Monday, 13 February 2017

Which To Choose?

I decided to go for a walk today as it was the first dry, sunny and warmish day that we've had for weeks.
Sunshine makes me think of light gardening, spring flowers and tidying up after the wind has tossed every thing about outside.

There is a small garden shop about 2 miles from my house and with no other means of getting there except on foot, I decided it would make a good change to be out in the fresh air.
So off I set and was there in record time. I'd also planned to do other shopping on the way back so felt quite pleased that I'd planned and organised my afternoon almost to the last detail.

What I hadn't bargained for was the discovery that I'd left all means of payment on the bed at home when I decided to reorganise my bag earlier that day. Whatever was I thinking of? I must have got distracted as I knew I'd not picked up the things I'd dumped on the bed.
Oh well....I took a picture of the things I couldn't buy. At least I'd left my cell phone in the bag.
The journey home seemed to take longer somehow and of course, I couldn't do any other shopping either.

Sure enough everything was tossed on the bed just as I'd remembered I'd left it. Why I didn't put the things back I'll never know!
At least it seemed to be blogging material, so here it is.


Wisewebwoman said...

I need lists of basics now. A joke. Gloves, car keys, shopping bags, check for wallet being in purse.

It's pitiful.

You had a nice walk and saved money too

Not bad.


Celia said...

Lovely flowers, the hope of spring. I'm impressed with your walk. Before I leave home I have to check my purse too, especially for my phone, medicine, and $.

Wendy said...

Oh, how disappointing! I've left my purse at home too - back in the days before cell phones!
Those spring flowers look so pretty and I hope you can return soon to pick out some nice ones.

That was a loooong walk! Good for you - not sure if I could do 2 miles there and back!

ADDY said...

How annoying. I do things like that too. Hopefully there'll be another nice day soon and you can repeat the exercise, this time with money!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I walked out of the house without my phone today. My phone case contains my credit card and driver's license, too. So you aren't alone!

dianefaith said...

You walked 4 miles? Wow! I can do two, but that's about it. Leaving a wallet at home is a small thing with such walking prowess.

Sally Wessely said...

You got your exercise in and you blessed up with this beautiful photo, so your trip was not completely in vain. I have done that same thing. I recently left the insurance cards in an old wallet when I changed wallets just before I went to see the doctor. Wow did I feel foolish.

Maria Perry Mohan said...

Oh, God. I do that all the time. I swear, I set out to be organised and then....

Anyway, just let's say I relate! :)


MARY G said...

I really am terrible at leaving things behind. This week it was the disk of a CT scan that my surgeon really needed to plan for my pre-op and tests. I felt like a complete fool.
My husband lays out everything he will need for an appointment on a chest in the front hall the night before. But last time he went out he took the case of the cell phone but no the phone.
If we don't laugh, we are going to either cry or bang our heads on a wall.
We have at least three feet of snow on everything here. I envy you even the dream of flowers.

Jackie said...

What gorgeous flowers...
I'm sorry you forgot your method of payment when you went out.
Sending you love, Maggie.

Shammickite said...

I haven't actually done that yet but I'm sure I will. Although the other day I went to my art group and took everything except the paints and had to go home for them! At least you didn't do what a lady I know did.... got all ready to go out and left the baby at home!

Jenny Woolf said...

Gave a wry smile of sympathy. I do this kind of thing quite often but usually in the supermarket which is about 2 mins walk from my home, thank goodness!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Shame you left your money behind and good job it was not your key.
A rare senior moment, eh! xx

Leilani Lee said...

Well. Today I took my friend to lunch for her birthday and as we were ordering I told her I would pay. I handed the cashier what I thought was $20 for a $16+ charge and it turned out I had given her a $10. I had no other money with me so my friend had to pay for part of the lunch herself. I was very embarrassed

roth phallyka said...

I envy you even the dream of flowers.