Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Reclaiming My House

Photo copyright: Maggie May

I'd been looking forward to seeing my daughter and grandsons and when they arrived last weekend, I was dismayed that I found myself fighting off some kind of virus that caused painful glands in the neck and aching limbs and snuffles.
When I was working in the school until quite recently, I had built up a resistance to most things and was rarely ill with anything that was going round.

I think seeing me like that worried Deb a lot. Anyway, by Sunday afternoon, I started to feel better and we went out for a walk together. Then she had to leave.
I found myself crying after they'd all gone. I haven't done that for a long time.

However, I woke up feeling heaps better the next day and started to do quite a bit of tidying up.
Unused to this sudden surge of energy, I decided to do as much as possible. I collected all the old videos together that the children used to love but have now grown out of.
I filled up a small trolley and off I set to our local High Street where there are about a dozen Charity shops.
It soon became apparent that I couldn't leave the videos in the first few shops that I tried and they all told me the same story. There was no call for them and they recommended that I throw them all on the Council tip.
I went home with my load of unacceptable donations and decided that I would try ringing the largest local charity shop that was the furthest distance from me. This proved quite fruitful as they told me to come with them straight away.
Off I set with my trolley full of unwanted Walt Disney films. It did make me feel a little twinge of nostalgia when I thought of all the times my grandsons had been glued to the screen watching these films and later my granddaughters who did the same.

When I returned home with my lighter trolley I was surprised how the Spring Cleaning mode carried on and I spent the whole day tidying up.

Now what has caused this, do you think?
Well Sam has been given a date to move into his house (God forbid that anything should go wrong at this late stage.)
When they came as a family straight from Japan to live with me for almost a year, my house was completely taken over. They brought mess with them and it gradually spread over every available surface. When they moved to a different location, the children still went to the local school so came round every school morning and quite often the evening too. Quite regularly they spent the night here, so their muddles just stayed and were needed here, I was told.
I couldn't keep up with all the mounds of papers and toys and clothes lying everywhere. It seemed too much.
Amber was just five and Millie not yet three when they first came, so during those four years there was a lot of junk of theirs lying around. Why did they have at least six coats and dozens of shoes each? Not to mention scarves and hats and gloves that filled several bags. I could have started my own charity shop.
Now I am hoping to clear it up. The muddles can go to their own house and I am claiming my house back. So I have an incentive to press on with it.
All we need now is the final document to be signed and we await with bated breath......


Eddie Bluelights said...

Glad you have much more energy - that is wonderful. Hope the move continues to go well for Sam and the girls.

I have some old VHS videos I am clearing out so I would be interested in where I should take them. Could not face just 'chucking' them out. It is amazing how fast time goes and all those vie=deos used to be treasured by the kids so long ago - seems like yesterday though.
Love Eddie x

Mary G said...

I hear your pain - a President Clinton paraphrase. My two daughters can totally clog my spacious front hall for an afternoon visit. (The dog has to have two bags of stuff including her toys and her bed and two towels. Words fail me.)
Glad you felt good today! I love the tilt and lilt your stories have. I was just about to dump the Disney princess VHS's on our Food Pantry store. I will now call first.

Nora said...

I'm glad to hear that you're reclaiming your space. I see it as a good sign. You must be feeling well again. You're liberating yourself of junk and the after effects of your illness. Hooray.


secret agent woman said...

I love that feeling of de-cluttering. It brings a sense of peace and order. I'm due for some of that.

TechnoBabe said...

Cleaning out the extra stuff is something we continue to do often. Won't it be wonderful when each family has a home of their own. This is such good news to hear you feeling strong and energetic.

Wendy said...

Clearing always makes one feel better, lighter somehow. Glad you are reclaiming your space.

I know how you must have felt with your Disney videos - they bring on such good memories.

Hope your good energy continues on.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Such a good feeling to reclaim your house and having the energy to do it yay!! I hope your strength continues to stay strong.

