Saturday, 14 May 2011

Friday 13th

Photo Copyright:Maggie May

First of all, I want to apologise to anyone who commented on my last post. I know I had at least sixteen comments that have now disappeared. Obviously, I cannot reply to you now, as I don't know who you were because I couldn't get into the blog to read them.
Blogger certainly had a major blip on Friday the thirteenth!
Just as well I am not the least superstitious.

However, it was not a good day for us as, apart from Blogger chewing up my latest post and preventing me from commenting on other people's posts, Harry started his first chemo session on that day and has obviously got to go through quite a lot of discomfort that is part and parcel of chemo therapy.
So far, he is doing well.

My brother, Eddie Bluelights from Clouds and Silvery Linings, wanted me to apologise that he hasn't got in touch with anyone because his phone line and broadband has been playing up. It will be a week before he gets fixed up with a new system. He also says he will be getting back to his Sunday Roast as soon as he can.

Looking forward to uneventful blogging days in the future though eventful blogging days are probably more fun.


slommler said...

Gentle hugs for Harry!!
Good to see you too!!!

Brian Miller said...

good morning...i hope that harry is doing well today or as well as he the grand scheme of things a day off the internet may not be a bad thing...

Formerly known as Frau said...

I hope Harry is doing well. My prayers continue for you both. I was in a total loss yesterday without my blogs!! I'm glad it's back up again! Have a wonderful weekend Maggie!

Anonymous said...

I also have had problems with Blogger, most folk with an account with them have apparently. The majority of comments left on my last post have vanished, and there were two new folk on there I particularly wanted to respond to, but now can't. This isn't the first blip by any means with Blogger of late and I am beginning to wonder if it's worth the hassle.
Best to Harry, and you as well.

TechnoBabe said...

We are on the sidelines cheering Harry on while he get through his treatments. Here's to you, Harry.

Give a hug to Eddie Bluelights from my hubby and me.

Oh, one for you too, Maggie.

Clare Dunn said...

Our thoughts are with Harry...and you too.

Seems like Friday the 13th was not kind this year.
I'm not superstitious at all (our house number is 13!) but a few things went haywire here, too.

I'm gonna blame my bad day on biorhythms :)

Wishing you a better 14th!
xoxoxo, cd

Working Mum said...

Wishing both you and Harry lots of strength and lots of courage.
WM x

PS Beautiful clematis!

secret agent woman said...

I just waited it out - once I realized blogger had devoured my post and comments. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve comments from my email.

I am sending my healing thoughts to Harry - I know chemo can be brutal.

Nora said...

Tell your husband all the best of luck from me with his chemotherapy. I hope it's not too awful and that it is successful.

I hope Blogger settles down now and doesn't have any more tricks up its sleeve. That really was a bad Friday the 13th.


Jinksy said...

This proves the case for asking comments to be notifiable via email! At least they were saved from extinction!

Glenda Manus said...

Blogger was just as unkind to me. Lost my last post entirely, but fortunately I half-way remember it and re-posted. So many had wanted to see the video of Olive the Polish Hen and her adopted chick.

Thinking of you and Harry - this is a difficult time for the two of you.

Retired English Teacher said...

Just in case you didn't read my comments, I just want to say again how much I enjoyed your lovely post about your garden.

I hope that Harry responds well to chemo and that he is on the road to wellness. Take care.

Anonymous said...

lovely photograph
hope harry does well and u cope ok
I lost comments and all sorts to wonder what went wrong

Celia said...

Hope Harry and you are well today. This is a rough time. Hugs to you both.

Expat mum said...

Hope Harry doesn't feel too unwell with the chemo. Good luck to him (and you).
And Yes, Blogger was really playing up on Friday.

SandyCarlson said...

I hope the chemo goes well. My heart goes out to you both.

Blogger gave us all a night off that we didn't want! Good to know we appreciate each other, one and all!

Jeni said...

I'll say this much -when Blogger blows a fuse or a gasket -whatever it was -it sure doesn't mess around. No small time messing up. If you're gonna screw with peoples blogs, might as well do it right, huh? I'm still experiencing some tiny issues every now and again -mostly with comments not going through though and reader sometimes acting a bit more discombobulated that usual. But like you, I'm not superstitious but if I were, yesterday would have been an ideal time for blogger to blow up! Just saying...
Hope things go as easy as possible for Harry with the chemo. If he's lucky he'll breeze through it as I did -no nausea and only problems with aching and feeling a bit down came from the shots I had to have 2-3 days after each chemo session. Will keep both of you in my prayers, for sure though!

Technogran said...

I too am going through chemo, and I have now had my second bout. Hope that Harry continues to feel mostly fine (you seem to have bad days and good days) and that everything is well with you.

Bernie said...

I must go back and read older post to learn about Harry, please know I am praying for him. You sound well Maggie, please remember me to Eddie. I have seen all over blog land today of all the problems, glad I didn't choose yesterday to come back on line. Take care sweetie, sending big hugs to all of you.....:-)

Rae said...

Luckily I missed all the blogger badness as I've not been online lately, must have been really maddening for you

All my best wishes to Harry

Mimi said...

Didn't we realise quickly how much a part of our lives this Blogger has become! I was all set to do a post, and then it was down!
I was one of the commenters on your last post, for posterity I'll go back and write again.
Good luck to Harry with the chemo. On one hand it's great there is such a treatment for cancer, but on the other hand it's a harsh thing to go through.
I've missed Eddie and the Sunday Roast, so delighted he'll be coming back to it. Please give him my best.

Suburbia said...

Thoughts with you and Harry


What About the Girl? said...

That is really nice of you to revisit and leave comments.

There's always a better day ♥

Rose said...

Lots of good wishes for Harry.

After being gone for a week, I thought I'd spend a few minutes catching up with blogs Friday morning, and then I couldn't even get on. Amazing how much work I got done around here that day:)

Enjoyed seeing all your blooming flowers on your last post, Maggie; your garden looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and love for Harry.

And yes, I was actually fuming over Blogger's disastrous crash and have blogged about my feelings today.

CJ xx

Suldog said...

God bless Harry, and you.

rosaria said...

Hope everything goes well for Harry.

Hilary said...

I hope Harry goes through his treatments with as little discomfort as possible. Wishing you both strength.

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