Monday, 4 November 2013


Photo Copyright: Maggie May

I had never heard of Byrhtnoth until I went to Maldon in Essex while having a few days break on the east coast and we came across his statue overlooking the Blackwater Estuary. If you want to read how this man in his sixties tried to ward off a Viking invasion on the town of Maldon, then click the link.

After a stormy weekend, the weather decided to behave itself and Harry and I were able to visit several places in Essex while we were staying there for a few days with our daughter and grandsons.
It was a really lovely break for me as it was the first time that I'd had a holiday for three years because somehow or other we'd had illness every time we tried to go away before then and of course the rabbits did complicate things too.

In dry weather, we visited a stately home and did a few walks in the lovely grounds and also the nearby town and visited a market place where we browsed and bought a few items. We also went to see the film Philomena  starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan which was a real tear jerker but I thoroughly recommend going to see it. Based on truth, it was a story that had to be told. Quite shocking that things like that seemed to frequently go on.
Has anyone else been to see the film? If so what did you think of it?
I bet no one had ever heard of Byrhtnoth?


Wisewebwoman said...

Fighting nekkid? Quite the guy you got there!

Philomena is on my list, not much hope of getting it out here on the edge bit I will get when it is released to DVD.

Glad you enjoyed the holliers.


Beryl Ament said...

How did I miss him? We spent a wonderful day there with my brother a few years ago. I was especially impressed by the Maeldune Heritage Centre and the embroidery displayed there.

Bernie said...

Just popping in to say hello Maggie. So happy to see that you and Harry had a holiday which you both totally deserve. Sending big hugs always....xo

Brian Miller said...

what a cool trip...and def a time period that i find very interesting...and i love stories that fight against the odds as well...glad you were able to get out and enjoy a bit of a holiday as well...smiles.

rosaria williams said...

Glad you had a holiday. I have not seen Philomena, and I doubt it will show up in my neck of the woods.

Gail said...

I love history!

Glad the weather behaved and you had a great holiday.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Glad you enjoyed your break Maggie and I must see Philomena. Strange to see Steve Crougan in a serious role - he usually is a comic.
Love Eddie x

Akelamalu said...

I've never heard of Byrhtnoth, until now reading this!

I really would like to see the film 'Philomena', it sounds a really good film.

Glad to hear you and Harry enjoyed your break. x

Retired English Teacher said...

True, I've not heard of Byrhtnoth. I can't even pronounce his name.

I'm so glad you got away. It sounds like it was a great trip.

Thanks for the tip on the movie. I want to see it. I do like Judi Dench so much. She is one of my all time favorite actresses.

Rose said...

I'd never heard of Byrhtnoth, but I've always been fascinated by this early period in British history. So many places in the UK I'd love to see! Glad you and Harry were able to have a real holiday; you both deserved one.

I also hadn't heard of this movie; it may not play in our area, but I do love Judi Dench.

Dimple said...

Perhaps, since I am not British, I am excused: I never heard of the battle or the man. But the story is an interesting read.

I'm glad you got to visit with your family and see some different scenes!


Secret Agent Woman said...

I'll put themovie on my list for when it comes out on DVD.