Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Meeting Suburbia

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

I felt that I *knew* Suburbia from her blog, Moments from Suburbia pretty well as we'd been blogging and emailing each other for a good few years.
When I first started blogging, I kept the city where I lived a secret for a long time until those little widgets on people's statistics told them I was from Bristol. Then I started to openly talk about living in this fine city and I realised that Suburbia and I lived quite close.

Anyway, this week Sam, my son, who is *known* from his early blogging days, to Suburbia, arranged to meet up in a cafe that was fairly near to us all.
Sam and I arrived first and when Suburbia entered the cafe with that lovely posy of Spring flowers in my photo, I just knew it was her.
The two hours that we talked at a little round table, sharing a pot of tea, went extraordinarily fast and we seemed to be able to chat about all sorts of things quite easily.
It was my first experience of meeting a blogging friend so I did not know how it would be and I can honestly say that I was very pleased to have met up with Suburbia as she is such a lovely person.

In my last post, I mentioned that I did two hours of ironing for Sam in exchange for a promise to alter my rabbits hutch in return. A form of bartering.
I wasn't sure if Sam would keep me waiting a long time or not but I did manage to get him to agree to Monday.
The hutch went across an ideal place in the dining room but it didn't get much light in there as the window was behind it. So I asked Sam if he could cut a small window in the back of the hutch so that the light could shine through and the bunnies wouldn't be in a dimly lit hutch all the time.
I bought some perspex in anticipation. Sam said that he could do the job but he thought that it was completely unnecessary because he reminded me that rabbits live in burrows without lighting.
I can remember seeing little rabbits sunbathing in the open, so I didn't agree.

Anyway, true to his promise, Sam called round on Monday armed with all the tools needed for the job. Of course there were snags in doing the job and it turned out to be a much bigger undertaking than he'd first imagined.
However, the bunnies now have a double glazed window in the back of their hutch and the light makes it a much better place to be. They can see where they're going now.
I'm waiting to see them stretch out in their newly lit landing.
Where do you think they spend all their time, though? In the dark underneath their top storey.
Well, they do take a while to get used to new things.
Sam might well be saying, I told you so.


Akelamalu said...

Sam has a point but then so do you - rabbits do like to enjoy the sun.

How lovely that you met a fellow blogger, something I have yet to do. :)

rosaria said...

Ah, your Sam is a good son! Enjoy your rabbits, and the new hutch. Are we going to see many pictures of them for Easter?

Irene said...

I think the bunnies just have to get used to the window, Maggie. They'll be comfortable with it in no time. I'm glad that your meeting with your blogging friend turned out so well. I had a feeling that it would. I would love to meet you too and will have to pop across the Channel one of these days. xox

Coey said...

I am scared of rabbits. I had one attack me a long time ago and have never got over the fear.

I am meeting my first blogger friend as well in three weeks. She is flying up here to see another blogger and I just happen to be close. I have a feeling it will go well too.

I hope you are doing well. You were in my dream last night. lol

Retired English Teacher said...

How lovely it is that you met a fellow blogger and got on so well. I'm sure it was a very pleasant experience. In some ways, it is almost like having those pen pals that we had when we were kids.

You son is quite the handy helper. He did a nice job.

Suburbia said...

I very much enjoyed meeting you Maggie, the time flew by didn't it?

So glad bunnies have a room with a view now!

Clare Dunn said...

I wish we lived close enough to meet, too, but alas, a big ocean separates us. Maybe someday...

LOVE the hutch!

xoxoxo, cd

St Jude said...

They'll love the window when they get used to it. I've spoken to many bloggers off the blog but never met up with any of them yet. I was over in the States last year and just a short flight from one of my oldest blogging friends. We both started blogging around the same time. Sadly we had a hectic schedule so I didn't get to meet up with him. I deeply regret it as he passed away last month.

CiCi said...

Let us know after a month if they have gotten accustomed to the window or not.

Good thing to know your son keeps his word. And he does nice work.

So glad you enjoyed your meet with the blogging friend.

Dimple said...

Well, I'm glad your bunnies have a chance to sunbathe, even if they aren't too sure about it yet!

I'm also glad you had a chance to meet a blogging friend in person. I hope you are able to get together again!

Jeni said...

well, to paraphrase a bit here -"You can take a rabbit to a lit space but you can't make it sunbathe" is apparently what's happening with your bunnies! Glad you met your blogger friend and had a good visit. Little things like that now and again really do wonders for one's spirit and soul don't they?

Formerly known as Frau said...

Sounds like your meeting with fellow blogger was a hit...and what beautiful flowers ! Rabbit hutch is great Sam did an awesome job!

Rose said...

How nice to have met Suburbia in person; I'm not surprised that you had a lovely time chatting. I keep hoping that one day I'll be able to travel across "the pond" and meet up with some of my UK blogging friends, too.

You are so good to your rabbits, Maggie! They are very lucky to have their own picture window in their living room:)

cheshire wife said...

Pleased that your meeting with Suburbia went well. You always feel that it is a bit of a risk meeting someone who you have met over the Internet, however genuine they seem to be.

Love and Enterprise said...

Ahhhh that's so great that you met a blogging friend. It sounds like a really positive experience all round. I'm going over there now to say hi.
(By the way Maggie, this is Gone Back South here - in yet ANOTHER new bloggy identity! I can't seem to stay in one blog for long, and I thought I had better tell you as we have been commenting on each others' blogs for some years now. Thanks for coming over to my new place x x x ) - Alison.

Sue said...

What a lovely spring bouquet - two of my favorites daffodils and irises. It's the yellow and deep blue/purple combination that I love.

Every time I've ever seen a rabbit they've been out in a sunny grassy area - they hide when they are frightened.

Ayak said...

When I first met up with a fellow blogger it was just the same. It felt like we had known each other for years and the conversation just flowed...and has continued to do so ever since.

Those bunnies of yours are so lucky!

SueAnn said...

Ha!! So they don't like the light?? They will...it looks great by the way.
And how great is that...meeting up in person with a bloggy friend.

Glenda said...

How nice that you got to meet your fellow blogger! I feel like I know most of the bloggers I follow and would love to meet them. One is only a couple of hours away so maybe someday.

Enjoy the bunnies! I'm sure they will be basking in the sunlight once they get accustomed to it.

Shammickite said...

How marvellous to meet a fellow blogger. I have met one too.... when he and his wife were en route to Australia and stopped at the local airport to change planes. We met for breakfast.... and they were lovely people. I hope to meet them again one day!
BTW I have cousins that I have never met who live in the Bristol area. One day.....

Joseph Pulikotil said...


It should have been a very interesting and exciting experience to meet a blogger friend. Normally in blogging we become friends without seeing each other although many reveal their identity through photos and their posts. Yet it is a different experience altogether to meet a person face to face and chat. Wonderful experience. I had one such meeting a couple of months ago.

Your son is very skilled. For such things I would have depended on the help of an outsider and pay through my nose. How wonderful to have such skills and to be independent.

Interesting post and a lovely photos.

Have a lovely day,

Brian Miller said...

so cool..i have me a handful of bloggers now...and it is def very cool to know them in person...plenty others i would love to meet one day...

and very cool on the hutch upgrade as well....good job sam

Hilary said...

Nice. I'm glad you enjoyed your get together and those rabbits of yours must be awfully happy.