Teacher's Pet said...

Hi Maggie!! :)) I'm glad that you are feeling better. So sorry to hear that you got that nasty virus.
So good to know that you have your space back. My eyes did get watery, though, thinking about the grandchildren looking at the VHS tapes long ago....and now they (the tapes) are at a new home.
I am excited that Sam is moving into a new home. I pray that all goes according to schedule.
I wanted to comment about my reading your blog. I love to read it for many reasons....and one is because the language is so different from mine. So lovely!!!! The word "trolley"...great word. I smile. I am not used to hearing it used in that fashion. Another term "ringing"...("I would try ringing the largest local charity shop....") Another lovely word that I don't use in that fashion. I love " 'came round' every school morning." .... So British. So lovely. As are you and your blog, my friend!! I hug you real good.
Love you,

Retired English Teacher said...

Having all that energy is great, isn't it? I love it when I go on a cleaning spurt like that. I think it is really true that at times we just have to reclaim our houses. I actually got a bit of organizing done myself today. I thought my cousin was coming to spend the night, so I had to clean and tidy the guest room. She ended up not needing to stop on her journey to her brother's house, but at least I got a bit of my house cleaned.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what you will do with all that space Maggie :>)

SueAnn said...

It must be a wonderful feeling to be able to reclaim your space! And clearing out clutter always feels like losing 50 lbs!!!

Akelamalu said...

Good luck with the reclamation!

Clare Dunn said...

House reclamation...good.


xoxoxo, cd

Jeni said...

That's a shame you were feeling a bit low when your daughter was there for a visit but good that you've snapped back! The cleaning binge -I know exactly what you mean about oodles of coats and shoes out the yazoo! Same thing exists here! I went on a bit of a cleaning binge yesterday searching my desk and file cabinets for, of all things, the deed to my house! Didn't find it though so ended up calling the county court house to see about getting a copy of it! (I need a new filing system here or better yet, a new person to take better care of filing stuff maybe? Have a great day, Maggie!

Glenda said...

Ahh Maggie, you've made me want to reclaim my space now. Each time my daughter has moved from one house to another, she has "temporarily" stored things in my attic. Now I have no room for my stuff in the attic. You've given me the initiative to take it all away next week - she'll never miss it.

I'm glad you're feeling better. After retiring from thirty years from an elementary school, I had immunity to just about everything. Now after two years of being retired, I think I've lost the immunity - I get every little virus that goes around. Hope you continue to feel better.

Jinksy said...

Don't work too hard all at once, though Maggie...ration yourself! LOL More energetic vibes coming in your direction from me, though!

Suburbia said...

Everything crossed for Sams move.

Really sorry you felt poorly when your daughter was visiting but glad you are better now. Spring cleaning can be very therapeutic! Take care not to overdo it though Maggie, you've gone through so much this last year or so. However you go girl! Enjoy your energy :-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear about your surge of energy.

My house is still full of kiddie mess!

Hilary said...

De-cluttering is always a good thing. I'm doing some of that myself these days and interestingly, have found a couple of dozen Disney videos, as well. I hope someone will want them.

Glad to hear that your energy has improved. You're one tough lady.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...know that burst of energy felt good...i hope it maintains as you gain ground on retaking your house...

sad that they did not want old vids...

Ayak said...

It's a great feeling of satisfaction to do a bit of de-cluttering isn't it?
Fingers crossed for the house sale xx

Nezzy said...

Good for you sweetie. We all need to claim our 'space' back after the kiddos vacate.

God bless and have a wonderful day!!! :o)

rosaria said...

Oh Maggie, so sorry you were under the weather for the visit with your daughter and grandchildren. Your energy is returning though, and soon, with everything else clearing up in your life, your house too can begin to shine the way you want it too.

I've been doing quite a bit of cleaning and de-cluttering too. It all amounts to wanting to get back to a normal state and a peaceful state, don't you think?