Sunday, 19 October 2008

Knit One, Save One!

For the past few months I have been knitting small hats for new babies in Nepal and Africa. You might wonder what has been going on and why babies in Africa would need woolly hats in the first place.
Apparently, new born babies who are not housed in the best of places, lose a lot of heat out of their heads and then succumb to pneumonia and many die. So Save The Children have asked all knitters to make a woolly hat to send over there and help to save a baby's life. Nepal is obviously colder and it does not take much imagination to realize that babies can cool down there. However at night time it is also cold in Africa.

I have made about 50 hats up to date. I like to knit while I watch television. I can knit one in an hour.
So if any British readers would like to contribute to this venture, you can get the pattern from

Then send them on to the address that is given.
I am sure there are knitters out there!

I would like to apologize to all those who have notified me that I have an award waiting for me on their blogs. Sometimes I have taken the awards and have done nothing about giving any out. Other times, I have not even picked them up. I am truly sorry about this and hope that I haven't offended any one. 
It's not that I am not grateful. In fact I am really honoured that anyone thinks that I am worth an award. I know my mind has been on other things lately, but now I can't remember who gave which award, so all I can do is say sorry. Another thing is that since Sam kindly put all my awards in a fancy slide show, I am not at all sure how to go about getting to them and he is not here for any length of time now. Hope you all understand.


Millennium Housewife said...

Maggie, i am a novice knitter, is it an easy pattern and where can I get it. I'd love to contribute to the hat crusade! MH x

CrazyCath said...

Well Maggie - a closet knitter! Good on you.

Don't worry about awards etc. You have got a lot on your plate right now...

the mother of this lot said...

Consider them knitted Maggie!

® ♫ The Brit ♪ ® said...

Wow Maggie they really are beautiful! And one in an hour - You are so talented!
My Nan always used to knit and since she passed away I miss all the wooly hats, scarves and jumpers she always gave me!
I do still have the very last jumper that she knitted for me though, still unwashed since the day she made it, and sometimes I go to the wardrobe, take it out and look at her perfect little stitches, smell it and remember her :)
and now you've got me crying here!
Besides being truly gifted you really do have a wonderful heart Maggie to knit all those hats for the poor little babies! Truly wonderful!
God Bless x

Omykiss said...

Wow! Nice beanies! That's what people around here call those kind of hats.
What a lovely lady you are!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Oh Maggie - thank you so much for that. I will definitely get the pattern and make a start as soon as possible. Have loads of spare wool and was wondering how best to use it up.

A x

Suburbia said...

I have never learnt to knit (shameful I know) But one hat in an hour, that's amazing!
It would be lovely to see all those beautiful hats placed on beautiful baby heads wouldn't it?

Jeni said...

Are these hats done on two needles, four needles or circular? I've never been able to master using four needles or the circular type. Not coordinated enough there I guess. Right now, I'm on a major embroidery kick but once I get through this phase and as winter sets in, I'm hoping to put a dent in my yarn and fabric stash I have here. It would take a lot of projects to make a dent in either of those two stashes too, trust me! Probably could work on lowering the level for several years before any progress would be noticed! LOL I'm still trying to make heads or tails out of my reader/feed issues too. Biggest problem I have is trying to understand the instructions on the "help" forums. I need an interpreter to do that!

softinthehead said...

Well done Maggie - you have inspired me to dust off my needles! :)

cheshire wife said...

You are so good Maggie.

I always used to knit while watching television but know I don't watch much television so no longer knit.

Bear Naked said...

Those are adorable.
I am going to do a little research and see if there is a similar program here in Canada.
Thanks for the great idea for helping the little ones of the world.
Bear((( )))

Mommy Jo said...

Maggie, Thanks to David's post I am reading your blog and am so touched by what you are doing...knitting for babies in Nepal and Africa.

We adopted our son in Africa (Liberia) and so I am ever grateful for anyone 'paying it forward'.


lmerie said...

Maggie, thanks for visting my post! Thanks for mentioning David too, I did not realize I was on a list!

The sweet beanies are great - so kind and good of you!


Expat mum said...

Bless you for doing that Maggie - those babies need our help.
Last week I went to a charity function where I had knitted five gorgeous fluffy wooly scarves to be auctioned in the silent auction. I priced the collection at $120 since the wool had cost me about $50.
They went for $350. I was thrilled and it all went to the Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Knitters, next time anyone asks you if you can donate anything - yes, you can!

Mad Asthmatic said...

Well done Maggie - 50 hats is a huge amount. I am just starting with knitting, I did do some when i was younger. I am going to check out the pattern and see if I am able to do something to contribute as well.


lime said...

what a wonderful thing to do. it gives you an opportunity to enjoy a favorite pasttime and benefit someone in need. thanks for sharing.

thanks also for stopping by my place, much appreciated. :)

San said...

Maggie, those hats are so precious. It must make you feel so good to think of all of those sweet little babies who will feel secure in your soft, cuddly creations. Not to mention the gratitude of their mothers.

Anonymous said...

OK mrs I will have a go I used to knit. I will send u a piccie of one if I get it done Yours are lovely

Anonymous said...

***CAMPAIGN ENDS ON 21st OCTOBER. Make sure you get your hats and labels to us before then.***

Oh no too late

CrackerJacks said...

What a fabulous effort! They are so cute!

Mean Mom said...

Love your hats! I can just imagine all of those little babies wearing them. I have started to knit a quite a few things during my lifetime, but finished very few. I am OK unless I drop a stitch and then I am really in trouble! It's probably just as well, then, that I am too late to knit any little hats. They certainly wouldn't have been anywhere near as good as yours!

Maggie May said...

AWWWWWW! Valleys Mam & all those who were going to knit hats, I'm sorry that the dead line is tomorrow. I have still got 5 hats & will send them on tomorrow. I'm sure there will be a bit of an overlap. That notice was not there last week I am sure.
I can understand anyone not wanting to start knitting now though.

Just as you were all getting fired up to do it. Sorry folks!

Lavinia said...

THese are very attractive, colourful hats.

Anonymous said...

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