Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A Little Black Rabbit

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

My little black rabbit, Ash, spends much of his time in his run, which we have in a corner in our house as he is an indoor rabbit and never goes outside.
He changes from his hutch, where he spends the night and gets ready to go into his adventure playground in the morning. He knows the routine.

He has several favourite things. One of them is his toy carrot that you can see in the top photo. This was given to him by our lovely friends who looked after him while we were away.
It is made of hessian or raffia and rabbits love to chew these things and he tosses it about and listens to the rattle inside.
Have you ever heard of a rabbit who doesn't like real carrots? Well meet this one.

He loves to play ball and can lift this one in his mouth and toss it around. He plays footie with it and rolls about on it. However, if he is not in the mood, he won't play. The ball is always in his court. (Excuse the pun.) I always know if he is playing football though, as there is a little tinkly bell inside.
He plays toss the caber with a long cardboard tube from the inside of a kitchen roll.He keeps this up for ages before he gets tired of it.

Another of his favourite things is chewing/demolishing his little cardboard box house. He can sometimes keep it for a few weeks but then he goes into a kind of frenzy and tears it up. I am always making him new houses.

My friend, Squirrel, is an expert on rabbit and guinea pig care and she was a bit dismayed that Ash's claws were getting too long.
*He needs to be out on the patio to grind them down,* She said.
Well, I wasn't going to let Mr Fox have an easy dinner out of my little rabbit and I didn't have the nerve to cut the claws myself, even if he would have let me. The vet would charge an extortionate amount to do a job that would need regular visits. So....... I bought some tiny paving slabs from the Garden Centre and made little paths round his run. Now he can race round and round and wear down his toenails. I hope this will make a difference. Only time will tell.
I am really fortunate that I am not allergic to Ash but handling guinea pigs brings me out in an itchy rash and sore, swollen eyes.

When my brother and I were little, we used to be mad on Beatrix Potter books and a little verse of hers stands out in my mind. I know that my niece used to recite this one to me when she was little and my own children loved it too.
However the younger generation have never enjoyed her books. I think they are used to much more exciting things and a faster pace of life. Sigh.........

Now who is that knocking on Cottontail's door?
Tapp tap it! Tap tappit!
She's heard it before.
And when she peeps out there is nobody there,
But a present of carrots
Put down on the stair.
Hark, I hear it again,
Tap tappit! Tap tappit!
Why I really believe its a little black rabbit.

By Beatrix Potter.


lakeviewer said...

Oh, how cute is that? Ash has won your heart, and will be king in your house.

Nessa said...

He is such a handsome fellow and so quirky.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I never knew rabbits were so dang playful! That is awesome! And I simply adore that he is black. I think it is so much more unique than white ones.

Teacher's Pet said...

Oh, Maggie...the students in our school continue to read and LOVE Beatrix Potter!
I'm sooo happy to see Ash...and am tickled about the stones that you put out for his claws.
A beautiful always. I smile as I think of Ash running...and nibbling (chewing) his house. How sweet he is!!!

Mimi said...

You're spoiling him rotten, and why not?
It's lovely to see how much pleasure you're getting from having Ash, I'm soooo glad you bought him. Little paving stones in the run was a great idea.

Wendy said...

Beatrix Potter is one of my favourite authors!! Enid Blyton is my very favourite. I just love the stories of childhood. Mrs. Tiggywinkle comes to mind. And the classic Peter Rabbit, of course.

Your rabbit is a beauty. And so smart of you to put garden slabs down! I hope it works for his toenails.

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

what a happy little rabbit!!LOVE his home!! I was also a HUGE beatrix potter fan..:)

Ayak said...

He really is gorgeous. I bet you're so glad you got him.

I too loved Beatrix Potter...wonderful.

Jinksy said...

No rabbit pie on your menu then, Maggie?!

Gail said...

So clever to give him tiny paving stones! And great to hear about life with a rabbit. I didn't realise they were so playful either.

Anonymous said...

Oh he's beautiful. I used to have a rabbit when I was little and I've always loved them.

CJ xx

Jeni said...

I dunno Maggie, but I'm thinking with fur as dark-colored as your bunny's is, maybe you should have named him "Coal" or "Pitch" or something along those lines. LOL
He sure is a cute little thing though and I never even thought that rabbits would play with toys, like dogs and cats will do ya know. Learn something new every day though, don't we?

Akelamalu said...

The paving stones in his run are a great idea!

I never knew that rabbits would play with toys. :0

Rose said...

Beatrix Potter was always one of my favorites--"Peter Rabbit" was my favorite, but my sons loved the tale of the frog Mr. Jeremy Fisher. I always felt so sorry for Peter, getting sent to bed with only chamomile tea, though:) Looks like Ash doesn't have to worry about that, with the ideal home here. Very clever to think of the paving stones for his nails, Maggie!

slommler said...

Ash is adorable!!! And oh I love his play pen!! He has some great toys!! That is funny that he tears his house up!!

secret agent woman said...

That's funny you are allergic to guinea pigs but not rabbits. Any furry creature does me in.

Mary G said...

I raised my kids on Beatrix Potter and am now working on the next generation. I went to her museum and was so tickled that all of the paintings had stools in front of them so that the littles could see them too.
the grand daughter has a guinea pig. We (the pig and I that is) have a somewhat distant relationship. I put her on LS's bed once when I was cleaning her cage and she made a mess on the duvet. Snarl. My fault, I guess.

Nora said...

Ash is such a pretty rabbit. I especially like his very upright ears. I love your description of how he plays with all of his toys and then some. He sounds like a very interesting rabbit. I'm sure he gives you hours of pleasure. He certainly is fascinating enough. I hope the paving stones work.

Mickle in NZ said...

Ash looks such a sweetie, playing in his run. You're lucky it confines his toys - i keep tripping over Zebby's, which are never in the same place twice!

Hilary said...

Oh he's so darling. Ash must be so much fun. I've spent much of my summer with young raccoons and feel very lucky to know them. Ash is a beauty.

And in the true tradition of rabbits, the word verification is "imate." ;)

Dimple said...

Thanks for helping us know Ash a little better; I'm with the group that never knew rabbits would play with toys!
We had a rabbit once when I was a child, a white one. I don't remember its name. I do remember stains on the carpet from bunny pee, though! I didn't know until much later that rabbits could be house trained...

cheshire wife said...

What a handsome fellow he is! He is so much nicer than the wild ones that inhabit our garden.

SandyCarlson said...

Your rabbit is gorgeous.

Potter understood animals as well as children. God bless her.

RNSANE said...

Your Ash is such a beautiful black rabbit. And, from the looks of things, he is definitely indulged. What a lot of toys he has and his little cardboard house is really nice.

Your allergic reaction to guinea pigs is what happens with me and rabbits. I can pet them but I have to wash my hands immediately after. If I forget and touch my face, then I get itchy all over and my eyes will even swell shut.

Fragrant Liar said...

I had no idea rabbits needed their little nails clipped. What a great idea about the grinding stones in her cage.

Rabbits are too cute!

Brian Miller said...

ha. nice verse...does not like carrots, why that is un rabbit like...smiles. you should shoot a video of the ball play to share with us...

Pseudo said...

I love the bunny pen and the bunny too.

I was reading your profile and am sending prayers your way for your fight against cancer. I am a four year survivor.

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Maggie, I picked the perfect day to return to Blogland! I love the wonderful ideas you have for that sweet Ash! My granddaughter recently got a rabbit and I'm going to send this to her to read. More ideas please for her?
Your Ash is quite the little charmer!