Friday, 30 December 2011

Happy New Year

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

Forgive the quality of this photo. It was night time and I used a setting that I thought would come out well and only found out later that it wasn't very good and I only took this one.
A few days ago, we went for a walk around Clifton Suspension Bridge just as it was getting dark, for a little exercise.
I'd never crossed the bridge before when it was all lit up.

I've been extremely busy with my daughter and grandsons' visit.
I accompanied them to see the boys' other grandmother, who lives in Birmingham and also to Sidmouth to see the other grandfather. It was good to be able to go further afield as it is some time since I managed to get out that far. I really enjoyed the change of scenery.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, as we did. It went far too quickly and we ate too much, as usual. I will not make another New Years Resolution to lose weight, as I did last year, as I will probably not live up to it, just as I didn't last time.

Harry has not been at all well since his last chemo and has not picked up very well. He is suffering from anaemia and has oedema of the legs and tummy which the doctor is treating with different drugs. I hope he will respond to these.

I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year.


Jackie said...

So glad that you were out and about with your daughter and grandsons and that you ventured to see scenery that was farther away than usual. I imagine that did you a lot of good, Maggie.
I am sad to hear the Harry isn't doing well. It grieves me to read about that. I wish I lived closer to you and Harry so that I could help out more. Please, tell Harry that I said that I will pray especially hard for him...praying that his anemia and his oedema will be gone. I do hope that he reponds to the different drugs. My prayer is that he will.
I love you, my friend.

Nora said...

I'm glad to hear that you are doing well and were able to go out and about, but I'm sorry to hear that Harry is poorly. It's a shame that he's not reacting well to the chemo. I hope there will be improvement soon. It's nice that you are able to enjoy time with your family. I know how you appreciate that. We do love them a lot, don't we? Happy New Year! XOX

Mimi said...

Maggie, it's good that you're able to get out further afield; I'm delighted you're doing so well.
So sorry to hear that Harry is not doing that well. I will send some healing energy, and I really hope he picks up soon.
I like the photo.
Happy New Year, Maggie, to you and yours. I hope it beings good things, especially good health.

Wendy said...

Happy New Year to you Maggie. Nice to get out and about with your family. A change of scenery and pace is good for the spirit.

So sorry that Harry is not well. I hope he responds well to his medications and can get back into enjoying the rest of the holiday season.

Wendy said...

Oh, I meant to say - I'm glad you posted that pic. It doesn't matter that the quality is not perfect, and it makes me feel better since lots of mine don't turn out well. I can see how nice that bridge looks all lit up!

rosaria said...

I kept thinking of difficult life can be and yet, we pull ourselves up and manage to get things done.
Hope Harry gets better soon.
Hope your new year is kinder and gentler.

Glenda said...

I'm glad that you had a nice Christmas. Hope your Harry responds well to the medicines and will be on the mend soon. Happy New Year to you.

Dimple said...

I like your photo, Maggie. I have taken many like that when the light was dim and I couldn't hold the camera still long enough. The bridge might look that way through textured glass.

I am glad you are doing well, but sorry Harry is not. I pray God will strengthen and protect both of you, and that you will find healing in Him.

Retired English Teacher said...

I am happy to hear you got out and about and enjoyed your Christmas. I am sorry to hear that Harry is not doing well. I hope that all changes soon.

I am sending wishes for health and peace for the new year.

Jeni said...

That's a good thing -I think -that you were able to get out and about and see some different turf. Things like that are pretty much bound to cheer your spirits a bit, I'm sure. Returning to some type of normalcy after chemo or radiation, recuperating from any thing involving cancer really, is always a difficult thing initially. Here's hoping the meds Harry is getting now for those problems will aid in his recover and perhaps speed it up a bit then. Much as I really do need the exercise and to watch my food intake not just a wee bit but a lot, I'm not making any promises in that department either. I may talk about it a bit from time to time but the follow through sometimes is there, most of the time, in hiding. It is what it is, I guess! Have the Happiest New Year possible now and before I forget, I liked that photo you posted. Looks kind of misty and a bit on the romantic side to me!

Bernie said...

Happy New Year Maggie, so glad you had such a lovely Christmas. I did as well and am really looking forward to 2012. Will keep Harry in my prayers, I do hope he feels better soon.....:-)Hugs

Suburbia said...

Really pleased that you have been out and about :-)

So sorry to hear about Harry though.

I don't tend to make resolutions but secretly I really need to lo make a weight loss one!

Best wishes to you all for the new year


Anonymous said...

happy New Year Maggie xxxxx Hope its healthy and less traumatic than 2011
keep up the postive attitude and think the good thoughts you and your husband deserve

Akelamalu said...

Sorry to hear that Harry isn't feeling well. I'm wishing both of you a Happy & Healthier 2012. x

SueAnn said...

So sorry to hear Harry is not doing well!! Hugs to you Harry!!! Prayers too!
I had a wonderful Christmas celebration with family and friends!
New Years will be dinner out with friends. Fun times for sure

Gail said...

I like your picture Maggie, it has a creative arty feel. Sidmouth is one of my favourite places. Glad you had a good Christmas and hope you and Harry have a Happy and healthy New Year.

Clare Dunn said...

Happy New Year, Maggie!

Good news/bad news. Sure could do with a bit less of the latter. I'm hoping that 2012 brings you much more good news than 2011 did.

Please tell Harry that we are thinking about him, and hope that that new meds will help.

xoxoxo, cd

cheshire wife said...

It is unfortunate to be ill at this time of year. Hopefully Harry will pick up in the new year. A healthy and Happy New Year to you both!

RNSANE said...

My fourth week in India is nearing its end and I only have three months left. Tonight is New Year's and I am excited to be starting 2012 in Mumbai. Perhaps I will make a repeat next year if my lottery numbers come up.

Blessings to you,dear Maggie as we see 2012 start.

CiCi said...

Sounds like you are busy and happy with family. I am sorry you are hurting for Harry.

Please God, please let this coming year be better for all of us.

Brian Miller said...

nice...those bridges are so cool...glad you had fun on your visit too...happy new year maggie!

Rae said...

I love your photo of the bridge - it's kind of dreamy

I hope you have a wonderful 2012 and that Harry feels better soon

Rae x

Living in Cancer said...

Happy New Year Maggie! lots of healing thoughts are coming your way in 2012. It is going to be a great year for both of us!

Rose said...

I make the same resolution to lose weight each year, too, Maggie. But somehow my resolutions have been forgotten by the end of January:) Glad to hear you have been busy and enjoying your time with the grandchildren, but I'm so sorry to hear that Harry has not been well. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you a brighter New Year!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

A Happy New Year to you and Harry Maggie. I do hope he soon begins to feel better and that good health follows through 2012 for you both. A x

Anonymous said...

Hope Harry starts feeling better soon. Lovely to hear you had enough energy for Christmas.

Wishing you both a healthy new year!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Happy New Year and praying for much better health for you and Harry. Luv ~ Eddie x

Deb said...

Sounds as if life has been a roller coaster ride for you. I am glad that you were surrounded by family and friends for the holidays. Sending positive energy to you and Harry. I'll hold you both in my prayers. Happy New Year !

secret agent woman said...

Actually the blurriness makes it an interesting picture.

I'm sorry Harry is struggling - I'm keeping him in my thoughts.

Hilary said...

Maggie, I'm sorry to hear that Harry is not feeling well. I hope that 2012 is the year that sees you both feeling much better. Nice to know that you were out and about with family. New Years best to you and yours.