Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Teacher's Gift

Photo copyrigh: Maggie May

These are the lovely flowers that were brought round to me when tightly in bud, in a stone pot by a very kind teacher who took the time to come and visit me a few weeks back. I guess they are at their best right now.
I have other hyacinth and tulip bulbs that are going to open up soon.

I had chemo 5 yesterday. It went without incident. I met some interesting, chatty people who helped to while away the time. If any one wants pictures of what it is like to undergo chemotherapy then they can go to my last session here.

So how am I feeling this time?
Well you can see that I don't have chemo brain, as I am managing to put in links etc.
I am itching like fury. I am on strong antihistamines that don't seem to be doing anything other than make me feel very sleepy. I look bright red. It would scare people if I went out like this.

This is the first morning that I couldn't face getting dressed. I need to be able to get at the places and scratch. It is all over my body and is due to the chemotherapy. Its nearly unbearable trying not to itch and I am damaging my skin.
I get into the shower and feel like laughing with delight of it and crying at the pain of it.
I was told it is no use putting anything on the skin as it wouldn't make any difference and might aggregate the condition.
By Sunday it will be going....... but it is a long time till Sunday.

Some of the people on the ward having chemotherapy yesterday were quite ill. There was a lady who looked so thin and old and she was extremely ill with a chest infection. She went in with a man in his late thirties and a very young boy.
I thought that the father of the little boy was the son of the much older lady.
Doctors buzzed around this lady and eventually I heard them say that there was a bed for her in the ward above and that she had to be admitted.
Then the *son* kissed her goodbye and the little boy aged about three years old said, "Goodbye Mummy."
That is what this blasted disease does to people and I had to choke down the tears.


Anonymous said...

Hope the itching stops soon , there is nothing worse
Would calamile lotion help at all thats pretty safe
Its a bloody awful disease Maggie , interesting there was a programme on this week where cancer patients,carers and family had got together to form a choir and were using music as a sort of therapy
It was amazing to see how it helped They gave a performance to the tenovus dinner in Cardiff and one woman was having chemo in the morning and sang at that event ,cos she was determined not to miss it .She was an amazing lady
Everyone said it had nade them more positive determined and had helped in their fight

Teacher's Pet said...

As I also teared up as I read about the lady who had to be admitted to the ward, Maggie. I do hope that all will be well with her.
I am so sorry about your itching...and it must feel unbearable...How can I know? I haven't felt what you are feeling....and I can only wrap my arms around you from here and let you know that I hug you and am praying every single day for you.
The flowers are lovely...and I am sure that the heart of the one who brought them to you is just as lovely if not more.
Take care of you, my friend.

Ayak said...

The flowers are looking beautiful Maggie..I remember the gift and thought at the time how lovely they would look quite soon.

I'm sorry your skin is itching so's almost worse than pain isn't it? And yes Sunday does seem a long way off.

Ah...the little boy..and it was his mum..I'm afraid this made me shed a tear as well.

Keep going Maggie..we're all behind you.
Lots of Love
Linda xxx

Suldog said...

Maggie, I've had a horrible itching bout for days, myself, so I know how frustrating it can be. Hope it all is non-itchy very soon!

Hilary said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so uncomfortable, Maggie. I hope the itching settles down soon. The tale about the mother and child is a spirit-breaker. Thankfully you have a wonderful friend whose flowers are spirit-menders. Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh... how sad for that poor woman. Darn disease!

Hope you manage to last until the itching stops.

aims said...

Maggie - what about an oatmeal bath soak? I've been reading up on it and it isn't supposed to be hot water as that only irritates the condition. But a lovely soak in it and then patting your skin dry.....

I had to do this every day when I was covered in rashes from allergies. It was so soothing!

So glad you 5th treatment is not causing chemo brain.

When I read about the young mother I felt that rage inside that comes to me when I think of this horrible disease.

Positives x 5 my friend. You are doing so well!


cheshire wife said...

The teacher's gift is lovely!

I am sorry to read about the itching. I don't know what to suggest although maybe ice would numb the pain.

Very sad about the young mother. Life can be so hard.

Joey said...

I can't help but say, blast the disease too, but I pray that it works.

I pray for healing, and for physical comfort for you, Maggie.

God bless you in this fight,

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

The flowers look beautiful Maggie. I love to get them in tight bud and watch as they come into full bloom. Glad you coped with chemo 5 OK and hope the itching soon stops. Very sad to read of the poor young woman undergoing treatment, let us hope it is a positive outcome for her. A x

Mojo said...

Seems like oftentimes the cure is worse than the disease. I'm so very sorry to hear you're suffering so. And the story of the woman on the ward is gut wrenching.

