Friday, 1 April 2011

Two Ways of Looking at Hyacinths

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

These hyacinths caught my attention when I was walking past the Council's bedded plants in a central part of our city.
Not only do they look good, but they give out a lovely fragrance to people who walk by.

When I walk by here, I am either shopping or on my way to the various hospitals that my husband and I have to frequently visit.
Unfortunately, Harry will be starting chemotherapy some time next month and I have been quite upset at the prospects of him having ten sessions to try to halt his prostate cancer.
Similarly, I am also having to pass these plants to go to the hospital that I attend for my check ups and I will be having a CT scan next week but it will be a week or so later before I will get the results.
So the sight of the plants can actually bring cheer to me but at the same time I can feel that they remind me of hospital visits and of the worries that we will both have to face in the near future.
I was told by a cancer councellor recently, that I am allowed to worry for ten minutes each day! I am supposed to write them down in a little book and stop after ten minutes. Then I have to let the worries go and try to divert my thoughts to other things.
I am having moderate success with this and of course, I can write down my feelings separately and I do this daily too.

On the positive side..... I have joined a choir. I used to sing soprano parts in church choirs when I was much younger and I really did miss doing this when they eventually folded up. I went to a *taster* session last week and found I really felt great after a two hour sing. However, I have had to change to an alto part because I cannot get to the top notes of the soprano range that I could manage quite easily when I was in my forties. This will be a challenge as the part will be harder to learn as it isn't usually the main tune. I have a CD and lots of music to practice with over the three week break. Seems I started on their last day for this term.
What do you do to cheer yourself up?


Hilary said...

Maggie, I'm sorry to hear that your Harry has to undergo chemo treatments. I hope that all will turn out well for the both of you. You are in my best thoughts, always.

It's good that you're finding ways to keep positive. I'm not very good at that myself when I'm on the downside.

cheshire wife said...

Oh dear, you and Harry are having a tough time.Fingers crossed for both of you.

That is a magnificent display of spring flowers. I am not surprised that you find them cheerful.

What do I do to cheerful myself up - go out into the garden if I can.

Bernie said...

The flowers are lovely especially to these old eyes who have yet to see anything but is beginning to melt though.....I can actually smell and see that Spring is only around the corner.
Sorry Harry has to have chemo, let us pray it is as successful as yours was Maggie. May God and your angels watch over you sweetie..Hugs

Wendy said...

Oooo - singing! I love singing! Haven't joined a choir in years and it's time I did. I'm sure my voice is no longer soprano either, and I do love the soprano part. Never mind, I'm glad you are singing. Such a joyful activity.

Those hyacinths are beautiful, but as you know won't last. And hopefully the chemo won't last too long either (although 10 weeks sounds daunting).

Keeping you and Harry in my prayers and holding you in my heart. I hope things turn out well for you both.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I know it's easier said than done but the 10 minute worry rule sounds good. My thoughts and prayers are with your and Harry during these times...smelling such beautiful flowers and looking at such beauty hopefully brings you peace. ((hugs))

Nora said...

I'm so glad you joined a choir and that you have the voice to do it, even though you are now an alto and no longer a soprano. You can sing! That's a wonderful thing. I wish I could. I would join a choir just like that.

Too bad those lovely flowers are a reminder of your's and Harry's many hospital visits. That's the association you will always make with them, but hopefully everything will turn out right. We have to stay optimistic and hope that Harry's treatments will catch on and that your CT-scan will be clear.

Your council does keep a very neat flowerbed, I must say.


rosaria said...

Oh Maggie, so sorry to hear about your husband's problems. You both need much respite after all this. Glad the flowers bring you happy thoughts.

Retired English Teacher said...

I am so sorry that you both have to frequent the hospital so often. You must be under a lot of stress and worry. I like what the counselor told you. I think that is good advice.

The flowers are absolutely beautiful. I understand how they can make you feel. Really, I do. I am going through deep grief over the loss of a child. Spring, the season I so looked forward to, seems almost cruel this year.

I cheer myself up by writing about my grief. I also read the bible. I also teach part-time. When I am with my students, I don't think of my sorrow.

I think singing, mixing your voice with others, will be very good for you. God bless you and your husband.

Rose said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Harry has to undergo chemo; let's hope that his is as successful as yours was. And I hope that your test results bring nothing but good news. In the meantime, I think you're taking some really positive approaches. I cheer myself up with looking at flowers, too--these are beautiful by the way. Singing is such a great outlet; I know you will enjoy this so much. I love to sing, too, but I can't say that anyone else enjoys listening to me:)

Akelamalu said...

What a beautiful display. Such a shame that it reminds you of hospital visits.

I'm sorry to hear that Harry has to have chemotherapy but hopefully it will mean an end to his cancer. I'll keep him in my prayers and send positive thoughts and Reiki. Do keep us posted on his progress and of course the results of your scan too Maggie.

My MIL is in a church choir which the local Undertaker calls on to sing at funerals - not very joyful occasions but she does love singing.

Mickle in NZ said...

Dearest Maggie - what a time you and your dear Harry are going through.

Your hyacinth pictures have me smiling very much, knowing how beautiful their scent will be along with the joy of seeing them. The local council here only plants bulbs for spring in the Botanic Gardens, and them only tulips. The tulip beds also now have very wide borders planted of other flowering "non-bulb or corm" plants.

Sending extra special care and super loving huggles to you and your dear Harry,

Michelle xxxx and a silent Zebby cat (concealed under his battered quilty, bless the puss)

Mickle in NZ said...

