Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Time to Celebrate

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

I can't believe that a whole week has passed since I last wrote a post. Whatever have I been doing?
Well.....I have been busy with Millie's party, which was a great success.
My friend, Audrey played a huge part in organising it and choosing many of the games.
One game that was a great success was turning a new terracotta plant pot up on end onto a large plate. Then the children take turns to pick up jelly beans or Smarties with a fork and try to get as many in through the small opening as possible while being timed by a timer. This was not an easy task but anything that did make it through the hole in the bottom of the pot could be eaten by the child whose go it was.
Another game was to try to cut a large bar of chocolate with a fork, while being timed and a die was also being rolled all the time by the person whose go it was next. This meant that not many children got to eat much chocolate because they had to move along, but this didn't seem to deter them trying.
They played *Pass the Parcel* and everyone got a prize, so nobody felt left out.

The children, who were mainly aged 7 yrs, did much organising themselves and the party seemed to go without too much effort from grownups and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
This was the first home party that my son had ever been able to have and he now feels he would definitely be able to cope with other ones. (With his team of helpers, of course).

This is also the time of school concerts and today I went to watch Millie in her school production of a musical that represented The Nativity but emphasised the different countries of the world who celebrate it. There were songs from other lands and the children were in different national outfits and there was also an emphasis on World Peace. I have been invited to see another class doing the same thing later today when I will be able to see Audrey's youngest child taking part. I thought Millie's production was magnificent and look forward to seeing the second one because I am sure the different children taking part in the next one will bring out quite different qualities and make it feel as though I am not watching a repeat.

As well as the school activities around Christmastime, I look forward to going to all the Church events. Carol singing and church choirs. However, our weather has taken a real turn for the worse and we are experiencing gales and cold, slashing rain so I think I shall have to miss Carols In The Park.
These are all things that make me feel like celebrating Christmas, so it is a great pity that the outdoor activities will be spoilt. Never mind, there are still plenty of indoor concerts to go to. What gets you in the mood for Christmas?


Anonymous said...

It's Lucia today, with lovely choirs in white singing in churches at ungodly hours in the morning. I had to get up at 4.15 to get my daughter ready for her big concert in town... but oh, I AM in a Christamssy mood now!

Love that the party went well! Sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely uplifting post, Maggie. It's such an exciting time for us all, especially the children. I will be watching Amy sing in her school performance tomorrow and I think I may need some tissues!

CJ x

Formerly known as Frau said...

Glad the party was a success and christmas events are in full swing. Certainly attending a concert has gotten me in the spirit and the fresh snow helped too! Have a wonderful week.

Glenda said...

I love the Christmas traditions. You asked what get us into the Christmas Sprit! We have a tradition in our little village called "Lighting the Way". We have lanterns with candles inside glass globes set up all the way down Main Street and we go from church to church lighting the lanterns, singing and worshiping along the way until we reach the last church. Then the song "Go tell it on the Mountain" is sung at the African Methodist Episcopal Church which is the last church on our journey. If you don't come out of that church with the Christmas spirit, there's something wrong. It's the magic of Christmas.

Akelamalu said...

The party games sound like fun! :)

Ayak said...

This year I will be here at home and of course Christmas doesn't exist in Turkey, so it will be just another ordinary day. I love everything about Christas when I'm in England...although I hate it that the shops start the build-up far too early.
I am looking forward to going to England on the 27th till 3rd January though...it will still be quite festive then.

rosaria said...

What a wonderful party for that special seven year old! With school events going on, children and their parents/grands are all excited and hyped. I miss these things now that all my children are grown, and my only grandchild is a teen.
I miss the hustle and bustle and excitement; What I don't miss is how tired and broke we all were!

Happy Holidays, dear Maggie May.

Suldog said...

Decorating our own tree (which will take place next weekend) gets me in the mood. Seeing Christmas lights on the neighborhood houses at night. Hearing sincere carolers!

Jackie said...

Happy birthday to Millie.
What a lovely party.
I'm also happy to know that you were able to go to the school concert and that it was a wonderful celebration of different countries. I hope that Audrey's production was a good one too. I'm sure that it was. Enjoy each moment of carol singing...stay warm and dry, my friend. I love you, Maggie....

Nezzy said...

Oh Maggie, how I so love this time of year with all the plays and concerts. I love it...it's my favorite time of year!

God bless and have yourself a magnificent day sweetie.

BTW: Giveaway...my place...ya'll come! I'll leave a light on for ya! :o)

Suburbia said...

Oh the school plays definitely. I am so lucky to work at school. Mine are in seniors now and do nothing Christmassy at all, which is very sad, but I still get to see our school plays, I love to see the children perform.

I am glad you are feeling Christmassy. Did you get all the hail today, what a surprise that was!

So pleased the party was a success


Nora said...

I'm glad your granddaughter's birthday party went well. You never know when you get a bunch of kids together how it will go. I hope the weather clears up by Christmas and that you will be able to enjoy some singing in the outdoors. A crsip sunshiny day would be nice, wouldn't it? XOX

Celia said...

What gets me in the mood is the tree being up and sitting in a darkened living with just the trees lights and some music. Last night Andrea Bocelli was on the TV singing Christmas carols, very nice.

Bernie said...

Oh Maggie I am ashamed of myself for not posting when you manage so well. I have to get my priorities sorted. Millie's party sounds like so much fun, like you I love the little ones Christmas concerts and all the activities in my town. It is a wonderful time of year isn't it. Stay well my friend and hello to Harry.......:-)Hugs

SueAnn said...

Christmas lights put me in the mood for sure!!
Then the music!

Hilary said...

It sounds like the kidlets had a great time at Millie's party. And it also sounds like you enjoyed it about as much. :)

Carol said...

Oh, Maggie...sounds like it was a huge success. I'm writing down some of your game ideas!!! And the Christmas concerts.....heavenly! Enjoy it all!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Clare Dunn said...

Happy Birthday, Millie!

I just went to a Christmas Concert last night that put me in the spirit. Our niece, Jessica, who is a sophomore in HS, participated as a singer in their Holiday Gala. Both bands (Concert and Jazz)and the Concert Choir put on a delightful performance!

Merry Christmas, everyone!
xoxoxo, cd

Dimple said...

I just wrote a comment on another blog that I am not in the Christmas mood so far this season. I'm not sure what will get me there, either!

Sounds like a fun party!

CiCi said...

I can just hear the sigh of relief from your son that he now sees he can host the parties, with help yes, but it is what parents want for their kids. Sounds like some fun games too.

You are enjoying the holidays and what a blessing that is.

Maria said...

Hi Maggie,

This is a lovely seasonal post. My children were invited to a birthday party with a magician earlier this week. I brought the younger ones, aged 8 and 10. They had a lovely time and I was so pleased, because with computers and the like, live entertainment has become a bit of a rarity in their lives.

I'm planning to put up a post soon about my cat, who died recently. I got the inspiration from you for that, when you asked about it in my comment box.

Rose said...

Sounds like your granddaughter's party was a big success; I'm sure she appreciated the work you put in to make this an extra special day for her. I've been going to grandchildren's programs, too, which always bring back memories of earlier times when my children were participating. Seeing Christmas through a child's eyes is what really puts me in the spirit. Some snow would make it feel even more like Christmas, but we haven't had any yet this year. I shouldn't complain--last year we had so much snow, my son's family couldn't even make it to our house for Christmas Eve!

secret agent woman said...

The party sounds like fun - I enjoyed the years of organizing my sons' parties with the games.