Saturday, 9 January 2010

Head Wear, Friends and Ice

Photos copyright: Maggie May.

I am wearing scarves mostly because my hair is still shedding very slowly though the scalp has now settled down and is not hurting. However, it is still very itchy and I definitely haven't got nits. Everything is about to change very soon as my son seems to think that he is going to shave my head, for some reason. Maybe it will be payback time for the days when I had to say no to him as a child! What better way than to shave off a mother's hair for revenge! I am waiting for news that he has landed at Heathrow.
I had quite a selection of scarves in my wardrobe, so these ones will *see me through* chemo I should think.
I did buy the little hat from a company that supplies chemotherapy patients with head gear. It comes with different bands to clip round the edge to make it look like I had a few different hats.

Of course wearing a winter hat, no one knows what is under there, hair or no hair.

The weather is still too icy for me to go out but yesterday I had three visitors during the afternoon.
The first was from my lovely young neighbour across the road (who has 2 young children) and who I have never really got to know very well because she has only been in the house a relatively short time and I have always been scurrying here, there and everywhere on my way to work and ferrying the grandchildren to some place or other. However we have always passed a few words of greeting on our brief encounters and it was really lovely to get to know her better and she brought me a delicious banana cake, still warm from the oven.

The second visitor was a good neighbour and friend from along the road. When we both had cats (two each) we used to look after them for each other at holiday times thus saving ourselves much money in cattery fees. As our cats sadly died of old age, one by one, we were still available to house watch for each other. So I was fascinated when C brought a long a stick with a spike on the end, that she had bought for rambling. It was an expanding stick with different heights for different sized walkers and C said that if she felt she was slipping, the stick would hold her up.
C also was willing to shop for me if I needed anything and I know that I can always ring her if I have a crisis of any kind.

The third friend (N) is the mother of my youngest granddaughter's best friend. She has been a great support to me, calling round and listening to me moan and sharing my fears about my disease and treatment. The school had opened again yesterday, so N popped in to ask if I needed anything on her way to school to collect the children.
All these three friends are much younger than me. In fact they are young enough to be my daughters and I am for ever grateful that they are not put off by me being so much older than them.
When I was younger I used to do the same and adopted several older people who I had regular contact with and was extremely upset when they inevitably died because they seemed to have much to offer me by their friendship and I can honestly say that I still miss them.
It was great to have a good natter to these lovely *youngsters.* I know two of you read my blog, so thank you very much for your kindness and for thinking of me.

Next winter I am going to be better prepared. A friend in Canada Mary G told me about some ice grippers to fit on the end of my shoes. They have spikes or studs. She recommended a firm in the UK where I could get them.
Next year I will be prepared and will not be housebound again. I will get a stick with a point and with my ice-grippers secured to my feet, I will be darting her, there and everywhere. I will not end up being a prisoner like this again.
I will be completely fighting back.
If we get a heat wave next winter, then you know the reason why! Its because I am prepared for snow.

My sister in law told me that I could cut the sleeves off an old pullover and put them over my shoes. She said that this would grip the ice and told me to practice going up and down the road and see if I can balance. I will be doing this, I can assure you. Maybe this will get me to church tomorrow. If I get there, I will wear my wig and shock everyone.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Much appreciated.

Well I tried out my sister in law's idea about putting something over my boots...... so I cut up a M&S Tee shirt and folded a large piece under each boot, tied in knots at the top. Do you know? I walked round the block no problem. I felt like whooping for joy. When I got home I was whooping for joy. I guess I will be going to Church tomorrow after all....... in my wig!


Debbie Drews said...

Sounds a fantastic idea - to put old woolly sleeve over your boots. Glad it works & gives you the confidence to get out & about. I will have to try it! Good luck with getting to church tomorrow. I know you can do it!
Glad you have had lots of company & know how much it means to you.
Lots of love from your daughter, Debs xxx

Working Mum said...

What lovely neighbours you have. And what a good idea about those sleeves - I bet you'll feel a lot better after getting out to church. On the subject of hats, I'm currently reading your blog whilst sitting in the lounge wearing a fetching woolly one. Anything to keep warm!

Bernie said...

