Friday, 9 April 2010

Only Eight Months Ago

Photos copyright: Maggie May

It doesn't really seem like eight months ago since I went to the Bristol Kite Festival with my son and granddaughters.
I had intended to post this account of it along with the photos ages ago but somehow or other I was taken up with other things.
There will be another Kite Festival in the summer so I had better get this one posted, even though it is a bit out of context with life right now, otherwise it really will be old hat. It is good to look at photos and you never know...... I might get to this years festival too.

I must have had this illness then without knowing it but I can remember feeling quite healthy when I went but found myself sitting down quite a lot. It is easy to put everything down to old age.

I seem to remember that everything was colourful and the day was sunny and we walked a long way from the car to get to the main area.

These little creatures caught my eye. I love anything like this blowing about in the wind.

I don't know how the kite flyers managed to keep their kites separate from one another as sometimes they got very close.

I love all these flying fish....... they were everywhere as well as the flags blowing in the breeze wherever I looked.

Oops! Quite an eyeful there!

We walked away from the main area here as the girls wanted to try out their new kites. They were very simple models that kept breaking. It kept us running about trying to rescue them.

I have had a fairly good couple of weeks since chemo wore off a bit. Energy levels a bit low but can't grumble.
I wonder if I will be all set for number six on Tuesday?


Eddie Bluelights said...

Gosh - I've never seen that before - looks very interesting ~ Eddie

PS Great photos as well

Monalisa said...

Lovely photos.

Roll on summer...

Bernie said...

Now this looks like a fun day, glad you are feeling better my friend.......:-) Hugs

Chic Mama said...

Oh yes very colourful. My children would love to see something like that, it looks great fun.
My fingers are crossed for number six for you. x

aims said...

Fantastic photos Maggie! I love kites!

And for the next - I'm saying of course you're going to be ready.

Remember - Positive x 6!

Saranne said...

Beautiful photos of what looks like a great day! Keeping you in my thoughts! ox

Fab, feisty and fifty... said...

lovely pictures and flying in the wind, caught by gusts and forces of life really...and beautiful

saz xa

RNSANE said...

What fun. Kites are always so wonderfully colorful. Down at Crissy Field by the Golden Gate Bridge, the weekends are filled with kite flyers. Having boys, I used to enjoy that!

Ayak said...

I love kites. These are beautiful pics Maggie.

The kids here often can't afford kites or even the materials to make them, so they make do with plastic carrier bags tied to lengths of string...the enjoyment is just as good!

Good luck with No. 6

Lots of Love as always

Linda xx

Brian Miller said...

i think you will be just fine. love all the color and creativity in the kites...very nice.

Rose said...

These are such beautiful kites, Maggie, and what a fun day you must have had with the granddaughters watching them. The one with the bottom is too funny. I hope you soar through this next round of chemo just like the kites.

Sally Whittle said...

Lovely photos.

I just popped by to let you know that your blog has been nominated for 2 awards in the 2010 MADs ( - you're up for Blogger of the Year and Most Inspiring MAD Blogger.

Congratulations, do pop over to hte site to find out more about the awards, prizes and badges you can download for some well-deserved showing off!

Best of luck, and sending positive wishes for your good health.


Nora Ibsen said...

Great photos of some wonderful kites, Maggie, and I can't believe you're having chemo nr. 6 already. That certainly went fast, though it probably didn't seem that way to you. Good luck.

Mimi said...

We none of us know what's lurking around the corner, do we Maggie?
All the more important to enjoy each day.
Looks as though you enjoyed that kite day, lovely colourful photos!
Maggie, best of luck with Chemo 6- after that, you'll be "flying it"!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Fabulous photos, Maggie!!! So very, very cheerful!!! I ADORE kites!!! And you know? You have soared like a kite, yourself!!! You have flown through chemo like a champ!!! A few bumps along the way, but overall, you keep catching the wind!!! And now, only one more to go!!! Hooray!! I'll be praying this week especially!!! Love you so very, very much! Janine XO

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous and joyful pictures!

Hilary said...

So colourful and free. I'm glad you're improving fairly quickly after each session.

Suburbia said...

Lovely to see that again and be reminded of it, it looks so colourful. Can't wait until the next one, but then again we will have had the best of the summer by then, so perhaps the fun is in the waiting!

Joey said...

Kites are great fun! They are beautiful in the photos.