Sunday, 29 May 2011

Is It Winter Again?

Photos Copyright: Maggie May

The Clematis is probably the predominant flowering plant in my garden right now. It is one of my favourite plants.
The weather is quite cold and wet at the moment and the Bank Holiday was spoilt because of it. However, I enjoyed the break as I had all my family around me for the weekend and Harry had perked up no end following his last trauma with chemo.
Towards the end of this week, Harry starts his second treatment. I really hope that he won't be as badly affected as last time. The doctor said that she would cut down the dosage slightly to see if that will help.

Dare I say that Blogger seems to have settled down?

Last week it was Rabbit Awareness Week. The purpose of that week was to try to get owners to be aware of a rabbits needs.
Apparently, many bunnies are still kept alone in a small hutch at the bottom of the garden with no one bothering with them and nothing to keep them mentally stimulated. They end up being practically forgotten about, especially in rainy weather. There are many neglected and unhappy rabbits that were bought for a child who got fed up with their new *toy* and moved on to something else.

Rabbits are intelligent animals and need the company of their own kind. It is best to have a neutered male and a spayed female who usually get on well together. They need to exercise in a large run as well as having access to lots of hay, some daily vegetables and fruit and a hand-full of rabbit pellets and they need a selection of toys to play with and a little place to hide when they feel threatened.
They are not really suitable animals for small children and according to the Rabbit Welfare Association, an increasing number of adults are enjoying them as pets.
They can be kept indoors and can be potty trained as rabbits are very clean animals.
They wash themselves more than a cat does.

Lily likes to drag her towel around and she sits on it to sleep. She loves to be cuddled and if she is in the right frame of mind, she sits for a long time on my lap. She likes to play ball and tear up cardboard or paper in her run.
Ash is still a bit skittish, being a Netherland Dwarf, but he does often stay on my lap for a cuddle but needs to be securely held. He loves being stroked but will nip my sleeve if he wants to get down. He likes to throw his plastic dish around his run and tear up paper and cardboard boxes.
When they are happy, they jump around and do a little hop, skip and jump, referred to as a binky. They can take off vertically like a helicopter. A contented bunny will throw itself on the ground as though dead and stretch its little legs out behind it and fall asleep...... knowing it is secure.
There is nothing better than seeing a bonded pair exchanging glances and snuggling up. They appear to be sharing a secret and wash each others noses and ears constantly.
They are fairly high maintenance pets but I love mine to bits.


RNSANE said...

I know the rains must make it feel much colder than it is. Glad you had the family together and that Harry was feeling a bit better. I am sad that he is having to suffer at all.

How interesting to learn so much about rabbits. I find them so adorable. Did I tell you that, when my youngest were small ( Shawn was about 14, I think ),
someone gave us a huge rabbit -
nearly fifteen pounds - that someone had dumped in the parking lot at UPS. He had clearly been a family pet since he allowed my friend to easily pick him up. We had him for over five years ( he
actually was 20 lbs when he died ). The boys just loved him but I was terribly allergic to him. I had to immediately wssh good with soap and water after I played with him!

rosaria said...

I never knew these things about rabbits. I bet most people don't. Thanks for the lesson.

Nora said...

I do know about some rabbits that live very restrictive and lonely lives. I feel very sorry for them. I'm so happy yours have good lives and that you treat them so well and know so much about them. It makes you wish that every owner had to follow a course before they got to have one.

Tell Harry good luck with his next round of chemo. I hope this one will go a lot better. Nice to hear about your clematis doing so well. I've always wanted to own one.


Bernie said...

Wishing Harry a much better treatment this time, sending him many prayers.
So nice to have your family around and I loved learning about your lovely rabbits.
Sorry your weather is so cold and wet, we are having our summer now and it has been quite hot but still very bearable......:-)Hugs

Anonymous said...

I~m freezing over here in the UK... am wearing my thermal vest.

Lovely rabbits / such sweet company.

Gail said...

It's lovely to hear about the personalities of your rabbits. They sound lovely pets.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Interesting facts about rabbits I never knew, yours seem very happy. I hope Harry next treatment goes smoother.

Rainy here to's never ending!

Akelamalu said...

The weather has been dismal hasn't it? However, the forecast is good for weekend and next week, which is great because we're off to Wales on Friday for a week. :)

Ayak said...

Your rabbits were just made for each other weren't they? I bet you are glad you didn't stick with just one. They're delightful.

Good luck to Harry for the next round of chemo xxx

Retired English Teacher said...

We raised rabbits a number of years ago. I have to say that I admire you for taking such an interest in them. I remember all the work that went into caring for them. I should have read up on them more. I might have enjoyed them more.

What About the Girl? said...

Is Ash blue-eyed? (looks like it in the last photo)

Say yes and I will do a binky!

slommler said...

What a lovely pair you have there!! And to learn about them is fascinating for sure!! Thanks for sharing about them.

Maggie May said...

WHAT ABOUT THE GIRL..... no... both rabbits have brown eyes! Flash sometimes make them appear a different colour! Mostly red! Though that picture does make them blueish!
Do a binky for me though!
Maggie X

Dimple said...

I have learned a lot about rabbits from your blog! Glad you had a good holiday even though it rained, and hope Harry reacts better to the coming round of chemo!


Clare Dunn said...

The only thing I know about rabbits is that they seem to like to live under my garden shed.
Hubby is allergic to dander, so we keep pretty well clear of most critters.

But, I LOVE clematis, and your photo of this plant is beautiful! I tried to grow them one year, but the conditions don't seem to be right in my yard.

Love to you and Harry, too!
xoxoxo, clare

Terra said...

I read your comment on 65nowwhat and came over to say hi. I LOVE that adorable rabbit in your first photo, and am happy to meet you here. I only have had one pet rabbit, and she was pulled out of a magician's hat, and given to me. The magician was my grandpa.

david mcmahon said...

My best wishes to Harry, Maggie. I hope all goes well.

Today is the first day of our winter.

Hope you get lots of time in the garden this week.

Jayne said...

Love the description of a contented bunny! I love it when my cats do the same and sprawl in my arms asleep. :)

The bank holiday was chilly, wasn't it? At least now apparently it is set for summer... I'm not taking any chances though, still got a jumper just in case!

secret agent woman said...

Not here - it's been very hot! I like clematis, too.

merry weather said...

Doing a binky? :-) Well I've learned something sweet about rabbits from you today!

I've been catching up on your posts Maggie. Rabbits sound great fun as pets and it's nice to hear that yours bring you such fun and warm cuddles.
Your clematis looks super. My clematis have gone a bit dormant this year. Green and healthy but not shooting up and not flowering. Maybe soon I hope.

Very best regards to Harry
And to you Maggie X