Saturday, 21 August 2010

Look Lively

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

Although I wouldn't dream of getting on such a small boat, the name of this one caught my eye. After all, I am a lively lady! (Or maybe I used to be).
This was on the beach at Beer, in Devon.

Back to Pecorama in Beer again. This is one of the narrow gauge steam trains that gives the passengers rides. Don't you just love the name of that station?

Now these two trams are part of a set of miniature replica trams that take you on a long tour starting from Seaton ....... another seaside town in Devon, close to where we stayed. We boarded a tram there and after a half hour journey, we ended up in a quaint little station where we disembarked and had refreshments in the cafe at the station, in the small town of Colyton.
Why not click the link here for a virtual free ride?

When we were on our return journey on top of an open tram, the weather turned suddenly windy with slight rain. I remember saying to Harry, "Hang on to your hat."
He replied saying, "Oh, its not too bad at all.....oops, I lost it." His hat went flying off behind him, when a strong gust got under the brim of it. Luckily, another passenger caught it further down the tram and everybody laughed.

If it hadn't have been for my grandsons' choice of things to do for a holiday treat, then I wouldn't have ever discovered these trains and trams, so well done to them.

While we are on the subject of transport...... it is now two weeks since our holiday and today we decided to go to our local seaside resort Weston Super Mare, where the sea is anything but blue because of the mud in the Bristol Channel.
We used our free bus passes and had a lovely day, even though the weather forecast could have put us off because rain was predicted. As it happened, the sun shone all the time we were there and it wasn't until we were on the top of a bus home, that a couple of events happened. Just as the bus was about to pull out of the bay, Harry and I realised that a stink bomb had gone off some where.
The bus stopped and the woman driver, who seemed to be a *stickler for the rules* informed us that some boys had thrown a stink bomb through the downstairs window of the bus.

Now practically all the passengers on this bus were of a certain age. Most had been brought up in World War 2 or at least been born during the war like I had, and survived air raids and food rationing for years. In other words we had all been brought up in a very different world where only the tough and fortunate survived.
The lady bus driver came up the stairs and informed us, *This bus cannot leave because of Health and Safety. You might all have to get off as I am not allowed to drive it in this state.*
She had already told the people downstairs to get off the bus and they were all moaning in protest outside.
No one could believe their eyes and ears. All this fuss for a stink bomb, which was unpleasant but was hardly going to endanger our lives. Suddenly the oldies grouped together in force and started to remark about the namby pamby attitude of the day and how Health and Safety had gone too far. Everyone started swapping tales of the old days when stink bombs were something that happened frequently and a window would have been opened to get rid of the smell and the journey wouldn't have been interrupted. I suppose I was as bad as the next one.

Anyway, the driver summonsed a co worker to come and deal with it. *This bus will not pull out until this smell has cleared. Health and Safety will not permit me to drive this bus.*
A man came along in blue rubber gloves armed with a pail,mop and air-fresheners and proceeded to remove the remains of the bomb and to wash the floor and spray smelly stuff around that I thought was worse than the stink bomb had been in the first place.

Well, that crisis over, the grumbling passengers were allowed to re embark downstairs and we were all left saying that it was quite worthwhile for the teenagers who were probably snickering across the road watching the mayhem and would be inspired to do it again for all the attention that they had received from the action of the bus driver. Most of us thought it would have been better to do nothing and ignore the situation, giving them no satisfaction or inclination to waste their money again on another attack.

We were about to pull away when two men came running out of a large store, racing through traffic and grappling each other. One was a security guard and the other, a rather fat man with bags of goodies in his hand.
The security guard grabbed him round the neck in a very tight grip and pinned his arm behind his back..... frogmarching him back into the store.
I do not condone shop lifting in any way and I am really pleased that he was caught. However what about Health and Safety in that situation? Surely the man could suffocate!
The bus pulled away without further incident and everyone resumed silence.


The Girl from Cherry Blossom Street said...

I've always been fascinated with people brought up in WW2. Indeed, they (you) are survivors!
This is why you are a tough one. Tough but lively! :-)
Have a great weekend, dear Maggie May!

jinksy said...

Goodness gracious! Such unlooked for excitement on a simple day out! Some people have all the luck! lol :) Beautiful holiday photos you took, Maggie...

RNSANE said...

Maggie May - I had such a laugh, pucturing the stink bomb fiasco, with all the passengers waiting, while the cleaning team went through scrubbing everything down. So funny!

Glad you're having a nice time away from home.

Mimi said...

