Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Cutter's Revenge

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

Those readers who have been following the saga of the wind chimes that were cut down maliciously, by an irate neighbour might wonder what the latest episode is.
In the above photo you may remember that two of the chimes on the tree, were chopped down by a pair of long handled cutters being poked through the shrub, early one morning. Unfortunately for the cutter, we witnessed the act. I just repaired the larger chime, hung it nearer to the house and rehung the smallest in the tree.

This action, brought a torrent of abuse and threats in the street to my family and frightened our youngest granddaughter. It came quite unexpectedly and continued throughout the coming fortnight on several occasions. It involved bullying and screaming and ranting.
Because our family have been bullied by this person before, when we were forced to alter something on our property that this person didn't like and because we were bullied and verbally abused on that occasion too, I decided to stand firm this time, realising that once you give in to a bully, then you are opening yourself up to further abuse on another occasion. This is in fact what happened.

The first thing I did was to find out if the chimes were annoying other people and the answer so far has been no.
I then decided to tie up the large chime at night time and on windy days. However, the abuse continued. The person wanted it down. Nothing less would do.

We have received a letter from the council about the complaint, but when I rang back to explain to the very kind man, the exact situation, he told me to leave things for now as they are and murmured *one rule for them and another for me.*
You see, this person plays a musical instrument sometimes very late at night and and also some other very loud things that go on from time to time that I cannot for obvious reasons write exactly what they are, for the sake of anonymity.
I don't know what the decibels of the screaming at us in the street are, but I should imagine its louder and more annoying than a wind chime.
So at the moment, I am hoping the situation will calm down. I have been through a lot over the last six months and have come out a stronger person. Lets hope this doesn't become the one straw that breaks the camel's back.
I have found myself looking in Estate Agent shop windows much more than usual though.


Twain12 said...

what a pain...i have a few wind chimes too, but not near the house. I like them though :), Your neighbor sound unreasonable to me ...good luck with it and i hope the harassment stops

jinksy said...

I'd rather have your wind chimes than the yapping, barking dogs I have to put up with for hour after hour! My present wind chimes are ones in pitch, 'cos previous ones were 'out of tune' and used to drive me potty!

lakeviewer said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about these pesky neighbors upsetting your life. You've had enough.

Jeni said...

Issues with neighbors can be and are a royal pain in the dupa! The couple who bought the house adjacent to mine (about 22 years ago) decided that the alley that runs between their property and mine (and continues behind their land as well as behind 2 other house and between yet another house) was their property and would get very upset and nasty to me and my kids if we used that alley. However, they never said anything about the other neighbors using it. Go figure. Eventually it led to them even causing problems for my son although some of those problems were of his own doing too. It took a long, long time before the woman next door finally changed and now is actually a pretty decent neighbor though. (They divorced, he moved away and after about 6-8 years, she finally started treating me and my family decently.) Have hope that perhaps this guy will back down but in the meantime, stand your ground!!! (Which is what you've been doing)
You are so right that the things you have dealt with in this past year have made you not just a stronger person but I think too in many ways, probably even a better one as well.

Mimi said...

Oh Maggie, I'm sorry to hear that the abuse has continued. But you are right to stand your ground.
Some people are plain awkward and nasty. Try not to let it get to you, and maybe it is time for a move.
Wish I could come over and yell at them for you!

Lakeland Jo said...

It's funny isn't it? Tough times can make us weaker and tired in some ways, but so much tougher and stronger in others. Good for you for standing up to unpleasantness and bullying. I wish you weren't in the position though and hope it all calms down very soon.

Brian Miller said...

this just leaves me shaking my head...i do hope that clear heads prevail...

RNSANE said...

How outrageous that you must endure this irritation after all you've been through. Some people are just so mean spirited, you wonder what drives them, Maggie. I
am glad to see you have the energy
to stand up to this guy and I agree
that you must as long as you feel
you want to do so. Why in the heck
should he drive you from your home, for heaven's sake!! It sounds
like you have made reasonable accomodation to limit the "chimes" after hours so it can't be disturbing his sleep - though his
inconsiderate playing of his music late into the night might surely interfere with yours.

