Thursday, 10 October 2013

Age Old Therapy

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

One good thing happening at the moment, is that Harry seems to be so much better since he started the drug trial. Fingers and toes crossed about it continuing that way. We are so grateful for the thoughts and prayers of all those who left kind comments. Thank you for this and also for those who went over to my brother Eddybluelights blog and left a kind word there. It really cheered him up.

Since my last post, it has been warm and sunny quite often with the odd wet day in between. I have noticed that our bedroom ceiling seems to be getting marked with water stains that have probably been caused by rain coming through a cracked tile or loose flashing where the bay meets the main roof. This is the kind of thing that causes me to feel stress as it is completely out of my control.  I must get someone in to fix it. At one time Harry or Sam would have gone up to check the roof for anything amiss. However, there is no one in the family that can do this now. The whole roof was renewed not  so long ago, so surely it cannot be too serious? I know that a little water can go a long way.

Ever since going to the Penny Brohn Centre, I have become aware of the havoc that stress can do to the body as well as the mind. Anyone having had cancer can impair their immune system through worry so it's best to try and keep calm, though not always easy.
Going long walks helps to keep me healthily calm and I read all the time, do crosswords and simple sudoku, eat well and get enough sleep.  Looking after grandchildren occasionally and a little gardening all adds to my enjoyment. How ever did I used to fit in going to work?

When I was young, my family used to enjoy jigsaws and I have recently started doing them again thanks to my granddaughter Millie, who is a dab hand at them.
I have found that doing puzzles helps to keep me absorbed and calm, though the black border and the white design of the serrated stamp edge of the above jigsaw that Sandy recently lent me, at times did the very opposite of that. It was quite a difficult puzzle to do and I found myself starting on the inside and working outwards. I did the hardest black edge last of all. This seems to be the very opposite of what one normally does.
Are there any other jigsaw enthusiasts out there?


rosaria williams said...

Glad to hear Eddie is doing better. Growing old is not for sissy, is it? We seem to cure something, and come down with something else. Darn if I know how long this is going to go on. For now, I do what you do, garden, walk, read, write, and manage to stay active in community events. Every day, though, we have to change things slightly, adapt to new limitations.

C'est la vie! It beats death.

Jinksy said...

I've always loved jigsaws, but it's years since I did one with the grandkids - these days, their flying visits aren't long enough to tackle one! Well done for the Grommet stamp!

Mary Gilmour said...

I love kigsaws and I now have an 'app' that allows me to do them on the iPad.
ai,too, am feeling that the house and garden are getting beyond me to control. Sad, but no help for it.
Continuing to hope for good days ahead for you.

Wisewebwoman said...

Jigsaws were always rainy day things for me and my sibs. I think they work best as a communal effort.

Yes, stress is a killer in every way. I try and remain stress free but sometimes it's a challenge when things go wrong in the house.

Glad your loved one is doing better.


Irene said...

I went through a stage in my life when I did a lot of jigsaws, but I don't think I have the patience for them now. I do like the one you made and it must have been a fun challenge. I think you need to work on them over time with at least one other person.

I am glad to hear that Harry is doing well on his drug trial, so maybe he is getting the real thing?

Yes, Stress is not good for a body and mind, and I also try to keep mine to a minimum. Not that I always have that in hand. Luckily, I have enough people to talk about it with, so that does relief some of it. I hope you do to.


Celia said...

I love jigsaws, do them online too. I find them great for stress relief and often do one or two simple ones online before I go to bed. Wonderful news about Harry. Still keeping both in my prayers.

Expat mum said...

I used to sit for hours doing jigsaws but I can't seem to get anyone interested these days. Maybe if I started one on the dining table, everyone would join in.

Anonymous said...

Was over to place yesterday and he does seem better. As do you...we love puzzles too. I received a puzzle table from my dear friend Violet Loxley Green. We had it set up by the front door where as we went in and out all would stop to find a piece and put it in place...grand fun! Prayers still for you and yours dear friend

Jackie said...

