say that they are as devoted to each other as ever and spend most of their time playing and sleeping snuggling up to one another. That is when they are not racing about and wrecking everything that gets in their way in their enclosure.

Lily has a voracious appetite and I have to be careful that Ash doesn't go without, as he doesn't seem to eat as fast as she does.
She seems to be moulting and losing the long hair from her back.
Lily likes to leap onto the towel that is secured by pegs on top of their cardboard box. So far it has held her weight and I think it makes a perfect hammock. However when Ash tried to do that, the whole thing gave way and he crashed to the floor. He has never repeated that experience which he obviously didn't like. I wonder how long Lily will get away with this little habit before the *roof* caves in?

This time last year was a difficult time for me as I was newly diagnosed with cancer and waiting for chemotherapy.
The memory of it seems to be coming back when I least expect it to. I imagine that the anniversary of anything difficult is bound to be significant, even when you don't realise just how much you might be affected by it.
I am very grateful to be alive and well right now.

I was very thrilled to be chosen by Hadriana's Treasures to be nominated for her Weekly Award that she designed herself.
Many thanks for the lovely write up, Hadriana. Much appreciated. Why not pop over and see her very informative blog and share in her treasures.


Mimi said...

Hi Maggie, delighted that your rabbits are getting along so well, you did a great job of the introductions.
Cellular memory is a funny thing, isn't it? It hits us when we least expect it, but those rumblings are going on in our subconscious all the time.
Reiki and healing energy on the way to you, dear friend.
I too am so happy you're alive and well.

lakeviewer said...

So glad the year is behind you, and you enjoy the antics of the bunnies.

Teacher's Pet said...

Hello Maggie...always a delight to see your sweet li'l bunnies...and how CUTE they are!!! Just look at how snuggly they are with one another....and I laughed to read that Ash had a crash....but apparently is a fast learner...and won't be attempting that again!! They are sooo sweet.
As the anniversary of your diagnosis approaches, I am thinking of you...knowing that you have been through a lot, Maggie...but I love your statement in your blog..." I am very grateful to be alive and well right now." I am glad for that for you, too, very glad....and I send you a great big hug.... You are a sweet friend to me.
Much love,

Hilary said...

It was a very long and difficult year for you. Its memory is bound to haunt you from time to time. I'm so glad that it's behind you.

Those rabbits are just adorable. Thank you for sharing them with us. They're day-brighteners.

slommler said...

Your anniversary? Wow!! It really means a time to celebrate...though I know the time was arduous!! Dance to the new song now. A song of health and vitality.
Your bunnies are so precious and I am so glad that they are devoted to each other!!

Twain12 said...

congrats on the award and yes anniversaries do sneak up on us. The bunnies ore just too cute :)

Mickle in NZ said...

Ash and Lily look so good together - utterly huggable darlings. What a journey you have been on over this past year. It is so wonderful that you are so well now, a year on.

Do thank you dear daughter for encouraging you to rabbit ownership - stroking a furry pet is very healing.

Plus Ash and Lily will never give you the Zebby Cat wake up treatment (whack your human in the face, and paw/claw at her arm if she nods off again - purring happily the whole time, the daft darling).

Sending much care and love, and many huggles to you and Harry (and huggly-strokes to the bunnies),

Michelle xxx (Zeb is pretend-sleeping on the bed while watching me via the mirror)

Casdok said...

Hold onto your spoons!
And congrats on your nomination:)

Gail said...

It's good to hear that Lily and Ash are best friends now because it seemed a challenge at the start to get them to bond.

Here's to continued vitality and happiness for you Maggie.

Becca said...

aw what cute bunnies!
And thanks for your sweet comment on my interview at Life with Kaishon - it totally made my day!

Rose said...

Always a delight to see Ash and Lily, Maggie. The photo of them together is so cute. Remembering the ordeal of this past year has to be difficult, Maggie, and yet the best part is that it's all behind you now. Best wishes for a much better and healthy year ahead!

Celia said...

So glad you're with us quite a big anniversary. Here's to celebrating many, many more. Hugs to you.

Suburbia said...

They look so very very cute, such cuties! Glad they are such good friends.

I remember this time last year Maggie, I am also glad you are still here. Funny how the time of year can suddenly transport you back to another time.

Anonymous said...

Being alive and well is worth celebrating! And those rabbits - too adorable.

Happy Frog and I said...

Thank you so much for posting more on the rabbits, so delightful! I was going through a difficult time this time last year, though nothing like what you were going through. I can't even imagine what it must have been like for you and I am so pleased that you are feeling so much better now. Very well done on the award, very well deserved. :-)

Akelamalu said...

Aw it's great that the rabbits are getting on so well.

One year on I'm happy that you're doing so well. Try not to let the memory of the fear you felt then get in the way of your happiness at having got through this last 12 months - celebrate! xxxx

Nora said...

Anniversaries like that are tough to get through, Maggie, even the ones we survive so well. It was a scary time for you, so no doubt you'll be reliving all of that. Hold on to the thought that you're healthy and well today and that you've got two of the cutest bunnies around. Hang in there. My thoughts are with you. It will get easier with time.


Dimple said...

It has been a year, hasn't it? I am glad you hoed that row to the end (so to speak) and have started a new one!
May it come up with bunnies and all things that bring you joy.

merry weather said...

I am very very glad that you too have made such progress Maggie :-).

And on your previous post about the wisdom of facing upto fears - hooray for you. I can see how tricky a decision that must have been.

The bunnies are great!
My kids nag for a pet - I think, no, not now, not another mouth to feed, another bum to wipe :-(.

I'm daft. I should take inspiration from you :-) X

TechnoBabe said...

When an anniversary of a traumatic event is nearing, it would be natural to be wary. I am so glad you got through that chemo and are here today writing your lovely posts about your sweet bunnies. Hugs.

Jules~ said...

Your rabbits continue to be so very cute each time I view them.

Thank you so much Maggie for the encouragement you left on my site.

Somehow along the way I completely missed that you were diagnosed with cancer. I am so grateful that you are well now and counting your blessings.
God bless you today.

Ayak said...

I love those rabbits..glad they are getting on so well xx

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, what darlings these rabbits are!

And congrats on your blog award!


Sheila :-)