Thursday, 13 March 2008

The Twenty Minute Slot!

My Chiropractor was not happy with me this morning when I went for my three monthly check. "What have you been doing?" He asked. Well, I couldn't think of anything unusual and I'd been so careful with lifting and bending as I know from experience what the excruciating pain that a bad back and sciatica can be like. Absolute torture and the phenominal expense of having the necessary run of chiropractic treatments needed to put it right again was something I didn't want to repeat.
I suddenly thought, the only thing that is different in my life now from when I last saw the chiropractor three months ago, is my blogging! Well, I wasn't going to tell him that, was I? My blogging is an absolute secret! So I said, "I seem to spend a lot of time on my computer!"
"You mean you have spent hours slouched over a lap top?" He asked me. I felt like a naughty school child being told off for something bad that I had been caught out doing and reluctantly admitted, that yes, I did love computer work.
Computer work, a sort of obscure phrase that. Could have meant anything really, but certainly not blogging! Obviously he could think that I was doing something much more sinister on my computer than that and the fact that I kept it all a bit 'cloak & dagger', made me think he did! 
He was quick to tell me that I must carry a timer with me whenever I undertook any task and I had to set it for 20 minutes. After that time, I must move on to another activity.
Well, I ask you! Just imagine having to resist the temptation to read just one more blog because my pinger decided to go off just at the wrong time. I might be really involved with a creative flow of words only to be interrupted by a "ping"! That would be very off-putting.
Not only do I have to time myself on the computer, but for every other task I undertake. I can weed the garden for 20 minutes and then have to do some clipping or pruning whether it needs to be done or not.
My ironing is not a task I really enjoy, but imagine setting it all up, only to leave it again 20 minutes later! My steam iron would be just getting into action by then.
Too bad if my cooking takes longer than the alloted time, I must now move onto dusting and forget about the dinner.
I wonder what Work would say if my pinger went off and I said, "Oh well its time to move on to another task now!
I expect I'll have to come to some compromise but I am the type of person who likes to see a task through to the end, so it will be really hard for me to leave anything unfinished. Goes against everything in my nature.
Excuse me, I've got to go, now, my pinger has just gone off!


the mother of this lot said...

I had terrible back pain a couple of weeks ago and after a few days of trying to figure out what I had done, it dawned on me that it had to be sitting at the computer for long stretches!

I try to sit up a bit straighter now. Maybe I should get a pinger!

CrazyCath said...

Oh I so identify with this! It had to be a man that would suggest that wouldn't it? I too need to finish a task once started - to very (too) late last night / this morning! Especially if it's creative juices that are flowing... (or, in my case, got to get it down in one sitting or I forget what I was doing - it's the mumnesia!)

I do spend a long time at the computer (laptop and desk) but I do make sure I am sat back in a good chair (says she currently slouched over keyboard) or propped up with cushions behind me and laptop on knee.

There I do agree with chiropractor - your back is precious. Take care of it Maggie! And for Gawd's sake don't stop blogging after 20mins. What would I read and comment on? lol

Expatmum said...

Mind you take heed. I discovered that the cause of last year's shoulder problems was that my desk was too low therefore I was having to type with hunched shoulders. It seems so harmless at the time.....

Maggie May said...

Jacky ......I think that stooping over a computer is a problem for me as I cannot touch type so my head is always bent looking at the keys!
I suppose we have to be sensible!

Crazy cath .......yes, I am not taking this advice lightly as I do have disc degeneration in a couple of places. It is difficult to cut it out though when the creative juices (as you say) are flowing.

Expatmum ...... Yes, I will take heed! 'By the way, Sam & I are still in stitches about the exploding, coke taking rat story of yours. I'm sure there will be a future post about this!

GoneBackSouth said...

Oh Maggie me too, I've now got a job and a hobby that require me to spend hours at a computer screen ... and my back hurts too. Boo!

Sweet Irene said...

Really, as if you can live your life in 20 minute increments! It may be good to walk away from the computer every once in a while though. I sit behind it for hours, but I am not bothered by a bad back, so I'm okay. You can walk away, do another chore for a bit and come back to it.

I tell everybody who wants to know that I blog, but I don't tell them my blog's name or anything else about it. This is no information for people in my direct environment. Only my husband and my daughter know where to find me, my sisters don't, nor do any other relatives.

Hope you'll have a great day, Magiie, without a backache!

Momma said...

I can really relate to this. I work from home as a technical writer. What do I do when I get off work? Write more, and read blogs, and respond to blogs... It's a wonder I'm not in the shape of a C with a laptop stuck to me.

Hopefully you can come to a compromise, because if I stopped every 20 minutes, my train of thought would always be boarding at the station!


Maggie May said...

gone back south ... You must be spending even more time on the computer than I am! Working & blogging. An ache can soon get to excruciating pain.

Sweet Irene .... unfortunately, my life seems to really have to fit in with 20 minute slots, but some times I really get carried away, like the blogging!
I am always worried that people who really know me will recognize my stories, even though they are protected a bit! But as we are a fairly unique family, I think people would guess who I was, and I don't want that! I write about other people a lot & things I wouldn't normally tell about! So I'd rather it was a secret!

Maggie May said...

momma ........ yes that must be asking for trouble! There must be a way of overcoming it! I think my problem is old age, I also have problems when I knit too long, too. All the things I like! But I WONT be beaten!

Sweet Irene said...

Well, yes, I can imagine then that you want to keep it a secret. Nobody is imagining me writing this blog in English and nobody that I worry about here knows about my blog. I am not in contact much with the local population. Everybody I know is someplace far away in another language.

Casdok said...

I just try and remember to sit up straight! But of course i dont!

John-Michael said...

Does the cumulative/repeated 'setting of the pinger' count as a 'task' in and of itself?

MarmiteToasty said...

Im reading this with slumped shoulders and a hunched back LOL


the mother of this lot said...

Came back to say you amde The Fixer's latest award list! Come on over and collect it!

She's like the wind said...

you really made me laugh with your 'pinger' 20 minutes, what's that all about? I'd have a whole load of unfinished jobs. x

Cindy said...

My husband would love one of those pingers beside my computer! I'll be sure he never sees your post so he can get such an idea!

Maggie May said...

Irene ........ Yes, I think you are pretty safe & you have another language to hide behind!

casdok ........ I'm sure at your age you need not worry to much! Bet you are very straight backed!

john michael ......... I suppose I would only need to worry about the pinger if I was setting it continually for twenty minutes!

marmitetoasty ........ I'm sure you are sitting beautifully!

Thanks Jackie, I will see to that after the weekend. I have my daughter coming for the weekend!

she's like the wind ......... yes a pinger = 20 minutes! Can't do much in that time!

cindy ......... doen't let him see it then, I won't tell!

Sniz said...

Wow, I'd never thought of all those things and how hard it would be to break EVERYTHING into 20 minute intervals. That would be sooo hard. Good luck with that and with your back pain! I hope it gets better!

Jules said...

Back pain is THE WORST! Please take care of yourself, 'cause you have to live with your back forever.

Maggie May said...

Snizz...... The pain is not too bad at present, thanks.

Jules ............ Yes, I will have to be careful. Getting the hang of it now!

family affairs said...

I could help! I teach something akin to Pilates which involves core strengthening. Very good for posture and alleviating back you do any pilates? Would be very good for you and yes, as per other advice, make sure you have good back support on the chair.

Maggie May said...
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Maggie May said...

family affairs ........... I don't do pilates, though my daughter swears by it. I find my 3 monthly visits to the chiropractor are fine plus not doing repetitive tasks. Thanks for the suggestion!