P.S. do so enjoy your singing - what a joy for you to rediscover.

After three years together Zebby finally put up with my singing without him going into an angry "much paw/claw padding up and down with deep, raucous and loud purring" Funnily his hind paws/claws would always pad up and down at half the pace of his front paws!!!!

We have now been together for five years and his behaviour has changed enormously - he has me well trained!!!

Brian Miller said...

i am truly sorry to hear about harry and hope that all goes well...but i am excited to hear you are has such the way to lift the spirits...

Jeni said...

A few years ago, after my first go-round with the colo-rectal cancer, I volunteered to help with transportation for people who need assistance in that aspect of their lives. One lady who I regularly took to her dr. appointments was a total worry-wort and also, as a result of her constant worrying about EVERYTHING imaginable, she was also very, very negative in her attitude too. She used to ask me how I could deal with things -cancer, the grandkids and their issues, other problems -without worrying about them all the time and I tried to explain to her my theory that it does no good to worry about things over which we have absolutely no control whatsoever so, I just let them go and let God worry about that. Eventually though, her negativity was beginning to affect me and I had to ask our pastor to find someone else to transport her as I couldn't deal with the constant deluge of that stuff from her.
I agree totally with what the cancer counselor told you to do. It's difficult to just stop worrying completely about things -especially when they are so close to you, like the health concerns for yourself and for your husband, but to allow yourself 10 minutes a day to do that and to write those things down -yep, makes darned good sense to me otherwise you will find yourself totally bogged down too with only the negative thoughts and not be able to see the beauty (as you do now) around you, to breathe in the good air -and vibes -and to live, love and laugh as life takes you along on a ride that can often be a lot on the bumpy side but also, gives some comfort and smoothness to it as well! Hope your ct scan comes out great next week too now!

ladyfi said...

Those vibrant flowers are marvellous!

Good luck with the CT scan and hospital...

Happy Frog and I said...

My thoughts are with you and Harry. I really admire your honesty and the way you live your life. I think it so important to try and stay positive and for me singing is one of the best ways. I am so glad that you have joined a choir, I hope it brings you a lot of joy.

Ways that I cheer myself up apart from singing are writing, going for walks, swimming and listening to music. I find all of these help immensely.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Sorry about Harry having to have chemo. Will hope and pray for a very long term remission as I do for you and my wifeas well.

Love the hyancynth photos and I can almost imagine their lovely smell. Hugs ~ Eddie

Mimi said...

One thing I do to cheer myself up is visit you!
These flowers have the most wonderful colours, Maggie, and you captured their vibrancy so well.
Delighted you've joined the choir, it's something I'm toying with too, but time is the problem here.
Singing is definitely good for the soul, and I think you won't worry during the hours you're at choir. That has to be good.
I like the idea of 10 minutes a day and writing it down- puts good limits on it.
Sorry to hear about Harry, that will be difficult for you both. Take care of yourself, dear Maggie.
mimi xx

secret agent woman said...

Waiting for test results is so grueling. I'm glad you have some good distractions available. Mine are cooking, gardening and time with people I care about.

Maggie said...

Well, I just wanted to say, as someone who knows that sinking feeling when hospital day comes around all too soon, and who has certain things which always will be associated with hospitals and clinic appointments... I wish you both well for the future and your treatment(s). It's a hard path you now have to follow, but the writing therapy is a great idea, though I know both as a counsellor and someone on the receiving end of advice and counselling, that it's easy to say, not so easy to do when told to let go the worry.

Rae said...

Hope all goes well with both your hospital visits and treatments

Lovely to hear of you singing again - it is so uplifting to do, I have to do it alone due to the fact I can't hit a note! But even alone I find it cheers me up - if I could I would love to do it with others, I love the sound of voices singing in unison

Suldog said...

My way of cheering up is probably prosaic. I watch "The Three Stooges" or some other comedy team on film. I find that The Stooges can always make me laugh, eventually. Your mileage may vary, of course.

TechnoBabe said...

These flowers don't look real. They are so clean looking and beautiful colors. You and Harry are strong in spirit. Keep us informed how Harry does over the next few months.

Suburbia said...

Hi Maggie, so sorry you have more hospital sessions to endure. I can't believe they make you wait so long for the CAT scan results, that doesn't seem right.

Sorry for Harry too, especially after seeing you through yours. Lots of hugs to you both.

Seeing good friends always cheers me up, as does the countryside. I reckon singing is really good for lifting the spirits too :-)


RNSANE said...

Oh, those flowers are so beautiful. I just love the bright colors and, of course, the fragrance of hyacinths is so wonderful.

Writing ths blog has been one of my primary way of dealing with stress. I don't know how I would hav survived the loss of my job if I hadn't begun the blog....also, getting some of my poetry together and publishing my first book was a great help. Travel, in the past, was my main diverson but now, with retirement, I no longer have the funds for that. Nevertheless, looking back at my photographs is still a wonderful diversion for me.

Glenda Manus said...

Maggie, I haven't read much in the last few days, but am visiting your blog after you left the sweet comment on mine today.

Spring flowers tend to open up in our souls a new awakening as they lie dormant in winter and have new life in the spring. They do give me great pleasure and cheer me immensely as your photos have done today.

As the Irish Blessing in my blog for today goes, May God hold you and Harry in the palm of his hand through the days ahead. My prayers are with you both.