Friday, 1 February 2008

Its All Sam's Fault.......

I used to be a moderately competent housewife with two part time jobs. My house looked reasonably presentable, if not gleaming. I used to read lots of books & follow the soaps on TV. I used to do gardening & enjoy watching the birds & be at everyone's beck & call. I used to do a lot of things. Until recently, that is..........
My son, Sam put paid to all that when he asked me if I'd like him to set up a blog for me. A what?
He had to explain first of all what a blog was as I'd never heard of one & was wondering what I'd let myself in for.
I couldn't imagine anyone would be interested in my writings & thought it would be even more unlikely that I would want to read other peoples'. How wrong I was!
After Sam found me a few suitable sites, I found I was completely hooked!
Other people's blogs seem more interesting, well written & witty, but very inspiring. You bloggers are an interesting lot! I find an entirely new aspect of life has opened up. There's the thrill of receiving first comments & wondering what other people will write about next and the frustration of making a draft only to discover that someone else has written about that very thing & pipped me to the post!
In the meantime, I have an untidy, filthy house & a garden that needs attention & even the birds seem to have given up on me, in disgust!
How do other bloggers manage? Are you all super efficient types who get up at dawn to tidy the house before settling down to a few hours blogging? Do you all have to employ cleaners so that you can blog? What is your secret?
Apart from Sam, no one knows of my secret blogging. Everyone must be wondering why things are in such a mess.
Harry asks me, "What ever are you doing? What is the matter with you? Where is my dinner?"
Well something's got to give, but it ain't going to be my blogging!


the mother of this lot said...

Oh stuff it. Apparently, a tidy house is a sign of a wasted life.

By the way, is the rat a pet, or has it moved in as a result of the downward spiral in your housekeeping abilities?!!

softinthehead said...

I know exactly what you mean, I do get up early and the first job is to log on and switch on the kettle. Just so I can check up on everyone. I'd much rather be blogging than cleaning.

Maggie May said...

Mother of this lot, No, rat is certainly is not a pet nor is it because of my messy house! It is not exactly in the house nor exactly outside. I will definitely write about it. Have to get in the right mood to do it. Keep putting it off!

softinthehead Maybe I should get up earlier. I wonder how early is early?

Retiredandcrazy said...

Who was it that said "life to to short to stuff a mushroom"? Amen to that. Have you read the reluctantmemsahib blog yet. Now that is compulsive reading.

family affairs said...

Welcome to blogging - I hope you enjoy it - just spotted your blog via GoneBackSouth so thought I'd drop in....I love the cyberworld. Very impressed with the look of your blog - I've been doing it for nearly a year now and only yesterday managed to upload my first image! Pathetic.

david mcmahon said...

Thanks, Sam!!