Monday, 10 February 2014

No End In Sight

Since I last posted, it has rained and rained and rained. One solitary day was sunny when I managed to dry all the washing out on the line in the garden.... a very rare happening indeed. However, it never stays dry long enough to make any difference to the sodden ground.

I expect most people over here have been watching with horror, the pictures of the flooded Somerset Levels, from the various media. This is all within about 40 miles from where I live and is a beautiful but flat area of English countryside We've seen the struggle to try to prevent the unrelenting water from creeping into houses and the rescuing of domestic animals from farms and houses that are flooding. The ruination of crops and farmland that will probably take years to recover. Not to mention all the wild life that must have drowned. 60 square miles of flooding is more than any person or creature could cope with.

I want to know why there has been such a delay in helping these people? Why something wasn't done to prevent this from happening in the first place? The Dutch have a better system of keeping back the sea as much of their country is below sea level. They apparently spend more than we do..... much more,  defending their vulnerable areas. So is it all to do with money, then? 
There doesn't seem to be any fund to help the affected people, either.
Everyone I talk to is really empathetic towards all the victims and wish they could help in some way, while other nastier individuals are racing to the area to ogle and take pictures.  Some have stolen goods from stricken homes and farms. Isn't that just about the most despicable thing that human beings could do to each other? Words really aren't enough.
However, I am impressed by the way the people from the levels have all rallied round to help each other and to share what they do have with others.

Did anyone apart from Ladyfi (my blogging mate) spot the deliberate mistake last week when I said that the film *Way, Way Back* is about time travel? Well I did go to see a film about time travel last week but the title was *About Time*. It was very good and I did enjoy it and recommend the film. I will be seeing the *Way, Way Back* film this week if the weather permits me to do the walk, that is. Maybe I should just go in a wet suit and brave whatever the weather throws at me.


Expat mum said...

I have been watching from afar at the weather in the UK and it's awful. I don't think anyone ever expected it to get this bad and I hope these people have decent insurance to help them get back on their feet.

Formerly known as Frau said...

I won't complain about all the snow because the amount of rain the UK has had is devastating! I hope it stops soon.

Celia said...

I am so sorry about those who have been flooded. I hope they get help soon.

rosaria williams said...

It seems that unusual weather is hitting so many parts of the world. Most municipalities are ill equipped to deal with such calamities; and since these are not usual, I doubt that they will change any budgeting and planning for the upcoming years.

Hilary said...

It's very frightening to realize, now and again, that nature can be fierce. It's upsetting when we can't do much about it. It's maddening when something can be done but steps are not taken. It's infuriating to hear that people take advantage of others at a time like that. I hope the skies clear soon.

Wisewebwoman said...

I see my own beloved city of Cork looking like Venice with boats and kayaks along the streets.

What truly baffles me, Maggie, is that all of this extreme weather was forecast eons ago due to the polar ice cap melt and the denial still continues. The water has to go somewhere.

All this is reactive management from governments who are all broke.

I am so glad you are unaffected but it is terribly close.


Irene said...

When at least half of your country would be under water if it were not for the dikes the way ours is, you do spend an awful lot of time, energy and money on keeping it dry. We have no choice and have always fought against the water. Hopefully the Dutch engineers will now come up with ideas to help keep those parts of your country dry. I am glad that at least you are keeping your feet dry. xox

ladyfi said...

Oh, I definitely want to see About Time - have heard so many good things about it.

It's such a shame about all the flooding.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

It's dreadful isn't it Maggie. We live near the mouth of the River Parrett but we are safe and dry. I can only imagine how awful it is for all those who have been affected and wish there was something we could do. Hopefully these larger pumps that the Danish engineers are installing will help. A x

Rose said...

As much as I complain about the snow and cold here, I much prefer that to constant rain. The flooding in the UK sounds terrible. Your complaint about help for the victims sounds all too familiar. We have federal disaster programs in the US to help victims of floods and other natural disasters, but it always seems too little and too late.

Akelamalu said...

I don't understand why the 'disaster fund' isn't used to help those who have been flooded, after all it is as much of a disaster as any that is happening overseas. :(

Jackie said...

So sorry to hear about the disaster, yet I am glad to hear that neighbor helping neighbor is going on.
In my opinion, that's the way it should be done. Government canNOT do what we can do for one another.
God bless you, sweet friend.
Hugs and love,

Retired English Teacher said...

So sorry to hear of all the damage from these torrential rains. We had these flooding rains last year. I hope we won't this spring. My heart goes out to all those displaced. I am also sickened by the robbing of these people. It appears the municipalities have failed on many levels.

Suburbia said...

It does seem endless Maggie, I am feeling grateful for my warm, dry home - though the garden is another matter!

S x

Eddie Bluelights said...

Yes . . . . .dreadfully upset about those dear people in Somerset.

And yes . . . . .we could learn a thing or three from Holland and I did read in the paper that as we speak negotiations are taking place with our Dutch friends to give us the benefit of their experience. They have reclaimed almost an entire country from the sea.

Despicable acts are taking place as we speak - would you believe it even sandbags are being stolen and luted.
I cannot believe sometimes the evil society we have to dwell in.

And it is STILL raining with a lot more to come.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I've been seeing the flooding photos on-line - awful!

And "Way, Way Back" was pretty good. Interesting to see Steve Carell as an unsavory character.