Maggie, I echo your thoughts on health and safety- it does my head in! I do think it's good to be safety conscious, but it's gone a step too far if a bus is grounded cos of a stink bomb.I thought you were going to write that the people protested so much that the driver gave in!
Sounds like a great holiday!

Nora said...

You certainly had an exciting day. I think that lady bus driver was a little bit full of herself and she should have left the decision up to the passengers. You were all willing to continue the journey. You're all made of tougher stuff. I'm glad you enjoyed your day and that Harry got his hat back on the tram. A trip to the seaside sounds lovely. How invigorating.

Rosey said...

I am sorry to say that those stink bombs sound like something my brothers would do in their teenager years. They are all grown up now!
Every teenager seems to go through some sort of rebellion. Unfortunately innocent bystanders must get a whiff of their hijinks.

lakeviewer said...

An on your holiday! Stink bombs? Kids!

Ayak said...

Well you can't say life isn't exciting!

Bernie said...

Maggie what a wonderful time you and all of your pictures are lovely. Glad you didn't like an old stink bomb ruin your day.
......:-) Hugs

Akelamalu said...

Health & Safety rules go to the extremes these days - ridiculous!

MWM would love the train and trams.

slommler said...

Stink bomb?? Oh my!! That could have ruined the day for sure!!!
Great pictures Maggie!!
Hey! My fiber piece is installed!! Come see!!

SandyCarlson said...

Oh, the drama! What an adventure.

I love your spirit. Stink bombs....Yeesh!

I am glad the shoplifter was caught.

And I love the artwork on "Lively Lady."

TechnoBabe said...

Cute little boat. If it went out on an ocean I could not ride in that small boat but if it were in a lake or river I could. Your little trip to the little seaside resort turned out to be quite the adventure.

Gail said...

Great photos Maggie. I didn't know you could still get stink bombs! The "elf and safety" and PC brigade drive me nuts. Common sense is no longer applied.

Rose said...

You certainly had an exciting day out! I agree the stink bomb could have been dealt with in a much quieter fashion; most "perpetrators" of such pranks are looking for attention. The bus driver ensured they got all they wanted!

Nessa said...

I thought, oh such soothing and relaxing modes of transportation and then you finished up with a police chase.


Celia said...

What a day! I fell in love with that boat, miss the water so. And those little trains are much like the one I used to take my boys on when they were little, a hundred years ago! Hope the bus driver can loosen up before too much more of her life passes by.

Sue said...

love the photos of the trams, I keep hoping that electric trams and trolleys will come back into vogue as oil becomes scarcer.

Maggie said...

Hi Maggie really nice to meet you. What a lovely holiday you have had, and thanks for taking us along via your pictures. Even donkeys. Lovely views.

Mmm said...

I too have always been fascinated with those from WW2. i love that period of history. An amazing time really--one whose affects are still echoing through to this day, particularly in places like Britain.
Love that little boat and the story too. Must say am glad the shoplifter was caught--Probably no more than slap on the had for that bloek, eh?

Jeni said...

I thought that little boat -the "Lively Lady" was quite the cute vessel! And had to chuckle a bit too over Harry's hat, blowing off in the wind but being rescued and then, the saga of the stink bomb too! I don't recall ever hearing of folks tossing things like that around in this country but who knows -anything, I suppose, is possible, isn't it?

Joey said...

Stink bomb, eh? Sounds like me as a ten year old. Honestly... I can't believe ya'll had to through all that!

And when the guy came running with the goodies? I thought they were for ya'll! Had no idea he was a thief!!!

Oh, Maggie Mae. You had adventure! The photos are beautiful. Too bad you didn't a photo of the thief.


Casdok said...

Never a dull moment!!

Mary G said...

Lovely photos - you make me want to get on a plane and head for England.
Or you did until I got to the stink bomb bit.
As I get older I frequently find myself having the 'we did it better' conversations, much to my dismay.

Brian Miller said...

wow. your trip was filled with excitement between the stink bomb and the shoplifter...we have one of those little trains at our zoo...the boys love to ride it...

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I'm with you on the Health and Safety issue Maggie - it does seem that the world has gone mad sometimes. I expect you were disappointed that the Grand Pier at WSM is still not open, I imagine it will be well worth a visit when it is. A x

secret agent woman said...

A stink bomb? I didn't even know those were real.

Wisewebwoman said...

I wonder what would have happened if there had been whoopie cushions and everyone moving around so much on the tram?
Rules are taken too far these days...
But a lovely journey and thanks for the trip!

cheshire wife said...

So you did take a photo of a train after all!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous day out! That boat is just lovely.