Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Locked In A Shed

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

No two days seem the same, weather wise.
I spent some time in Sam's garden, discussing the plans he was making to revamp it. Naturally, Rome wasn't built in a day and there are many things that he might choose to do first.
While we were talking, the sky really blackened and threatened us with a storm. However, there was a gusty wind blowing north and the storm clouds were carried away almost as fast as they had appeared.

Last week, I spent a morning at Sam's house in lovely sunshine and we were able to sit out on garden chairs while we sipped tea and planned what we'd do to make the garden more presentable.
After relaxing this way for a while, I remarked that between the two of us, we might be able to put up the second hand garden shed that he'd recently had delivered in a flat pack state.
It looked a fair sized shed when we'd first seen it, so it would be heavy and Sam knew that I couldn't do any lifting.
I said that I thought I could hold the sides while Sam screwed the panels together. So we got out of the chairs and I was given an end piece to hold so that Sam could screw this onto the longer side piece. The minute that we started to do this fairly simple task, the sun went in as gusts of wind blew quite strongly and in sudden bursts.
This was totally unexpected, but being the stubborn people that we are, I stood my ground hanging onto two panels while Sam quickly used his power drill to join them together. All the time the end piece kept slipping off the base which made things difficult and slowed us down while it was put back into position.
Once the second side piece had been secured, then it was much easier and it stayed in place but the wind was blowing the sides out of shape at this stage. The second end piece was screwed onto the ends of the side pieces and that stood really rigid.
We went to open the door but found we were locked inside the shell of the shed. It was too high for either of us to leap over the side, so the end piece with the door had to be unscrewed and taken off to let me out before being reassembled from the inside. I had the key!

There was no way that either of us could lift the heavy roof in place and that had to wait until strong friends could help.
That very afternoon two friends did arrive to help with it and the shed now stands lost and not looking quite so big in the vast garden, but it is quite roomy inside.

Now look at the garden that has been neglected for years. We really need a goat or two to clear the course grass and weeds.
I wish I was twenty years younger so that I could help with the digging.
We think that the garden would look good if it was made into *little compartments* to break up the monotony of the length, with trellis and little archways.
It would look good with some grass and some vegetable and flower beds with windy paths.
Any ideas, anyone?


Mimi said...

Oh Maggie, that was so funny, locking yourselves into the shed! At least you had a son who was able to "unscrew" you out!lol

The garden is very long, and though I'm no expert, I think little areas would help to break it up, with trellis and arches sounds fab!
It's better you're not 20 years younger, cos you have all that experience to direct operations and plan a beautiful garden.

lailani said...

HEHE! a great story!

What fun you two will have planning and plotting and planting!
Happy Gardening!

Akelamalu said...

I have this vision in my head of your faces when you realised you were locked in the shed! LOL

Jackie said...

I loved the weather in this blog, Maggie....the wind coming and going. A beautiful picture in words you painted.
I'm glad that you stood your ground...and the shelter is perfect, my friend.
Much love to you,

Expat mum said...

Phew. That could have had a very different ending.
My friend has a garden like this and she has used a lot of paving with small squares for plants dotted around the place. Less gardening and a very interesting look.

CiCi said...

Great picture of the shed. And a very funny story of being locked into the new shed. You made my day.

It will be interesting to see what decisions are made concerning the garden scheme. There are so many possibilities, like starting with a clean canvas.

Suburbia said...

That made me laugh!

Fantastically long garden, yes I think splitting it as you say would be brilliant. At least there's nothing there that needs moving, it's like having a clean slate, much easier that way. Mine was like that and it's good to have it as you like and not have to live with someone else's design. I thought it would take ages to sort out mine, but it already has some shape and I have a clear idea of how I want it. Hope Sam enjoys the project, and you the directing :)

Nora said...

In my minds eye I see you struggling with the sides of that shed in those gusts of wind and I think of you trying to hang on for all your might. You certainly don't make things easy for yourself.

I'm glad you had the key in your pocket or how else would you have gotten out? That would have been like a bad slapstick movie.

That's quite a good sized shed you put up. It's not a little thing at all.

Good luck planning the garden. I think your ideas sound fine. You supervise and don't do any of the hard work, okay?