Too bad you couldn't have grabbed, and kept, his clippers, when he,
so rudely cut your chimes. That
had to have been a criminal act, I
would think!

Ayak said...

Aargh...what bloody awful neighbours Maggie. It's good to hear you are standing firm over this...don't give in!

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

wow!! Hard to believe that someone would take things SO far! SO sorry you have to deal with this!!!

Rose said...

How awful, Maggie! This neighbor doesn't sound like much of a neighbor at all. A person who takes out his frustration on your whole family, including your granddaughter, is indeed a bully. Good for you for standing your ground! I hope this is resolved peacefully soon.

Fortunately, we live just outside of our town and don't have any neighbors too near us, but before we moved we had some teenagers next door who played loud music late at night, and then there was the couple on the other side who used to have yelling matches with each other. I'll take the sound of wind chimes any time!

Anonymous said...

Maggie I so sympathise We too have an idiot neighbour who complains to the police about everything
They are sick of her and last time actually warned her about wasting police time and said we should complain about her for harassment I find ignoring her much more effective as she doest get the attention she craves

Eddie Bluelights said...

She has big problems! . . . . but unfortunately it does not help you because she is incapable of rational discussion and bargaining and reasoning like most normal people do.

We discussed this at length when we met recently, big sis, and I really think you are right to stand up to her - perhaps after a while she will fade, realising she will not get her own way. Love ~ Eddie

Joey said...

Sounds like you made a new friend in the Council. Thank goodness!

There are some people who will be habitually rude and obnoxious, which is sad to say. I have one next door to me. I avoid him at all costs. His wife is lovely.

Oh.... I thought of revenge, but then... I would have to live with myself.

You are beautiful. He should be able to see that. The clown!!

Bernie said...

Oh Maggie you don't need the hassel sweetie.....I don't think wind chimes were made for anything other than enjoyment. Your neighbour wouldn't like where I live as we all have wind chimes in my neighbourhood. There are nights I open more windows just to hear their sweet sound. Breathe deeply dear friend, with what you have been through this is a piece of cake........:-) Hugs

Suburbia said...

You have been through a lot and this is the last thing you need, wish I could help...

Sorry it is happening to you


secret agent woman said...

I believe I'd be letting the police know about the threats and harassment. Your neighbor sounds dangerous.

Marguerite said...

I'm so sorry that you have a neighbor like that. Some people can be so hateful and mean, but filing a complaint with the police, against you is just too much! Obviously, these people are not living in reality. Hope things calm down for you and your family. Hugs. Marguerite

Nora said...

You already know how I feel about this, Maggie. I hope you will keep sticking up for yourself, but get all the help you can, please. And remember, in the end they are only wind chimes and not worth your mental health.

Monalisa said...

It seems like if it wasn't the chimes it would be something else.

It is horrible for you to have all this to worry about.

Rosey said...

It probably helps to tell the story so you can get this off your chest. I can't believe the nerve of some people.
Getting along with neighbors has never been my forte. We moved away from the burbs for more space but still have had one or two run ins with "crazy yelling rock lady".


Hilary said...

Ack, Maggie. Don't let her run you out. Stand your ground and document everything. I

Akelamalu said...

They cut down your wind chimes?????? How very dare they!

How can wind chimes annoy anyone, they don't make enough noise?

Make a counter complaint about the neighbour playing music late at night that should shut them up!

Crikey what a pain some neighbours are. Don't let them win Maggie or you'll never hear the last of it. Good luck m'dear. x

slommler said...

Oh Maggie...I was so hoping that this would calm down by now. Alas! I see it is ongoing! This totally sucks and I wish there was something I could do! This bully needs to move out and leave the neighborhood in peace. You definitely don't need this.
Good luck sweetie!!! Wish I could move in to the other side of this bully and I could put in wind chimes as well. Nothing like the stereo effect!! LOL!

Expat mum said...

AS you said - one rule for them. I really hate those types. Good on yer.

TechnoBabe said...