Oh Maggie I would never though of doing that, what a great idea and just being able to go outside must be so refreshing to you. Yayyyyy!
I too have a few younger girls stop in and visit and I love it. I think it is wonderful that they think to do this and I so enjoy them and their children.
I know you will look lovely at church tomorrow and you will feel so much better for going.
Will be thinking of you on Monday Maggie, Good Luck and as always you and Harry are always in my heart and prayers.....:-) Hugs

Monalisa said...

So nice of your neighbours to call in to see you.

I think it is so easy to imagine that you have plenty of family and friends to call in and so not to bother knocking.

You can never have too many visitors, especially when the weather's so bad.

Brian Miller said...

so glad that you have people popping in, i know it means the world to my mom as she is mending from her broken leg. an empty house is way too quiet.

Celia said...

Good for you, getting outside, what courage you have, and lovely friends.

lailani said...

Whoo Hooo! I am celebrating for you! Some freedom! Friends of a fellow church member, when diagnosed with breast cancer (a several years ago now, held a hat party for her. Everyone brought a hat for. I did not make it, but I heard it was such a fun time during such a challenged time in her life.

P.S. As a child of a mom that went down this path, maybe letting him do the shaving might be a special sweet moment through this section of life's journey. Maybe ;)

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

a pair of thick sox over boots is better than nought..though walking boots are great...havent slipped once whilst wearing them...

mountaineer grippers are good...

Lakeland Jo said...

warm banana cake. Drool. Sounds lovely

St Jude said...

My grandma used to knit string overshoes for us to put over our wellies when we were little, they always worked and at the end of the winter you simply put them in the bin. Everyone had them around where we lived and nobody thought there was anything strange in it. Funny how things come back to you. By the way I love the scarves and that little hat is a great idea.

Bina said...

I LOVE those scarves, and I bet you would be beautiful in them. I think I would prefer that over a hat, but that's just me.

GREAT idea about the sleeves. Our work gave us this plastic slip-over things for our shoes that have little spikes on the bottom for gripping the ice. They work pretty darn well!

Ayak said...

At least being confined to the house gave you an opportunity to spend time with what seem like lovely friends.
I hope you manage to get to church will be interesting to see what reaction you get to your wig.
I love the scarves...beautiful colours.

Lindsay said...

I put socks on my feet to overcome the ice and have just ordered some "Yaktrax" from Amazon! This afternoon Husband decided to catch a train to Gloucester to attend a concert (the fool). I received a telephone call from him saying he had fallen over on the ice (he is OK) - he abandoned the concert and came straight home. Gloucester pavements, apparently, are just sheet ice. What is this country coming to - sometimes I despair, I realy do.

Frau said...

Good for you...I bet you look awesome in your new wig! Be careful walking in the snow and ice! Have a wonderful weekend.

Carol said...

Maggie...It sounds like you're doing well. LOVE the collection of hats and scarves...and your SIL's idea is pure genius~Enjoy church AND your new wig!


Reasons said...

Hee hee! Looking forward to that heat wave next winter Maggie May! You sound in good spirits - nice friends go a long way don't they? Sending you warm hugs xxx

She Writes said...

Who knew? I must try the idea for shirt over shoes out!

Oh, everyone will be so glad to see you at church. Wig, scraf, who cares? It is you, brave you that they love, beneath it.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, dearest Maggie...I'm soooo delighted for you!!! That's fabulous that it worked!!! I'm going to have to remember that!!! Your scarves are simply extraordinary!!! So beautiful!!! I'm sure you look lovely!!! And I'm over the moon...sounds like some friends to help have been supplied...just like I hoped for!!!! Sending you much, much are especially in my prayers this weekend and in the days running up to and beyond Tuesday!!! Janine XOXO

imbeingheldhostage said...

I'm SO glad you had visitors! It's awful over here-- nothing has been done to our roads since the first snow. It's quite a mess now.
Stay warm, loved and rested Maggie!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Maggie, I have just come back to the blogging world and caught up on your posts. You write with such honesty about your treatment and your feelings, hopes and fears. You are one brave lady and a delight to know. I had a very good friend experience all that you are now, She showed the same courage and she too resorted to wearing bright head scarves instead of her wig. It gave her so much colour and style. I hope you get to church tomorrow but God won't mind if you don't. All the best dear lady, you are inspirational. X

Teacher's Pet said...