Hilary said...

You must have had quite the laugh when you realized you were locked in. I know I did. ;) That's a fine looking shed. Good job. :)

Gail said...

A great story Maggie!
I like your idea of compartments. A garden like this featured on a TV prog recently - they divided it up with statues, arches, trellis -you never knew what was round the corner! Good luck to you both and look forward to seeing the results.

Retiredandcrazy said...

I have an idea for the garden Maggie, you keep away from it! What are you like? Act your age woman :-) Hilarious.

Ayak said...

Oh dear. I had to laugh at that...sorry!
I think you're right about dividing the garden up into sections. It's nice to have a blank canvas to work on.

Rose said...

Great job of putting the shed together, Maggie! I had to laugh at the image of the two of you locked inside the shell, though you probably didn't think it was so funny at the time:) How nice to have such a large blank slate to work with--you can spend the cold days of winter poring over books and magazines for ideas for the new garden.

SueAnn said...

That was so funny! Locked into the shed you are building!! Ha!
But I am sure it wasn't funny at the time.
Nice looking shed by the way.
And I like your ideas for the garden.

Celia said...

Great story, and it's a beautiful little shed. I like the little area ideas. It could be a garden hallway displaying different groupings on alternate sides, just like an inside gallery hall of art. Only this art will be living and breathing, maybe a garden swing or a table with chairs for tea?

Sandi McBride said...

Wow, what wonders we could work Maggie...if we were both only 20 years younger...I am seeing the dream in my minds eye...it's a very attractive shed to be locked inside, too...good work...how bout keep us posted on the garden's progress?

Retired English Teacher said...

What a story! I think when one begins to plan a garden, one is fully involved in living. I'm no expert on planning a garden. I am a dig in the dirt kind of gardener. I have a plan in my mind, sorta, but mostly I plant where I think something belongs. i might change the placing a plant two or three times. I know the picture I carry in my heard, but I could never tell anyone else what it is.

Anonymous said...

What a long narrow garden! Paths and bridges and a pond and plants would be great! Although I love the idea of a goat or two...

Anonymous said...

Being locked in a shed together; I bet you laughed!

I reckon you could do loads with that garden and have some lovely sitting areas, barbeque area, veggies and rose garden.

CJ x

Moannie said...

You do know that you two are my inspirations, don't you. Yes definitely, break it up sort of left to right, then a gap, a place for a seat...a square of Lavender...a dry Japanese bit...a fountain...what fun.

Nick Thomas said...

Lots of veggie areas. I used to mix veggies with certain flowers (like marigolds) that help keep bugs away

Suldog said...

You got the job done, despite the nasty change of weather! Good for you! It looks grand!

Jeni said...

Don't ask me for gardening suggestions as I am a total "Know-Nothing" about that stuff. Yes, I do plant a veggie garden and pray for luck with it but it is by no means done with any gardening knowledge/information. And my floral gardening skills are even less that my veggie gardening! However, I have to note that I see good old Murphy and his freakin' law is alive and well in Great Britain, just as it seems to have a permanent home at my place, here in Pennsylvania in the good old U.S. of A! Good that you were able to get out of that self-built little bit of a prison you and Sam built yourselves into though and even better that you were ultimately successful in getting the shed completed -no thanks to Murphy or Mother Nature's windy gusts!

rosaria said...

What a great project you have going! Looking forward to see the final plan.

Living in Cancer said...

I locked myself in the bathroom at the super market the other day. The latch broke and I had to crawl under the stall.. Talk about sad.
I wish I could give you some tips on gardening but, my thumb is blue not green.

SandyCarlson said...

Nice to be in the garden with you. Your post reminds me of the Van Morrison tune, "In the Garden."

cheshire wife said...

Your own ideas for the garden are as good as any that I could come up with.

I had to smile at the problems that you had assembling the shed. We have twice had similar problems assembling greenhouses. You think that we would learn!

Jinksy said...

What a variation on that old favourite 'Two old ladies locked in the lavatory, they were there from Monday to Saturday - nobody knew they were there! Hehehe!

secret agent woman said...

That's a great story. Hope you enjoy the gardening ahead!