Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Thursday Afternoons

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

Thursday afternoons come round quite quickly. 
It is my time of respite when a carer comes in to sit with Harry and keep him company, maybe take him out or just see that he keeps safe while I'm gone.
I get 4hours to myself.
I sometimes manage to get into town and see some different shops and buy things that I can't normally get in my local high street.
Other times I get a bus to The Downs and sit in a shady place reading a good book or just sit and people watch.
Sometimes I meet up with a friend.
The Avon Gorge in the photo above is a picture I took looking down from one of my Thursday walks before my hip started to hurt. I hurt my back and hip while trying to push Harry along our awful pavements in a wheelchair about six weeks ago. I won't be doing that again and I'm still having a lot of pain from it.
I go to the Museum or walk round the Water Front, off the Centre of Bristol but seem to be running out of ideas. Many of these things need to be done in the better weather, which we now seem to be running out of.

I am really grateful for this time to myself.
However, what I'd really like to do is to hop on a bus to our local seaside or go to the Cinema but there isn't time. The hours that I've been allocated don't fit in with the right time for the Cinema and coincide with the rush hour late afternoon.
Unfortunately, because we haven't a car, it would take too long to get out of the city and then back in. Even with a car it might be difficult to get back across the City. It is too stressful to even think about in case I didn't get back in time after the carer left.

I've recently started going to a Carer's course run by our local Hospice. The course is only for a few weeks and I've met people with similar and also very different situations. It does help to share and we all have similar feelings. I realise that compared to some I am very lucky. It must be awful to look after a young person with *locked in* syndrome, as one in the group  has to do ....... maybe for years and years.
There is always someone in a very much worse position than myself.
I think the group does help me in that respect.
I am not alone with it.


Eddie Bluelights said...

Yes the weeks do go by quickly.
Glad you are able to get out but it is a bit frustrating for you that it is not for long enough to go places you want to visit.
I always loved the Avon Gorge and the Suspension Bridge.

So sorry about the hip hurting through wheelchair pushing. Life is not kind.
God bless big sis and Harry ~ Eddie xx

Gosia k said...

It was a great decision to take part in the course. So you cam meet people in similar situation and you can support each other- it is very important. I am glad you are free 4 hours you can rest and spend time with friends. Hugs.

mrsnesbitt said...

Maggie - we should do some link up time

Jackie said...

Beautiful photo of Avon Gorge. I'm glad that you are able to spend some quiet time there, my friend.
Feel the hugs that I send you from here....

Rose said...

I'm so glad you are able to get out, even if it's just for such short time. It's so important to have some time to yourself to re-charge a bit. The course sounds like a wonderful help, too--yes, we do need to be reminded that no matter how bad things may seem to be, there is always someone dealing with something worse. Hope your hip starts feeling better.

Wisewebwoman said...

It is good that you can get out but really unfortunate choice has been removed as to what you would like to do.

The support group is a good reminder of how much worse off one can be. I get reminded of that in my support group too.


Rethink Street said...

Mmmm, it's great that you have this respite but 4 hours doesn't seem like very much time. Sounds like you're staying positive though, and I'm glad to hear you're going to a support group. We all need support of some kind or another.

Retired English Teacher said...

The photo you shared is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing a view of your world. Also, thanks for sharing a view of your world as a caretaker. It must be so difficult. I am grateful you have a bit of time for yourself. I also am thankful that you have a group with whom you can meet and gather support and understanding from others that share the same challenges that you now face.

God bless you.

Suburbia said...

I really hope your careers group help Maggie, I'm glad you have that.

I'm at home for the next 2 Thursdays

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

It must be good to belong to a group like that Maggie and to share experiences. I recognise the Avon Gorge of course. Lovely view. A x

Shammickite said...

Four hours a week doesn't seem like very much time to yourself, but better then nothing! You seem to be making the most of your time.
The Avon Gorge is lovely. I am tentatively planning a trip in 2015 that has an overnight stop in Bristol.

cheshire wife said...

I am sure that those four hours fly by, but you seem to be making the most of them.

Akelamalu said...

I'm so glad you get some time to do the things you enjoy Valerie, such a shame it's not longer. xx

Wendy said...

Oh my - I've been in your shoes, Maggie. Yes, a support group is a definite help. People better off, people worse off and sharing your experiences is comforting.

Good you are taking some time to yourself.
Sending hugs to you and Harry.