Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Bit Battered

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

Its good to see Spring flowers peeping up again even though some of them look as though they are a bit battered. I must get out on the garden when I can. The weather is a bit more stable now and it good to know that better things are just around the corner. Lets hope they are, anyway.

I wrote about Harry's twin, Larry, waiting for his heart valve to be replaced about a month ago. I'm pleased to say that he is now recovering from the operation that he had last week. The three weeks wait  for the operation to take place while in hospital, seemed to pay off because he's to be discharged this weekend and he'd be way down on the waiting list if he'd gone home to wait for the operation.
I think some people from overseas, find our NHS system quite awful but we seem to accept it and it has seen us through some very serious things. It does seem to be a fair way to give everyone a chance and the wealthy can always go privately, though I don't think their actual treatment is any better...... just the trimmings and timing!
We went to visit Larry last night and it was so difficult to get into the right unit. Everywhere seemed to be locked up and we kept being directed to different places. It is a huge city hospital and Larry had been moved from one place to another. I was laughing that we might end up needing to join the other patients if we took much longer to find him. We eventually got to the right place and found we'd been searching for half an hour. He was sitting on the bed looking quite dejected as he must have thought we'd let him down as visiting time was half over by the time we got to the right ward but the nurse let us stay on for a bit of extra time to make up for it.

I was quite worn out by the end of the day because earlier, I had also gone to my friend Hetty's mother's funeral which entailed waiting around for buses and standing and walking for quite a long time, though as the crow flies it wasn't that far. The service was really beautiful, though and well worth the effort involved with getting there. She was a very strong Christian lady and had suffered a great deal during her last years of life. It was good to learn a little bit more about her and the life she had led. I always feel this when I go to a funeral. It quite amazing because I always think I knew someone quite well but realise that I didn't because that person had an interesting life long before our pathways crossed. 

I did have a very goodnights sleep after my very interesting but tiring day.
It isn't always easy managing without a car and I come from a generation that only uses taxis in a dire emergency, much to my children's amusement and exasperation.

I nearly forgot to mention that when I went to see my Consultant this month for my routine check up, he said that he now thought I now had a 50% chance of the cancer not coming back and said that the longer I go without a repercussion, the better my chances will get. So I must hang onto that.
Harry seems to be tolerating his chemo better than last time but I know its early days yet. So there you are ...... a complete update on our family health.



Mimi said...

Good morning Maggie!
I love your battered flower, mine are the same, but poking through anyway, bless their little souls.
That was quite the epic journey around the hospital to find Larry, and it must have been very tiring. I know any time I visit a hospital I come home exhausted.
Your 50% news is great Maggie, and every day brings that percentage up a little notch. Happy Saturday!

Shammickite said...

How lovely to see the primroses poking their heads up.... we are still in the fierce grip of winter here in Canada, lots of snow on the ground and looks like it's not going to melt until April!!!! Good to know that the doc has given you good news. Keep smiling, keep fingers crossed, and stay happy!

SueAnn Lommler said...

I am glad to hear a good report. For you both!
Love the flowers!!
Sending you big hugs and prayers

Irene said...

I am very happy about your good news and the fact that some of your flowers are poking out of the ground. I must look around real good over here and see if the same thing is happening. That will be another fun thing to do when I take Tyke fr a walk. You must take taxis, Maggie. Sometimes you just have to. xox

cheshire wife said...

Pleased to hear some god news on the health front.

Rose said...

Your primrose looks beautiful, Maggie. I can't wait to see mine appear, but I'm sure it will be another month or more here.

Good to hear that you have good health news to report!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my post; with teaching, I've been too busy to visit blogs the last few weeks. And then my computer wasn't working--funny, when I'm busy I don't miss it nearly as much as when I'm home all the time:)

Mary Gilmour said...

How I envy you your spring. We won't see flowers until the end of April, probably. At present we have temperature at about 0ºF, but a blazing sun and deep blue sky reflecting off new snow.
I'm with your kids - take the [censored] taxi.
Best wishes to you, husband and BIL in the search for health.

Anonymous said...

Good news all round - so glad to hear this.

That is a lovely flower!

Brian Miller said...

that is good news for you on the report...woot! kinda like a flower poking its head up with the first glimpse of spring...smiles.

Anonymous said...

No mattered if they're not perfect, they are lovely all the same. And a harbinger of spring to come! Bring it on.

Happy Saturday, G

dianefaith said...

I'm glad to hear that your husband's twin came through the surgery well, and that you have been given some good news.
We have daffodils in full bloom here, and some of the trees are beginning to show the lace of early, early spring.

Working Mum said...

So glad to hear that Larry is on the mend. With Spring around the corner, things do seem to be looking better all round.

PS I never use taxis, either. If I don't drive, I use the tram, cycle or walk. I still think taxis are an extravagance when I can get there by other means.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I hope your strength and good health continues to improve and Harry's too. I'm happy Larry is recovering nicely. Pretty flowers....I'm dreaming of Spring!

Expat mum said...

Good news on your health Maggie.
Actually, I know people here bang on about the state of healthcare in the UK and other "Socialist" places but I tried to get a dermatology appointment to look at a suspicious mole on my son's head last week and was told that they were now booking in May! May! And then I get to pay for it on top of that!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Good news on you, your husband and Larry! I'm glad to hear all of it.

Hilary said...

It sounds like things are looking up for you, Harry, Larry and those lovely flowers. This makes me smile. As does your ever-present sense of humour.

Jackie said...

I smiled as I read your post...for so many reasons, Maggie.
I'm glad that Larry's heart valve replacement surgery went well and that he is recovering.
How wonderful to read the news that your doctor gave you! That makes my heart smile really really big.
I continue to pray for you and Harry. Know that I'm thinking of you...and I do that with love.

Akelamalu said...

Glad to hear that Larry is doing well. My youngest brother was in hospital over Christmas and my other brother and I got lost looking for him one evening because they'd moved him and it was a huge place. Our NHS may not be perfect but we don't have to worry about getting treatment for whatever ails us do we? :)

You and Harry take care of yourselves. x

Suburbia said...

Great update :)
So pleased about your own news.
Always thinking of you Maggie :)

Brian Miller said...

hope your week is going well...smiles.

aims said...

I had to check the date and year when I looked at the flowers Maggie.

We have -9C at present and it's to go to -16C. I feel sorry for the little birds in our yard. So sorry I took time today to scatter some seed on the ground as most of it had been covered up with the snow we had yesterday.

So glad to hear the doc's news.

And glad to hear hubbies taking the chemo better. I'm getting the blow by blow from Mickle and it just sounds dreadful. My heart aches for all who go through it.

Lovely to hear from you Maggie! :0)

Wendy said...

I am glad your cancer is at a stage where you can hope for the good 50% outcome! And it's nice to hear that both Harry and Larry are doing well.

Love your primulas - those are lovely signs of spring. We still have a long way to go before seeing flowers in our part of the country, so it's a treat to see yours.

Anonymous said...

A positive post, so good to come over and read that things could now be on the up. I think spring always makes us feel a little better after the long winter months, and it's been particularly cold these last few weeks.

CJ x

Suldog said...

God bless you both. You remain in my prayers.