Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

"You have to be over sixty to get on here, mate," called out a cheeky male Pensioner to a youngster trying to get on our bus.
Harry & I were upstairs looking down on the unfortunate young lad who was waiting to board the bus packed with senior Citizens, who were going on an outing using their free bus passes for the first time. We were heading for the local seaside which was an hours ride away.
I expect the youngster felt as uncomfortable getting on our bus as I would feel walking through a group of hoodies. A bit intimidating with a fear of the unknown. We must have looked as though we had all been let out of some institution for the day without a carer! Of course most of them were much older than either Harry or me! 
Being able to hop on a bus for free, opened up new horizons and we started to make these trips most weekends using the money we saved to buy a meal in a restaurant or a pub lunch with a drink. No need to worry about driving!
Trouble is that we must get to the bus stop by 3.30 in order to get a place in the long queue for home because dozens & dozens of pensioners are in a similar situation & do not want to be caught in the rush hour. The buses go from half hourly to one hourly after that time. Sometimes there is a real stampede when the bus arrives and people are ticked off for queue jumping. Our age group was brought up to queue properly and wait our turn & will not tolerate that sort of thing. There is always some one who breaks the rule though & needs to be "put in their place"!

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