Friday, 22 July 2011

Gorillas Storm our City

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

Come to Bristol at your own risk! There are gorillas everywhere.
Sixty gorillas were painted, decorated and placed in strategic locations all over the city of Bristol.
They will be auctioned later and the money will be used to help gorillas in the wild.

This is Irene, who has been named after The Bristol Rovers. Their theme is the song, *Irene Goodnight.*

This is a smaller model that I came across while shopping. I think it is a pretty design.
It is quite a popular pastime for children and adults alike to travel the city looking for the different designs.
If you'd like to see all of them, then you can have a look here.

One of the gorillas was vandalised recently and unfortunately he was burnt beyond recognition. It was the one with the British flag.
A horrible thing to do and an act that really upset many people in our city and most children are very upset about it. My own grandchildren like to go round the city and have their photos taken whenever they see one a new one.

Concerning my last post...... I have now been to the radiology department to be measured up for the treatment that will start on the 11th August. I have a little tattooed dot on my back and have had all my details put in a scanner in order to eventually fire the radiation into the right places. This apparently takes time and that is why I have to wait another two weeks for it to be processed.
I asked the tattooist if she could put a little animal on my back instead of the dot. It didn't get me very far.
I have seen someone about my pain and am now slotted into a Pain Clinic. It might take a while to find the exact thing to help me while I wait. However all these things have side affects some of which are nasty.
I dare say I will find the right combination before too long. I will let you know.


Clare Dunn said...

The Gorillas are superb! What a wonderful idea, and such a good cause, too.

You know we are thinking about you, and hoping you will be well soon. My Mom (who has a 'hot-line' to Saint Jude) is praying her heart out...and you can't beat a "Josie Prayer" for results!

Best, Always,
xoxoxo, cd

Akelamalu said...

They're FAB! Manchester had a cow parade a few years back. I wanted one for my back garden but they cost thousands!

cheshire wife said...

The gorillas are fun aren't they. We had rhinos similar to them all around Chester last summer.

Suldog said...

I love this sort of thing. A while back, here in Boston, we had many cows about (I forget which organization was being benefited.) Anyway, it was great fun hunting them all down and seeing the ways they were decorated.

Nora said...

I find the gorillas rather gruesome looking and wouldn't want to encounter one in the dark. They are painted very nicely, but their heads and faces scare me.

It's too bad you couldn't have a nice little animal tattooed on your back. Maybe you can have your dot changed into one after the radiation.


Hilary said...

Gorillas sure are magnificent creatures and it's good to know this fun project is raising awareness and funds for their care. Toronto has moose all over the city.

I'm hoping that your treatment will be soon and effective. The pain has to be difficult to deal with. I'm sending best, healing thoughts your way.

Rose said...

I've seen painted cows in Chicago and heard of some other similar animal in another city, but I've never seen gorillas before! How fun to see all these, and all for a good cause.

I'm glad to hear that your treatment isn't too far off; I hope it is effective and that you get some pain relief soon, Maggie...without those nasty side effects. Maybe you can get a tattoo later?:) Continuing to keep you in my thoughts and prayers,


Suburbia said...

don't they look fab? I have only seen 3 so far but not been any further than school and back recently.

Good luck with finding the right pain killers, hopefully very soon. I can't think of anything worse than constant pain.


Rae said...

I have got to get in to Bristol again as soon as I get a free weekend to see these, they are sucvh fun. My ex-home town of Norwich had a similar colection a few years back but of elephants

Wishing you all the best with getting irradiated, I can't help thinking of you as a rocking biker chick now you have a tattoo! (even if it is only a little dot!~)

Eddie Bluelights said...

Great to have the gorillas. In Bath two years ago we had painted pigs everywhere. Shame one of the gorillas was set on fire. Luv Eddie x

Mimi said...

I hate it when vandals do that, ruining it for everyone else.
The gorillas you posted are beautiful, and I can see that they'd add lots of summer interest to your city.

Maggie, healing thoughts to you. I hope everything gets started and sorted very soon for you.
love, mimi

Brian Miller said...

those are so cool...when we lived in MD we had crabs...

RNSANE said...

How wonderful of Bristol to undertake this gorilla project in such a humorous way! I cannot believe that someone would destroy one! That means one less to auction to help gorillas in the wild. Some people are so mean spirited.

I've often thought, myself,of getting my MD to refer me to a pain clinic as my arthritis begins to bother me more. Clearly, I can not have four joint replacements at once ( my orthopedist says I need to have both shoulders and knees done! )and my back continues to bother me more as does my neck. I had back surgery over 25 years ago but I now have spinal and cervical stenosis and that huge tree that fell on my van, totaling it ( with me inside ), in a storm three years ago, just made it all worse.

You should go and get your own tattoo, Maggie May! Well, not really, I guess, since I hear they might not be good if you'll need an MRI.

When my youngest son went in for his rotator cuff surgery, his orthopedist and the whole OR got quite a laugh because Jeremy had his girlfriend paint a huge Bugs Bunny, munching a carrot, saying, "This arm, Doc" on the appropriate arm!

Anonymous said...

I'm really hope you find something soon to deal with the pain at the Pain Clinic.

Love those gorillas - they are lovely!

secret agent woman said...

Here there is a similar art project with decorated black bears all over the city.

I hope they are able to help you SOON at the Pain Clinic.

RiverPoet said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Maggie. Always nice to see you around.

These gorillas are awesome :-) We had bears around DC. Of course people began to vandalize them. Ugh....

I wish you well at the pain clinic. I have to see a pain specialist once a month. It took them awhile to get the mix right, but now I get through most days without to much trouble. Gentle hugs to you - D

mrsnesbitt said...

Irene - love it! Our nrighbouring farmers have named a cow after me - am honoured - I think! lol!
Thinking about you hun, take care. xxx

Brian Miller said...

the gorillas are so cool. when we lived in MD we had crabs. Cant remember what is was in cool how similar yet different they are with each artists interpretation...when we went to MD recently we stopped at a few.

i am sorry for your pain and hope they soon find relief for you.

TechnoBabe said...

Sad that some people get a thrill from destroying what is not theirs. I do not understand the way some people think or rationalize vandalism.

You have an amazing inner strength, Maggie. And a positive attitude.

Sandi McBride said...

How I love your gorillas! They are a colourful lot aren't they?


Anonymous said...

A nice change to the cows that have invaded so many cities over the past many yers.

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness - gorillas! They look so funny. I'm sorry about the one that got burnt, especially with the British flag on it. Vandals for sure, not rational people.

Hoping your treatments go smoothly and quickly. Pain clinics really help get the pain under control and I know there are many of them in each city (for obvious reasons).
Sending gentle hugs

SandyCarlson said...

What an incredible experience. These gorillas are amazing.

Living in Cancer said...

Thanks for the message Maggie. You did bring tears to my eyes. I am thankful that you understand what I am going through. Life with cancer gives me so many gifts but, it seems there is a price with it.

Erica (Irene) said...

These gorilla's are great! In Toronto a few years ago we had the "Moose".....and they were pretty large.

Love your post.