Friday, 14 March 2008

This Blogger Tells A Good Tale Award!

I have been kindly awarded the "This Blogger Tells A Good Tale" award, by Mother's Pride. Well actually her very talented daughter, known as the FIXER designed it. I am very proud to receive it, and had not thought of myself as a teller of tales, really, but I guess I am!

I have no hesitation in passing this award on to Milla from Country Lite. as she tells a good tale!
Please don't forget to pass it on to some one else. The Fixer will be somehow or other monitoring where it goes! A bit scary that!
There are several others who I think are excellent tale tellers, however they don't seem to get involved with tags, memes or awards, so I won't name them!


Milla said...

Hey!! Thank you Maggie, what a star. So pleased. Expecially since I've finally learned how to download these things without resorting to asking husband. You've made my day! XXX

CrazyCath said...

Congratulations Maggie! And you do tell a good tale. Well deserved.

Maggie May said...

Milla ....... I am also learning new things, like putting in pictures, but I need Sam with me while I do it a good few times more. I am a slow learner! No good asking MY hubbie as he hasn't the foggiest!

Crazy Cath ....... Thanks for that encouragement!

Jules said...

Congratulations and way to go! And it's so true... you DO tell wonderful tales.

Maggie May said...

Thanks Jules .... you are an encourager!

Stinking Billy said...

As one who doesn't get involved in tags, memes or awards I thank you, maggie may. I do like to return visits, however, and Nuts in May is an ejoyable blogsite. Billy x