Is there some way the nutty neighbor could get into your yard? I think this is so awful that any part of your day has to be taken up with thoughts and worries about someone threatening you.

Suldog said...

Goodness. I hadn't read the other bit about them being cut down.

As you know from a previous comment, I'm not too fond of wind chimes, for the very reason this person seems not fond of them. However, I'd speak reasonably to the owner of them, with a smile, and perhaps reach an equitable solution (which would probably be exactly what you did on your own, tying them up at night.) To have someone basically go onto your property and cut them down would seem to me an act of criminal trespass, and that person should be arrested.

Wendy said...

Oh Maggie, how sad that this has to go on. Particularly at this point in your life. Why are some people so unhappy? Or so mean and spiteful? I wonder if you could get some local teenagers to rig up a bucket of mud or oil or something equally gross and have it pour over their heads as they leave their house first thing in the morning. LOL!

Just joking, of course, but really! As if life is not tough enough.

I hope you get through this soon, so you can go on to enjoy the summer. I must agree with the others - stand your ground!

Mickle in NZ said...

Oh Maggie, I hope her behaviour soon improves as she seems to me to be a prime type to receive an ASBO. You have every right to complain about her abusive and offensive language and other awful language.

But I know it is also such a dificult situation. You have my love, care and concern plus huge great huggles, Michelle (And little gentle snores from Zeb)

walk2write said...

I've been reading with interest your last several posts about your windchime war with your neighbor. It seems like such a ridiculous thing for your neighbor to get incensed about. I wonder if it's just an attention-getting ruse? We had a belligerent neighbor once who always had to be the center of attention--built the biggest house, had not one but three boats, paid for a pyrotechnic expert to put on a lavish fireworks show every July 4... It made me think that he was trying to compensate for something that was lacking--like the love and respect of his own family? Anyway, I hope your neighbor comes to his/her senses and offers an apology.

Celia said...

I too believe it might be time to register a concern with the police. This person sounds like an irrational bully. Hugs to you and your young grandchild. I can see why you'd want move but I hope another solution can be found. You've had enough to deal with of late.

Retiredandcrazy said...

We have a very "difficult" neighbour too. Our houses are far apart but they used to constantly complain to the council about the building work we had permission to do. The guy at the council said they had three major problems in our area. Objections to the proposed site for gypsies, how to close down the house occupied by illegal immigrants and our neighbour! Ignore him (as much as you are able to) there's one in every crowd Maggie.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I do feel sorry that you have to live close to such disagreeable people Maggie. Stand your ground though, you are not in the wrong and are a better person than that particular neighbour. A x

gaelikaa said...

Sounds like that person has a mental problem, Maggie. Don't let your family be bullied. If they play their musical instrument late in the night, what's their problem? Wind chimes sound beautiful!

Erin O'Neil said...

Hi Maggie May! Have you seen this? This morning there was a story on GM TV about the role of grandparents in modern families, the reverence in which they are held by the younger generation and how they support parents.
Here’s a link to the online version from GM TV (
Thought you might find it interesting to blog about about the role you play in your grandchildren's lives versus the role your grandparents played in your life.

aims said...

Ah Maggie.

I knew we were very much alike!

I have - let me count as I listen - I believe the count is '9' wind chimes in my yard.

I have feared hearing from the neighbours about them - and even went so far as to ask if anyone was bothered by them. The reply - the sound is beautiful and soothing. Don't take them down!

Neither should you.

I love the sound of them and I often think back to my youth when glass wind chimes were the thing. Their tinkling on summer porches always made me stop my bike to listen to them. Now I search for glass chimes on a regular basis. They must be the same as those from long ago - not the cheap imitations of today.

The ones in my yard? Either metal or wood. The combined sound as they all sing their songs is beautiful. I love to work in the quiet so that I can listen to the chimes and the birds. Thankfully I have neighbours who totally agree.

My friend who went through a mammogram also says she is much stronger for it. Fist raised - don't mess with me!! (especially if your name is Maggie)

Sending love.

ps - just not up to blogging or spending too much time on my computer these days. Mostly at my brother's during the summer and no time for either. But thinking of you anyway!

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