Saturday, 19 January 2008

Chucking it down

Unfortunately, I was confined to bed last Friday with a really bad stomach bug. The rain was chucking it down all day and slashing into the windows. (It wasn't even Friday the 13th, but felt like it.)
Sod's law would have it that it was the day that Harry had booked up to see "Mama Mia", a musical that everyone was raving about & I was really looking forward to seeing it as we don't often go out these days.
I realized there was no way that I'd make it & there was nothing left to do but to try and give my ticket to someone else.
Kaiko, our Japanese daughter in law, jumped at the opportunity, so I just resigned myself to listening to the radio, in bed, while they went.

Now, I am an avid people watcher & also love to listen into other people's conversations in the bus. I often say to Harry,"Shush a minute," when he starts to go on about the weather or some other trifling thing, in a big loud voice because he is rather deaf. I am listening in to two old ladies  one of whom is slagging off a horrible daughter in law & explaining in detail the terrible things she has done. There's me trying to get to the most exciting bits  & Harry keeps going on, "Why what's the matter?" He seems to take no notice of my facial expressions at all!

Anyway, I was lying in bed, chucking up in a bucket (sorry if anyone reading this has a delicate constitution) and I suddenly was amused by the thought that there were possibly other people watchers out there.
What would other people think about the strange looking pair in the coach or at the theatre? 
Kaiko is a slim, pretty and young person & Harry is, well...... older & white haired & rather rough looking. Would they think he had chosen someone to order from the Internet? Would they think that Kaiko was so desperate that she had  to choose an old man? Was she sacrificing herself so that she could come to England? For obvious reasons, she could not be his daughter!

Oh well, get back to my bucket, but at least I have the idea for another blog!


Expatmum said...

What's going on over in England? Everyone I know seems to have some sort of gastric bug at the moment? Hope you feel better soon.

Maggie May said...

Yes. Fine now.
Good to hear from you!

travelling, but not in love said...

I have a (posh, rich) friend who had a Filipina maid (can you imagine?) that they brought back with them when they moved home from Hong Kong.

Every Sunday she used to go to church with the grandfather of the family, causing much gossip amongst the good folk of the village church...

He felt really awful because, even though everyone thought she was a mail-order bride, he felt the fact she was his son's maid was an even worse thing to admit to...!

She's back in the Philippines now. Goodness only knows who does the ironing...

Maggie May said...

Yes, an even trickier situation altogether! Had to laugh at it though!