So pleased that Harry is doing better since he started the drug trial.
Thank you Lord, for answered prayers!
And....I hope that you find someone who will help you find out what is causing the problem with your leaking roof.
Message to Stress: "Stress, be GONE from my sweet friend Maggie's days and nights!!"
Love you,

Akelamalu said...

So glad to hear Harry is feeling better on the drugs trial - I'll keep everything crossed for him. A new roof is usually guaranteed for 10 years, is it longer than that since you had it replaced? If not get in touch with the company that replaced it. x

Rose said...

I've never had much patience for jigsaw puzzles, but I enjoy all the other activities you mention. Too often I've let stress get the better of me, but I think outlets like these are the best antidotes. Doing something that brings you joy is the best remedy for stress.

Glad to hear that Harry is feeling better and that Eddie is as well. As to your roof, maybe you can contact the contractor who replaced your roof a few years ago? There might still be some type of guarantee, especially if it's caused by something they overlooked or made a mistake on.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I'm so glad to hear Harry seems to be doing better. And yes, the mind and body are inextricably linked. Any healthcare ought to include mental health.

Maria Perry Mohan said...

Thinking of you and praying for you and yours, Maggie.

Retired English Teacher said...

It is so good to read that Harry is doing better. This is wonderful news!

I hear what you say about stress. It is a killer. I can't say I have handled it so well over the past few years, but I am trying to better in that department.

When my children were younger, we would always get a jigsaw puzzle to work on during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. That was great fun. I think their dad and I became the one who would get hooked on solving them more than the children. I think of putting one out to work on now and again, but never do. I think the dog would knock it over and mess it up with his wagging tail.

Hugs, Maggie. I hope that roof problem is not a huge, expensive job.

Murr Brewster said...

I have no idea how I found time to do anything while I was working. But I have to admit I'm sleeping more now. And sitting and reading more now. I must have been a genius as a young person: I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. A retired mail carrier! Peace to you.

Working Mum said...

Really glad that Harry is responding to the new drugs. Fingers crossed!

Don't worry about the ceiling, we had exactly the same thing in daughter's room this year, it was a flashing that had expanded and then contracted with the weather, it was a small, inexpensive job for a local builder (my hubby does not do DIY!)

As for jigsaws, I used to like them, but it's years since I did a decent one that didn't have a Disney picture on it. Maybe in the future I'll have time again.

Mimi said...

Hi Maggie.
Great news about Harry, you all deserve this break from illness.
You're right about stress causing us bad health, I'm very aware of it, and finding a way to de-stress is key to staying healthy. I agree that walking is fantastic, gets you out of the house, and gets fresh air. I went walking and blackberry picking with my friend on Friday, and we had a great time!
You need to find yourself a good handyman: we've never been good at fixing things, so I have a good lad on speeddial, and it takes the stress out of it. Ask some neighbours for a recommendation, and you'll be much more relaxed. Xx

Suburbia said...

They drive me mad!!!

However I wish I knew how to get rid of my stress right now, I feel I can't keep this rate up for long!

Glad Harry is improving.


Beryl Ament said...

Strange you should mention jigsaw puzzles. My husband has made quite a cottage industry out of making boards out of hardwood (about 27x33) with a lip out of molding. It allows for a pretty big puzzle plus the spare pieces and can be moved from table to table without danger of losing pieces. We have given several to family and friends. It is the moving that is a problem if you just start them on the dining room table. I have a great photo, but I can't figure out how to show it in a comment. There are some terrific family jigsaws from Cobble Hill with large pieces on one side, middle sized pieces in the middle and small pieces on the other side.

Suldog said...

My Grampa used to make jigsaw puzzles and give them as presents. He'd take a piece of plywood, paste a nice photo or advert from a magazine onto the wood, size it right and polish the edges, then cut it up with his (appropriate enough) jigsaw. Always a treat to see one of those at his place.

Hilary said...

So glad to hear that Harry is doing better. I keep you, Harry and Eddie in my best thoughts.

I love jigsaws. When a large local department store went out of business earlier this year, they began selling their merchandise at greatly reduced prices. Frank and I picked up a few dozen of them for about 10% of the original cost. We'll have a lot of them to get us through the long winter ahead.