Sunday, 29 January 2012

Kokeshi Doll Surprise

Photos copyright: Maggie May

I have a collection of Kokeshi dolls that was started when my son lived in Japan and added to when Harry and I went to visit him. This is just a small section of them. They are made of wood and originated in the city of Kokeshi, Japan, though there are many shops in England selling them now.
Imagine how thrilled I was when the postman brought me a little parcel at the weekend and I found a lovely pincushion and a lavender bag hand made by Rae. They even have a little name tag on the side with her blog name Felt by Rae.
She is full of craft ideas.

Anyway, thank you Rae, it was a lovely gift.

I have the results of my CT scan mid week and am just hoping for the best.
Harry is having great difficulty walking freely because of pain in his feet. We have bought arch supports and just hope that in time he will improve.


Akelamalu said...

Oh those are just lovely!

I'm keeping everything crossed for the results of your scan Maggie. I hope Harry gets some relief from all that pain soon too. x

Retired English Teacher said...

The dolls are just darling. I love that your creative blogging friend sent you these.

I hope the results of the test are good. I've wondered how you have been doing. Take care.

I hope your hubby feels better soon also.

Nora said...

I think it's very kind that your blogging friends send you appropriate gifts. It means they really care about you.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed about your scan and can't wait to hear the news about and I hope that Harry's feet will improve soon.

It seems to me that you've had your share of things to worry about. XOX

Anonymous said...

Love the dolls
Positive thoughts for next week
Poor harry nothing worse that bad feet
Keep going Maggie xxx you are a real starship troupper

rosaria said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for both your tests and Harry's feet. Will foot massage help his feet? He must be most frustrated.

I read that cranberries or their juices help with circulation and elimination. Check them out.

Happy Frog and I said...

You have a beautiful collection and what a lovely gift to have received. I will be thinking of you and your results this week and of Harry too. All the best to you Maggie. x

Formerly known as Frau said...

Beautiful dolls May! You are both in my thoughts I hope it's good news!

Mimi said...

The dolls and little cushions are beautiful Maggie.
I hope you get great news from your CT scan, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Sorry to hear that Harry now has foot problems, it seems to be never-ending for you.

Wendy said...

What a thoughtful gift for Rae to send - just perfect! Those dolls are so cute and now I see where you got your profile picture from!

Crossing fingers and toes that you get good results. Sending love and light to Harry.

Jackie said...

Aren't blogging friends among the best! :))
Lovely gift from Rae.
I'm so sorry to hear about Harry's pain in his feet. Oh Maggie...what can I do to help? I feel helpless, but want to encourage you with warm thoughts and wishes...and of course one of the most important things that I can do: pray.
Love to you both,

Celia said...

I'm sending good thoughts your way and keeping you both in my prayers. The dolls are so charming, my Dad brought some back with him from Japan when my sisters and I were kids. I'd forgotten, thanks for the reminder.

Jeni said...

What a neat collection and a really lovely gift to go along with that too! Here's hoping your test results this week are all good and also that Harry gets some relief for his foot problems too. Always seems to be something going haywire with our bodies after a certain age, doesn't it?

Suburbia said...

All crossed for you results, hope Harry' s inserts work for him, must be miserable.

SueAnn said...

Love the doll collection and those bags are gorgeous!! What a thoughtful gift for sure.
I will be praying for you both!!

FeltByRae said...

I am so glad you like the little bags, I really enjoyed making them :-)

I hope all goes well with your scan and that Harry's feet improve soon


Ayak said...

What a lovely gift Maggie.
Good luck for the scan results. Will be thinking of you.
And hope Harry is feeling better very soon xx

CiCi said...

Rae must be a sweet woman, it is a lovely gift and she knew it would brighten your week.

We will all share the results of the CT scan and support you fully. You are a strong woman.

Poor Harry. Sore feet must keep him from doing so many things.

Clare Dunn said...

I'll be thinking good thoughts around midweek.

Lovely pincushions, Rae!

Love to you and Harry

Rose said...

I love these little dolls! What a sweet gift from your talented friend as well. Wishing you and Harry all the best--good news soon for you and some relief from pain for Harry.


Anonymous said...

They are really beautiful. They remind me of Amy's collection of Momiji dolls.

I'm thinking of you this week.
CJ x