Thursday, 20 March 2008


We have a certain "someone" 
Who steals about our house
And it's not an elf or fairy 
Who creeps silent as a mouse!

It tidies up just anything
And puts the toys away.
It follows every bit of mess
From where the children play.

The rubbish disappears so fast.
From the magic kitchen bin,
No one sees who empties it
Or puts the liner in!

This "someone" always gets the blame
For hiding things from sight.
Remote control & socks & keys
Are lost into the night.

Could this be the same "someone" then,
Who cleans, yet hides away?
That "someone" many seem to think
Might just be Maggie May! 


the mother of this lot said...

Oh, I think I've got a 'someone' as well. And she's the only person in the house who can put a new toilet roll in the holder.

Great poem!

Sweet Irene said...

That 'someone' sounds awfully familiar. She is of the female persuasion, isn't she, and has two never idle hands and two very quick eyes that observe everything.

Doesn't anyone know how to uncover and appreciate these 'someones' yet?

mrsnesbitt said...

LOL! Wonderful and so true.
Thank you for the kind comment on my blog.
Hope to keep in touch.


PS Wilma is relaxed....though not today! She is pacing the floor, heavy rain and she wants to go for a walk!

Milla said...

sweet poem. On the money about only being noticed to be blamed for something sometimes! They love us really.

Frog in the Field said...

Hmm, I discovered the Bloody Elves in the night thing is a con, I bet your little helper disappears if you're ill? Ours does.

Suburbia said...

Could you come over and be my 'someone' while I take a break?!!

CrazyCath said...

Maggie - that is a wonderful poem! It is so true isn't it? Even when they get old, men think things just crawl into washers on their own and floors sweep themselves... and I live with THREE men! I think you will find a lot of women claiming to be the 'some one' in their home - and they'd be right!

Thanks for stopping by mine. I'll be posting something about the dads soon. It must look very confusing! lol I have one dad of course, as everyone else, and that is Norman. John-Michael got the honourary (sp?) title after he posted something that made me want to tell him he sounded like my dad. so he became "John-dad-Michael" 'cos he still sounds like my dad!

Maggie May said...

Jackie .......... Ah yes ......... what is it with toilet rolls? Men put them the wrong way round!

Irene ........ "someone" does the unseen work but it is always, "Someone has hidden my ....."

mrsnesbitt ........ thanks for popping over. Yes, lets keep in touch. Dogs are creatures of habit & don't like to be cooped up.

milla .......... yes, we would be missed!

frog in the field ...... yes, if I'm ill the little someone seems to disappear!

suburbia ...... sorry too much to do here!

crazy cath ......... thanks for clearing up the problem with the dads! So Norman is your REAL Dad! Thats interesting. I will have to look at his blog. I have seen his name about!

GoneBackSouth said...

I also have a tidying-up compulsion, but strangely that doesn't extend to proper cleaning. I sometimes wonder if my kids will remember me from their childhood as someone who never sat down.

Granny Smith said...

This is absolutely delightful! That Someone must be the one who hid hubby's VERY IMPORTANT PAPERS in his briefcase when he remembered definitely setting them next to his computer.

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem, and words so true...thank you for sharing it! Our 'someone' is the one who changes the toilet roll, the one who makes sure there's clean clothes for school and the one who kisses things better. :)

Maggie May said...

gonebacksouth ..... not sure the someone does in depth cleaning either!

grannysmith ...... yes, the MOST important papers seem to disappear!

bellamocha ..... yes, the someone who kisses better is very important!

david mcmahon said...

That is brilliant work.

Expatmum said...

You're a poet! We have a laundry fairy, a shopping fairy, a present-buying fairy, and thank god, a cleaner who comes once a week!

CrazyCath said...

Maggie - email me at and I will pass on the wonderful instructions I got from fellow blogger Terry Fletcher on how to link in a comment!

It's too long winded to explain here.

Dusty Spider said...

Brilliant! Sounds like my house. Flick x

Maggie May said...

David ........ many thanks!

expatmum ...... yeah........ we have all those too, but how long did you want the poem to be?

crazy cath ........... will be in touch! Thanks.

dusty spider .......... another "someone" I thought as much ...........

Mean Mom said...

That's a good poem. I always get the blame for hiding everything, too, even when it turns up in someone's pocket!

Carolyn said...

Great poem. I can relate!

As for how to post a link in a comments box:

You have to add html tags as below, but put this < kind of bracket instead of this ( kind of bracket because if I put this < kind of bracket below, the link will actually work and then you won't be able to see how to do it.

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I hope that makes sense??

Stop by my blog and give it a try. Feel free to link to this post in my comments. Or, I suppose you could do it your own blog, but then you wouldn't have an excuse to visit my blog, so stop by and have fun.


Maggie May said...

Mean Mom .......... I suppose someone has to be blamed!

Carolyn ......... Thanks for your help with linking in a comment. My comment box won't allow a link!

merry weather said...

Lovely and so true! Made me smile :)

Do you often write poems Maggie?

Maggie May said...

merry weather ........ I was sort of brought up in a family who wrote silly poems to each other, cousins, uncles etc. Nothing serious though!
I admire Pam Ayres funny type poems but she is a PROFESSIONAL!

Omykiss said...

That's just lovely ... in our house we had a ghost how always moved things, hid things, ate all the biscuits, broke the plate ... unfortunately the same ghost didn't do the washing, cleaning cooking ;)

Maggie May said...

omykiss ....... I think we all have a little ghost like that!
Glad you visited me!

Dumdad said...

Great poem. As a new boy to the ranks of house-husband, the poem hit the mark.

Maggie May said...

dumdad ........ I've never met a house husband before! Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

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