Sunday, 9 March 2008

Watch Out! There Are Taggers About!

I have been tagged by granny P from rockpool in the kitchen who wanted to know 7 unusual/peculiar things about me.
  1. When I was very small, too young to know any better, I put my very tolerant tabby cat in a bowl of soapy water & washed her. I then put her in the oven of an old fashioned range near the open fire. Fortunately my mother rescued her before she got too hot!
  2. I used to have a pink streak in my hair when I was 16 & I wore a hooped skirt & winkle picker shoes. I thought I was the "cat's whiskers!"
  3. I won't go in a lift by myself!
  4. I am almost NEVER late for anything!
  5. If I throw out a pair of socks with holes in them or a pair of pants that have warped elastic, I always wash them before putting them in the bin! Mad!
  6. I have bushy eye brows, thanks to my Dad!
  7. I would prefer a quiet night in to a party, any day!
Now I have to tag 7 other unsuspecting bloggers! 
7 unusual/peculiar things about yourself and then tag seven people!

Now, I'm trying to get my head round the next one!
Crazy Cath tagged me and asked me to tell her what super hero I identified with.
Well, it has to be Super Gran cos that is what I am!  However I cannot do photos yet even though I can now link!!!!!!!!!!
What super hero do you identify with?

Finally, I would like to award crazy cath for the article My Firstborn. My Son. with some flowers as she has not been well & is constantly cheerful.
Also one for mean moody middle aged mom who has also fought off a terrible virus.

PS........ I still can't do images but Sam was here to help! He is trying to do his sudoku and keeps sighing everytime I ask for something. He is threatening to start his own blog!


CrazyCath said...

Thank you Maggie! That is wonderful! My first virtual flowers. And me always cheerful? Tell my family that lol!

Retiredandcrazy said...

Thanks for the tag Maggie. That stirred me out of a lethargic Sunday afternoon! Ann xx

Mean Mom said...

Thanks so much for the flowers, Maggie May. I've finally worked out how to collect them!

A pink streak in your hair? You were ahead of your time, I think. Oooh, sorry about the pun. It was accidental.

Sniz said...

Got your fun tag! I was tagged last week for another meme too. I'll try to get both of them up this week! I'll let you know!

GoneBackSouth said...

Gosh you are under some serious tagging rainfall! That's hilarious about the kitty in the oven.

Expatmum said...

Thank you for the tag Maggie. Another blog prompt. Everything you said reminded me of something that has happened to me or that I share an opinion about so when I have fully recovered from this truly pain-in-the-neck cold, I will respond.

Daryl E said...

Thanks for stopping by Maggie May .. I send thanks your way as crazycath passed some of those lovely flowers my way .. :-D

Sweet Irene said...

Thanks for the tag, Maggie. I don't know if I will do it today or later this week. It all depends on my level of inspiration. Great to hear these seven things about you.

You must get more dexterous on the computer and gain your independence so you will have no more sighing son.

You hear that? "The Land of the Sighing Son."

Jules said...

HI Maggie May,

Loved you post. You are SO my kind of girl - pink in the hair-love it!

Stinking Billy said...

Gervais de Peyer. Now, go google him. ;-)

Stinking Billy said...

I can't believe that I misspelt his first name. It is Gervase de Peyer and you can get him at

Make sure you have your sound turned on.

Maggie May said...

Well ....... that's the tagging done! Will soon get down to the serious stuff. The last part of the rat drama, I think!

Sweet Irene! The Land of the Sighing Son had me in stitches! Must make a post out of that some time! You are so witty.

Stinking Billy! Have just heard some Gervais de Peyer. I reckon the kids had a long way to go to catch him up! Enjoyed his music!

Omykiss said...

Hello Maggie May .. i dropped by 'cause grannyp tagged me too ... I remember the winkle picker shoes .... I rememebr how they used to pinch but I wore them all the same .....