Your bravery...and the way you write inspires me and so many others, Maggie. I hope that you know that.
I want to hug each and every kind neighbor that you have. They are gifts from God... God bless every one of them.
I love the headgear and scarves...very pretty (I love bright colors)...
And...I smile at the fact that you and others will need spikes on your shoes to walk. (I thought only golfers needed those!) I learn so much by visiting people from all over the world...and have made dear friends. You are one of them. I pray for you each day.
I love you, Maggie.

Eddie Bluelights said...

True friends show true colours in these conditions and I am glad you have them - woderful.
Yes a great idea of Mrs Bluelights about the woolly sleeves. She is a clever lass. You sounded great and very bullish today on the phone which is fantastic. Hope you get to the church on time and more importantly safely ~ Eddie x

lakeviewer said...

A woolly sleeve over a boot, fabulous. I heard rubber bands work too.
Enjoy the church outing.

SandyCarlson said...

I hope you enjoy your time with your son. Just thinking of a shaved head. You are loved. Around the world. God bless.

RNSANE said...

Maggie May, what wonderful, dear neighbors you have! That is such a blessings and it makes me realize how important it is to know your neighbors. I wrote a poem which I posted on my blog recently called
"Neighbors" lamenting the fact that mine are strangers to me!

I can just see you tomorrow, bound for church in your make shift shoe covers and your fancy scarf but I know it will do you such a world of good to get out and worship and visit with friends.

How nice that your son is coming home...but, if you want to keep every last hair while it is a part of you, let him know who is boss!

The Green Stone Woman said...

Good for you. Maggie. You're always game to try something out and are never bashful about things. You could have just put on a pair of big woolen socks over you shoes, that would have worked too. You may want to try that next. It's how the Dutch beat the Spanish in a sea battle once. They buttered the deck of their ships and walked on it in their socks, while the Spaniards wore boots and slipped.


Mickle in NZ said...

What a great idea, I'm delighted you'll be able to get out and about.
As for your dear Sam - I'd shave his head!

care and huggles,

Michelle xxx

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

How lovely of your friends to drop in Maggie - it obviously meant a lot to you. Your hats and scarves look lovely, so colourful and cheerful - I'll bet you look lovely in them too.

Great tip about the sleeve over the boots - I shall give it a try and tell my mother too as she insists on going out (not on her own) and is now 88 and partially disabled!

Anonymous said...

I can so see you wandering around the neighbourhood in your fabulous boots wooping!! Good for you and glad that you have some wonderful 'youngsters' around ;0)

Anonymous said...

You are so full of joy,Maggie, you spread it about like so much confetti. Yes, big thick socks over the boots sounds a splendid idea...and your head swathed in colourful scarves-then, let your son shave your head-when it is gone it's gone and once you get used to your new look [think Halle Berry] you will not have the Tattered remnants to remind you. Turbans are exotic, brightly coloured cotton wrapped African fashion would look spectacular. XX

Rose said...

I'm so glad you got to go out, Maggie--what a great idea from your sister-in-law! I know this short jaunt had to lift your spirits. And what kind neighbors you have! You and they are a great reminder to all of us that small acts of kindness are so important.

Looks like you have a lovely collection of scarves to see you through this!

gaelikaa said...

Maggie - you are an inspiration! Good for you to have such a cheerful and positive attitude. You're doing great. I'm praying for you every day!

Akelamalu said...

What good friends and neighbours you have Maggie. That's great news that you have found a way to get out and about, what a good tip!

You take care. I'm continuing to send Reiki. x

aims said...

What a lovely upbeat post Maggie.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and Tuesday as I know you will be thinking of me.

Much love from Alberta.

cheshire wife said...

I don't think that it matters what you wear on your head. The important thing is to keep warm.

Good to know that you have younger neighbours who will help you out. I though that I was unusual in that I have acquired a collection of older friends, but from what you write it seems that is the norm.

Hilary said...

I'm so glad you have this wonderful support system of friends and relatives. The t-shirt covered boots sounds like a great idea. Just think of how stylish you'd be if you matched your fabric colours to your scarves. ;)

Keep warm, Maggie.. and strong.

Suburbia said...

SO glad it worked! I notice there is no picture of your feet with them on though!!! I have heard a large pair of woolly socks does the job too!

Isn't it good to be surrounded by caring friends, worth any medicine they can throw at you, I'm sure it can heal just as well.

Hope Sam is back safe.

San said...

Colorful headgear and great friends will see you through this experience, Maggie. And that's a great tip for navigating the icy sidewalks.