Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Unexpected Blue Skies

Photo copyright: Maggie May

As today was unexpectedly sunny and fairly warm, I thought it might be a good idea for Harry and me to jump on a bus using our free bus passes and visit a place that we haven't been to in years.

Off we went to Bristol Bus Station, where a bus going to Portishead, which is a town that lies along the Bristol Channel, was about to pull out. The sea front in this location, is muddy and dangerous and this is the part of the town that we both knew from our motoring days but it is a fairly busy shipping channel and it can be interesting watching large and small vessels of all kinds sailing past and the walk along the sea front is pleasant. 
However, we didn't get as far as the sea front because the bus took us on a meandering route through little villages and windy roads and we really didn't know where we were and we found ourselves heading back into the high street that we'd passed earlier. I had thought we might end up going back to Bristol if we didn't make up our minds where to disembark.
An elderly lady passenger, who was obviously local to Portishead told us not to try to go to the sea as there was nothing there and certainly no toilets available. She told us to get off the bus at a certain place near the high street and gave us useful information as to where we could get a pot of tea and more importantly, visit a toilet. 
We found a large supermarket, where we were able to do both these things. (Strange how a toilet stop seems to be more important than anything, in our age group). Anyway the lady had told us to go to the Marina, which in her opinion, was much nicer than the sea front and following her instructions we ended up in a really lovely part of Portishead that we'd never been to before, where attractive homes overlooked The Marina. There were many small boats moored there and on the other side of the water, there were new houses and flats being built too. It obviously seemed a desirable location to live.

Strolling along the length of the Marina made a lovely walk and we managed to travel the whole distance where the Marina finished and just past the lock gates, our path led to the sea after all and we watched as two tug boats chugged by.
I was surprised that Harry wanted to walk as far as he did as it was a long way to the end and back again. As we walked, we encountered a group of swans and one of them came very close, thinking we had something to offer in the food line but all our sandwiches had been eaten by then.

By the time we got back to the bus stop, we'd walked a fair distance but we both agreed that we'd had a lovely day, which had been quite unplanned.
Who would have thought that we'd experience bright blue skies in November in England? 
Don't you think that unexpected outings are more enjoyable?


Akelamalu said...

The weather here has been lovely today too! Doesn't it cheer you up? What a lovely day you had. Unplanned days out usually turn out the best I think. :)

Celia said...

Serendipity of the best kind. And a kind stranger. Lovely when a November day breaks into sun and smiles on you.

rosaria williams said...

I love these mini adventures, even if they turn out ugly. In retrospect, just getting out of the house and its routines gives us all a morale boost. (But we do need to plan a toilet stop or two.)
Glad to hear Harry got to walk further than you anticipated!

Suburbia said...

So glad you had a lovely day, it was beautiful weather. Your photo's are great.

Jackie said...

Your unexpected visit to the Marina turned out to be a blessing...as did the sweet lady on the bus who steered you in the right direction.
And YES...I agree with you about stops to the restrooms being high on my priority list. I smiled...and nodded my head in agreement as I read about the toilet stop.
Those swans are beautiful...as was your entire trip. Beautiful photos... LOVE the blue sky!!
So glad that you and Harry were able to get out and about...that Harry walked as far as he did. Loving hugs to you both.
I wish I lived closer. I would give them to you myself!!
Love you,

Irene said...

Yes, I need to know where there is a toilet when I go on an outing too, or I may as well not go there at all. Spontaneously planned outings always do turn out the best, don't they? Possibly because we don't have too many preconceived ideas of what to expect. I am glad you and Harry were so adventurous. xox

Rose said...

Beautiful photos, Maggie; what a lovely place to spend the day! I chuckled at your comment about the toilets; my husband thinks I know where every restroom is in every place we go to, and I think he's right:)

I agree about unplanned outings; some of our favorite memories are of places we visited on a whim. I think it's because you don't have any expectations ahead of time, so the pleasure is a total surprise. Hope you have more blue skies!

Expat mum said...

I love the idea of just getting on a bus and seeing where you end up. Sounds like a lovely day.

Ayak said...

I think the unexpected trips are always the best. And yes I do agree about the toilet stops. If I can't find one, panics sets in!

Working Mum said...

How lovely. I'm also enjoying some lovely blue skies, but from the windows of my classroom.

As for the toilets, they're very important with children too, so it's also the first thing I look for in a new place!

Leilani Lee said...

Having just returned from a l-o-n-g road trip I can echo the importance of "bathroom breaks" and how they seem to come more often these days. Lovely photos of the marina. Going to the harbor has always been one of my favorite things to do (rather hard now since I live in the middle of the country)

Anonymous said...

I have to echo everyone else and say what lovely photos they are! The clarity is something else. I love being by the sea, or near water, but just not in it! It's so serene and peaceful - how lovely to go for a walk by the marina.

Mary Gilmour said...

Yes, they are the best! And I know the location of every toilet on every route we take (as well as having become a scout for the 'convenience' on every new adventure.


Secret Agent Woman said...

What a wonderful outing.

I had to laugh at the local telling you not to go to the sea because there is nothing there. I always thought the sea WAS something!