Thursday, 22 September 2011

Impressive Or What!

At an open night at the girls' school, Sam and I took advantage of seeing their work.
Amber the oldest granddaughter, showed us a lovely description she had on the wall about her self. We were quite impressed except when we came to the sentence that said, There are two things I don't like. One is my sister and the other is olives.
I spent a good while telling her how mean that sounded and also did she just think of her sister as she would a vegetable. I suppose at least she put her sister before the olive.

Millie, my youngest granddaughter, said to me, "One of the boys in our class did a very loud, long fart when we had to be quiet."
Thinking of what kind of reaction that would have caused in my rather stern schooling, I asked what happened next.
The teacher just remarked,"That was very impressive, Tommy"
I loved that answer. We would have had a very stern dressing down about manners, when I was young. Things are so much better today.

We are all trying so hard not to be too excited about a house that my son and granddaughters have put in an offer for. It is very close to where I live and someone has put in an offer for Sam's house, which is just out of Bristol and it is such a bother to get the children to school and see all their friends, not forgetting visiting Granddad and me. The deal is all in the hands of the Estate Agents and Solicitors now and is subject to contract.
With a bit of luck, they will have moved in by December. Fingers crossed it will all work out. Otherwise there will be some very disappointed people about.

I am nearing the end of my radiation treatment now and am in pain at the moment with lesions and burns. I know they will go in a few weeks, but at the moment I am moaning like Hell.


Formerly known as Frau said...

Maggie I'm sorry you are in so much pain...((hugs))
I hope your son and grandkids get the house so they can be closer to you both.
Love the teachers comment....times have changed that is for sure!!

SueAnn said...

Gently hugging you Maggie!! It will soon pass dear one!!! May you soon be blessed with zero pain.

Hilary said...

That's one cool teacher. I'll bet the kids love her. It would be wonderful if your son got that house. I'll cross my fingers for them too.

More than anything, I hope you feel much better very soon.

Living in Cancer said...

There is nothing worse than burns. I have been lucky in the past but not so lucky this time. My throat is pretty nasty. I heart you. I hope you are well.

Expat mum said...

Oh dear Maggie. Lesions and burns? Hope things improve soon. x

Teacher's Pet said... em!....and one never knows what they are thinking or what they will say.
Amber...bless her heart. I don't know how old she is, but I know that what she wrote will bring her a smile (or two) when she grows older. the fact that she shared the story of what happened in her class....and hugs and more hugs to the teacher for a classic response. Bravo for her. (I did laugh out loud at her response....priceless!)
Having someone put an offer on a house during this economic time is a wonderful bit of news, Maggie. I pray that your son and granddaughters will be living close to you. I have been thinking of Sam and wondering how he is doing. Please, give him my regards.
Maggie...I'm sorry to hear that you are in pain with the burns from your radiation. Even though the lesions will go away in a few weeks, that doesn't keep you from hurting now. I wish I could do more than I do... I care. I care very much.
Love to you, my friend.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Loved the stories of the kids especially the long loud fart and the teacher's wonderful response.
Hope the house sale/purchase goes through OK.
Glad you are almost through with the radiotherapy but sorry it is all sore right now. Hope and pray this treatment is highly effective. Eddie X

lailani said...

:( sorry about your pain. Glad the end of the treatments is in site!

Best wishes for the buying and selling of homes - hope it moves along without any hitches.


Celia said...

I'm so sorry for you pain Maggie, and glad you're getting close to the end of the treatment. I have my fingers crossed for the move and new home for your family, what a fine Christmas that would be...and ou healed as well would be so great.

Nora said...

It's a darn shame that you are in pain, Maggie. I would wish for it to be different, but I am ever so glad that you are reaching the end of your treatments. Hopefully there will be relief in sight soon.

I do hope that Sam and the kids get that house. It would be wonderful if they lived close to the school and you. I'll keep my fingers crossed. It would be a very nice thing to happen.


Brian Miller said...

((maggie)) sorry onthe pain...hoping great news on the houses....ha, yeah i bet when the note went home theboy got his....

Jeni said...

Like you, I also liked the teacher's comment! Matter of fact, I laughed out loud -sitting here, alone, in the middle of the night reading and finding myself cracking up at that line! And you know, I'm gonna use that teacher's line here too on you, Maggie -with respect to the real estate deal you're hoping will come through for your son and granddaughters -"That is quite impressive!" Hope for everyone's sake that it all falls into place and the move comes about with very few hitches and glitches that moving can bring about regardless of how hard one tries to keep it smooth!

Rose said...

Kids can say the funniest things. I'm sure Amber loves her sister, but putting her in the same category as olives made me laugh:) That's good news about your son's new house--I hope the transaction goes smoothly.

I'm so sorry to hear how much pain you've had to endure, Maggie; I'm glad your treatment is almost over, and I hope that you're feeling like your old self soon.

Rae said...

My two hopes for you.. that your pain eases very soon and that your son gets the house, I live not far from my mum and it is brilliant to be close

Such a very positive upbeat post when you are in so much pain is amazing... hugs to you

TechnoBabe said...

It will be so convenient for you to have your son and granddaughters closer. I sure hope the deal closes and they get moved in by December like you are hoping. I am so sorry for your pain and the treatments. You are a brave soul.

L.A Speedwing said...

My thoughts go to you and for every thought that we, blogger give you, a lesion or a burn is closing off and the pain is easing away. Away. Away.

cheshire wife said...

Lesions and burns sound painful. I hope that they will soon heal up.

Fingers crossed for your son and the house sale.

mrsnesbitt said...

Fingers crossed xxxx

Shammickite said...

It's wonderful to have a son, DIL and grandies living nearby.... my YoungerSon and his family live a 10 minute walk away from my house! Infortunately OlderSon and family are a 45 minute drive away. Oh well.
I hope you're feeling better very soon. And I loved the stories of your grandchildren.... priceless.

Wendy said...

Hope you feel better soon and your son and grandkids get the house. I'm still in limbo here. House not sold yet and not sure where to go. It will all work out the way it's supposed to. Keeping fingers crossed for you.

That's a cool teacher. If you were there you could have said "Bless you!" LOL!

Retiredandcrazy said...

My fingers are crossed for you too Maggie.

Mickle in NZ said...

Fingers crossed for Sam and the girls. And you have my full understanding, care and love - that part of the body in pain is so "with you" throughout the day. I hope you soon are free of pain and feeling wonderful again. Sending huggles, care, love and concern to both you and your dear Harry,

Michelle xxxx (with Zebcat snuffles in the background, bless the lad)

Jinksy said...

My son used to be good at trumpeting, too, when he was little.

And I do hope you get some respite from the pain soon, if not sooner, Maggie.

Suldog said...

God bless you, Maggie! Prayers being said for you here.

Have to love the "Olive" line, though. And yours, about "at least she put her sister before the olives" is priceless.

Ayak said...

Maggie I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the house...really hope it works out.

Also fingers and everything else crossed for you to be free from pain very soon.

Lots of love xxx

(And I actually think this comment will be posted!!!!)

RNSANE said...

Oh, dear Maggie, I hate that you are suffering. If only we could wish it away, you'd be all smiles and ready to run a marathon! I hope this is the last pain you have to endure and that you will never have to undergo such treatments again.

What excitement if your family gets the house so close to you. Fingers are crossed, in between packing boxes.

Mimi said...

Maggie, I thought I had commented on your post, but it doesn't seem to have loaded.
I'm sorry about the pain and hope it's much better now, and that the treatment is a huge success. ((hugs))