Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Hope Lurking In The Shadows

In England, it will be officially Spring
 in around six weeks time.
I was reminded of this only the other day, when I caught sight of my first snowdrop coming up in our garden.
These little flowers are like messengers bringing new hope. They come out quite unexpectedly from the hard, dark earth, often from under piles of old leaves and debris. That is why Spring is my favourite season. It always seems to bring new hope.

Last week I wrote about Harry's twin, Larry, being in hospital and the pair of them being quite unaccustomed to such a long separation. This made Harry very miserable.
However, Harry was given the all clear by his consultant to visit Larry because his white cells had recovered enough to give him adequate protection from ordinary illnesses. So he was able to get on the bus and visit several times over the last week. Next week he will be knocked back by chemo again so he won't be able to go for a few weeks.
Larry has to stay in the hospital where he is, (on the outskirts of Bristol) and wait for a bed to become available in our city hospital so that he can have his operation for a heart valve replacement.
If he goes home now, then he'll be put on the end of a 9 month waiting list, whereas staying put, he could have it done within the next few weeks. However, he cannot be given a definite date at this time.
This is the way our NHS is run over here. We get it free, but we have to wait. Of course we have all paid into the system over the years, somehow or other.

My sister in law is also causing some worry to us all as she is struggling with her cancer related health problems too. My brother, Eddybluelights has written his worrying account of it all on his blog. In spite of their problems, he has a good sense of humour, even if he does get really depressed about the situation at times.
If it all gets too much, I go and look at my brave little snowdrops and realise that Spring is just round the corner and that there is new hope lurking in the shadows.


Jackie said...

"Hope springs eternal.."
Alexander Pope's quotation came to my mind when I read your blog.
I have never seen the snowdrop plant or flower. It is beautiful, Maggie.
I'm glad that Harry and Larry were able to see each other; I'm sure it was a boost for both.
Having to wait for surgery seems unreal to me. I know that our health care systems are different, but I can't see having to wait for something that one needs right away. It doesn't seem right, somehow. However, if health care continues to go the way (here) that it appears to be going, we may be in the same situation. I do NOT like Obamacare (or any form of national health care.)
I send you and Harry love...and you know that I think of you both and Maria and Eddie as well.
Love to my British 'family'...

cheshire wife said...

Snowdrops are amazingly resilient and an endless source of inspiration at this time of year. Their appearance is a real pick me up and an indication that Spring is around the corner.

I am sorry to read of your family's continuing health problems and hope that you are keeping well.

Mary Gilmour said...

We have the same kind of health care problems here in Canada - but I can remember the time we did not have universal health care and, in spite of the probems, it seems to me preferable.
At least your BIL will get his surgery without draining the family's resources.
Having said all that, I wish them - and you - a speedy spring and lots of snowdrops. Almost envious, she muttered, staring out the window at the snow and ice.

dianefaith said...

I have daffodils here already, but no snowdrops. The picture is so pretty that I may have plant some.

Here in the States, we don't have universal health care. My husband and I both have Medicare, but our supplemental insurance costs us about $1,000 per month, and we're healthy. You're very lucky to have the health care system you have, even if it has its aggravating aspects.

Mimi said...

Glad that Harry got to see Larry, I'm sure it did both of them a power of good.
It does seem crazy that you have to wait in a hospital bed, or go to the end of the would be the same here, or worse. And yet they complain about not having enough beds.
I think our health system needs an major overhaul by a pair of fresh eyes, brave enough to look at things like this and ask WHY?
But if it's a depressing thought that this will probably not happen, let's think of your brave little snowdrop!
Happy week dear Maggie. x

Irene said...

I'm glad for you that it is going to be spring soon and that you have the snowdrops to remind you of that. It is sad when there is always something to worry about and it is good if we can enjoy the little things like those small flowers in the garden. I am glad you are doing well yourself, Maggie. Try not to worry too much, xox

Expat mum said...

I don't know how you all do it sometimes Maggie, Here's to you, Eddie and your entire family. x

Akelamalu said...

Spring is definitely on the way, something to look forward to.

I'm sorry to hear about your family's health problems Maggie. I hope things improve soon. x

Jeni said...

Ever the optimist, eh Maggie? That's good and it is the way we should all be to keep thinking positive thoughts and voila, positive things do happen! Just have to have the right way to look at it all, don't we?

SueAnn Lommler said...

Ahh! New fresh us all strength and happiness...knowing!!
Prayers and hugs to all

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh - you've had your ups and downs. Hope the message of the snowdrops sees you through to better times.

FeltByRae said...

So glad to hear Harry got to visit Larry and I do hope Larry's op comes through soon

Snowdrops, daffodils and daisies are my my top 3 flowers... they are all guaranteed to bring a smile to my face xxx

Hilary said...

Oh your snowdrops are much earlier than ours will be. We're in a fairly cold snap right now and nothing is going to make its way out of the ground for a while. Lovely to see though. And I'm pleased to read that Harry was able to see his twin. You and yours are all in my best thoughts.

Retired English Teacher said...

The snowdrops do seem to bring hope for the promised spring that is soon to make an appearance. In the meantime, your family continues to struggle with so many health problems, but there is great joy that Harry was able to spend time with his brother.

I can't imagine the wait and all that you must have patience about with your health care. There are tradeoffs with every system. That is for sure.

In the meantime, I will remember you all in my prayers.

Jayne said...

Do you know of Cecily Mary Barker, who created the Flower Fairies? She wrote lovely little poems by each one and she called snowdrops 'The Fair Maids of February' which I thought was a lovely description.

I'm glad Harry and Larry got to spend some time together. And sorry to hear that everyone is poorly. Definitely do look at those brave little snowdrops. You and your family are equally as brave!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Thanks Maggie and I hope Larry gets his new heart valve soon and that you and Harry continue to be OK ~ Love. Ed

Suldog said...

Hope is always the thing to keep in your thoughts. Combined with faith, it works wonders for the spirit. Chin up, and God bless!

Anonymous said...

There's always new hope, Maggie, always. I love your analogy to the snowdrops, they are beautiful little flowers. We have tons of them scattered around the garden that grow wild year after year.

God bless.
CJ x