Sending good thoughts your way. It's all I have.

Mimi said...

Maggie, your flowers are fabulous, they'd brighten anyone's heart. They were a lovely "gift that lasts".
I feel for you re the itching- it must be hard to sleep with that too.
I had sent you another cream for chemo 2, and the address label must have fallen off, cos it arrived back to me, so I've re-posted it just this afternoon! Don't know if ot would be any help with the itching, but on your hands and smelling it might just help a little.
Take care, you're doing great!

kkrige said...

Isn't it amazing in an absolutely aweful way what this disease can do? I hope that your itching subsides soon with not too many residual scars. Have you tried any esssential oils? I cannot remember which ones at the moment, but it seems that my husband was suggested (um, maybe neroli? lavender? no) some to help when he had skin irritations. His scalp was a flakey mess that was helped by nothing. I feel for you. Beautiful flowers Maggie

Bernie said...

Oh Maggie, I am sorry about the must be very uncomfortable.
I feel so sad for the lady who had to be admitted....cancer is a horrible disease and my heart aches as much for the families as for the patient.
I really love the flowers Maggie, what a wonderful friend you have. It is snowing here today so I really enjoyed seeing a bit of Spring as I visited you....:-) Hugs

the mother of this lot said...

Sorry you're not so good today Maggie. When the kids had chickenpox I met a Chinese lady who said she always used Witch Hazel on anything itchy. Worth a try?

Hope Sunday comes sooner than you think!


Mary G said...

Oh, misery! Does cold help? When my nephew was on chemo he could not touch anything cold or even cool. Weird the reactions there are. Hoping it clears soon and lets you enjoy your beautiful flowers.
(Wistful words from a sea of mud, muck and old tired snow)
Sending very non itchy virtual hugs.

VKT said...

I will be praying for you tonight sweet Maggie. I hope the itching stops soon. Your flowers are beautiful!


Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, Maggie...I am so glad you are not feeling terribly nauseous...but so disappointed that the antihistimines are not doing the trick!!! I do hope it will improve soon! I have been praying!!! The flowers are glorious! So cheery...but I am so sorry to here about your chemo mate...yes, it does age a person...and I am heartbroken for her that she must be admitted to the ward...I do so wish we could run this nasty disease right off the planet!!! Please do take it easy...and know that we are all thinking of you, love you and pray for you!!! Love you so much, Janine XO

imbeingheldhostage said...

That's awful about the little family. I would have been a blubbering mess. I hate cancer.

I'm glad your flowers are looking so gorgeous and your mind is clear!

She Writes said...

Me too about the tears. Ugh. Oh Maggie...Not only are you going through this, but you are watching others. An angle I had not considered...


Working Mum said...

The flowers are lovely, a gift that keeps on giving!

The itching must be awful for you, I hope it subsides soon. You are doing brilliantly coping with all this chemo. You are an inspiration, Maggie.

Working Mum said...

The flowers are lovely, a gift that keeps on giving!

The itching must be awful for you, I hope it subsides soon. You are doing brilliantly coping with all this chemo. You are an inspiration, Maggie.

Reasons said...

That's heartbreaking.

Beautiful flowers Maggie. Take care and hopefully distracted from the itching.

Rose said...

How sad for the young mother and her family. This is just another horrible aspect to this disease--it knows no age boundaries, including children.

I hope the itching stops soon for you; I can only imagine how irritating and frustrating this must be. Would soaking in an oatmeal bath help in some way?

Your flowers are lovely, another reminder of how many people care about you, Maggie, and are here to support you.

The Green Stone Woman said...

So sad, Maggie. Bless you!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Me again Maggie - just to let you now there is an award waiting for you at my blog - if you would like it. A x

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

beautiful flowers! WHat a lot you are going through!! I cannot imagine what you see and what you feel...prayers are going up on your behalf!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Sending you huge hugs (and awards for you over at mine - if you are in the mood for those). Hxx xx

Absolutely Write said...

Hiya Maggie, just popped over to catch up. I hope you feel better soon after no.5. Lovely to see the flower pictures on your blog - isn't it nice that spring is finally coming.

Lakeland Jo said...

Hi Maggie
I am hoping ( there's a story) to start chemo again soon. You are an inspiration to those of us who are on the journey. Bless you. Keep positive X

Akelamalu said...

I'm glad your treatment went well Maggie but I feel for you with the itching. That poor woman - I know from personal experience what cancer can do to people, I saw my mother's deterioration. My fingers are crossed for you m'dear.

Thanks for your good wishes during my absence, I appreciate them. x

Life with Kaishon said...

I think you are always so beautiful. Even when you are bright red! XO