Monday, 30 September 2013

The Penny Brohn Centre

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

I have visited this lovely holistic cancer centre a couple of times now. The Penny Brohn Centre is in lovely surroundings and was recommended by the Macmillan nurse at the oncology centre that Harry attends. 
Initially, I decided to go as Harry's helper/carer but it soon became apparent that it would benefit me also because I have been living in remission from cancer and have experienced all the difficulties and horrors that diagnosis and treatments have brought to my mind and body over the last four years since my journey with this condition first started.
The charity run centre helps people to live well with their cancer while using all the medical treatments that are available alongside the complimentary methods they recommend.

They use acupuncture, dietary advice and whole foods, exercises of various descriptions, relaxation, group therapy, one to one counselling sessions and many other therapies that help people to live a good life while experiencing cancer (in whatever stage it happens to be in).

As well as meeting other people in similar circumstances, eating a very healthy lunch, joining in all the activities designed to help, there are beautiful grounds to walk in, and advice on how to boost our immune systems and a wonderful short film watching cancer cells being eaten up by our own healthy white blood cells (speeded up and looked at through a microscope) which I thought this was really inspiring. Apparently this onslaught is happening all the time in healthy bodies. I believe it can be looked up on utube somewhere.
I'm hoping to go to the centre regularly as I feel its a truly marvellous place and I consider myself lucky to live in a city within reach of it.

I was very pleased to see that my brother, Eddie Bluelights, has put in a new post. I had thought that he might never be able to blog again as he has found things very difficult since last April, when his wife passed away. It is very difficult to lose a beloved partner of 40years and his lovely creative writing brought tears to my eyes and I found it was really beautiful. I think it is an excellent way to release his feelings and I hope that he will find it very healing to open up like this. So please pop over and give him your support.


Working Mum said...

It sounds a wonderful place. So important to nurture the mind as well as the body. I hope it really helps you both.

Eddie Bluelights said...

It is a wonderful place and a shame Maria was not involved.
I've been looking for the white blood cells v cancer cell you tube and found several but not sure whether they contain the one you describe.

Thanks for the mention of my latest post,
Love and hugs ~ E xx

Irene said...

It goes to show you, Maggie, that you are not nearly done with your battle with cancer yet, whether or not it is still active in your body. It is a good thing that you have this place to visit to go through the whole process that is necessary to deal with this disease. I wish you and Harry the best of luck.

Wisewebwoman said...

A beautiful place to offer balance and restoration of body, mind and spirit.

I am popping over to see your brother now :)


Brian Miller said...

i saw eddies post and was pleased to see it as well...what a great place...i imagine it was refreshing for both of you...

Jackie said...

This is indeed a beautiful place...and I am so happy that you have found it to be helpful to you. That is wonderful.
I had seen Eddie's post...and left him a comment. It was so good to see that he had posted. My heart is heavy to see how difficult it is for him since Maria's passing. I know that he misses her very much.
Sending love to you and Harry,

mrsnesbitt said...

Sounds a lovely centre Maggie, is it chicken friendly? lol xxxxx

SueAnn Lommler said...

I am so glad you have this center available to you!
And I have visited Eddieand I cried with him.

Rose said...

This sounds like a wonderful center, Maggie. I believe that holistic treatment is so important and am glad that you have found this place. I'm going to pop over to Eddie's now.

Akelamalu said...

That sounds like such a lovely place, hope it helps both you and Harry. x

Secret Agent Woman said...

What a wonderful center. I think the nurturing of the mind and body is essential with cancer.

And thanks for alerting me to Eddie's new post - I'll head over.

Hilary said...

It sounds like a wonderful place for so many. I'm glad that you and Harry can get something out of it. It saddens me that Maria could not. I have seen Eddie's post. It was eloquent and beautiful.

Retired English Teacher said...

This center sounds like an amazing place. You truly are blessed to have such a place. If one must deal with cancer, then it gives me comfort to know that there are centers that make the journey a little less lonely while giving great hope and help.

Suldog said...

I'm keeping you in my prayers. Thanks so much for telling us that Eddie has posted again. I'll have to go right over!

RNSANE said...

Hi Maggie May!!! I've been missing you. How good to hear that Eddie Bluelights is back. I can just imagine how lonely and sad he has been felt since his wife died.

This Penny Brohn Centre sounds like an excellent, holistic, truly comprehensive facility that will be of great use to you and to Harry. How wonderful that such places do exist.

Sending you hugs from Mumbai...home to San Francisco on Dec 3.

Anonymous said...

Oh Maggie, it is a lovely spot and I'm sure very calming...still praying for you both and I know that prayer works...I pray My Dear Lord...please hold Harry and Maggie in your loving arms and get them through this trying Your Name I pray

Suburbia said...

That looks and sounds a wonderful place, so glad you are benefiting from it.