Thursday, 1 April 2010

Encounter with a Large Frog

Photos copyright:Maggie May

Just before I started my last treatment, I did a small amount of gardening. Mostly weeding around the patio. I usually collect all the weeds and other garden refuse in a large green container which I keep in the back garden. I went to pick this up in order to carry the garden waste to the special bin that the council empties that is kept in the front garden. As we are in a terrace we have to take it through the house.
Look what I found in the green container. At first I thought it was a toad but on further examination, I realised that it was a large, British common frog. It was obviously a female as it had left frog spawn in every container of every size that had been left about with water in.

Fortunately, I had my camera handy and the frog didn't seem to be in any hurry to move, so I had to tip it out near the little pond ( which is actually an industrial builder's bucket sunk into the earth.) This does attract quite a bit of wild life even though it is a tiny pond.

Mrs Frog didn't seem to be in any hurry to go any place and stayed looking at the water for ages. I think she really liked the green container best and seemed unfazed by the large statue.

This afternoon, I had my brother Eddie and sister in law, Maria round for lunch. It made a lovely change for them to go somewhere different and I have never known a day go so quickly. Eddie is doing so well following his hip replacement.
We all over ate and one of us fell asleep after lunch..... though I won't say who it was, Eddie!
While they were here, the toilet handle snapped off on the inside of the cistern. Isn't that always the way? We need a plumber on a Bank Holiday and these things always seem to happen when we have company.

Tomorrow being Good Friday, Harry and I will go to Church. Outside the church, there is a large wooden cross and inside the building there is a display of dozens of tiny crosses that people had made themselves the week before. One of them was made of stained glass and made by a friend (who said she had hand made it specially for me.) So when the display is over, I can take it home.
Although I haven't seen it yet, I know it will be beautiful because she is really good at this craft. I am well pleased.
In the afternoon, we will go for a walk and eat hot cross buns for tea.

What will everyone else be doing?


Working Mum said...

I have a problem with toilets, too. Our en-suite one won't flush and, being built in, we would have to demolish the whole bathroom to get at the mechanism. Grrrrrrr.

PS I have a bit of a phobia about frogs so I had to persevere with that post!

Chic Mama said...

That looks huge...we get terrapins in our cellar from time to time.
Have a lovely bank holiday. x

aims said...

I miss frogs and toads - especially the sounds of them. Living on the dry prairies and with the population of both of them on a frightening decline - I haven't seen one in over 20 years. How I miss their croaking along with the song of a whip-poor-will. Sigh.

She Writes said...

I love frogs. Like a child I can't resist them! Enjoy the buns!

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Sounds like a perfect day today...and tomorrow!! So glad you are feeling a little better, and can celebrate this weekend! And yum, hot cross buns...need I say, I'm jealous? Hmmm...may have to get to the market...Love the frog foto! She's very spunky!! Love you! Janine XO

Mimi said...

Haven't seen a frog in years!
Glad you're on the up again, Maggie.
Tomorrow I'll be getting ready to greet my brother, sister-in-law and 3 nieces. They're coming from Kent, for Easter!
Should be fun!

Mickle in NZ said...

I had to do some minor plumbing myself as the water level in the cistern was too high. So far a success.

My hot cross buns are busy rising and tonight I'll make a smoked fish pie with some lovely smoked blue cod (a fish species from our southern waters). Naturally Zebbycat will get a feed of the smoked fish too!

lakeviewer said...

We'll go out for brunch and then try a walk on the beach, weather permitting.

Happy Easter.

Hilary said...

That's a wonderful set of shots of your froggie friend. Way cool.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter, Maggie.

Ayak said...

I actually forgot it was Good Friday today until I read your blog. Easter isn't celebrated here of course, so it's just another day. But now that you've mentioned hot cross buns, I'm going to search for a recipe and have a go at making some today.
I love the pics of the frog. I always thought they needed to live near water, so I was surprised to discover them in our garden recently.

Have a lovely Easter Maggie

Linda xxx

Bernie said...

Maggie you sound so good and that makes me very happy. I was also pleased to hear that Eddie and Maria were over for lunch and everyone was well.
Love that you have been out in the garden, everything just sounds like it is going so well for you right now. Happy Easter my dear friend.......:-) Hugs

Casdok said...

Shes huge!!
C and i can only do what we always do!!
Enjoy your Easter.

Monalisa said...

Happy Easter

Suburbia said...

Maggie what a lovely post.

That is indeed a magnificent frog, sad to call her common!!! And I know you have such a large garden to weed!!!

So glad you had a lovely lunch with Eddie and co, company warms the Heart and mends the emotions I think.

What a special friend to make a cross for you. I hope your Good Friday is a pleasant and peaceful one.

Don't eat too many buns!!


ps. i AM ENJOYING THE CHILDREN THIS MORNING AS THEY ARE OFF TO THEIR DADS FOR THE WEEKEND AND I won't get them home until Thursday. I will miss them, but have some lovely things planned. Seeing mum tomorrow with my S.O. and also his parents over the weekend and some friends.

Hope your Easter is full of friends too, as long as they don't need the loo!!

Akelamalu said...

That frog would be loose in the house now if I had found it because I would have dropped the damn bucket in fright! I am terrified of frogs! We had a pond in the garden and when a frog moved in I had MWM take it 2 miles in a bucket to the local park then made him fill the pond in. I know, I know stupid isn't it?

Today we had to do a little shopping for MIL and my Dad, then we took Easter Eggs to the grandchildren. We had hot cross buns for lunch and now I'm blogging. :)

Have a love Easter m'dear. x

Rose said...

Your froggy friend was quite accommodating for these photos, Maggie:) We have lots of toads in the summer, and I have found them in the strangest places. I know they're beneficial in the garden and I appreciate having them, but it's pretty frightening nonetheless when they jump out of a pot you're trying to plant!

Sounds like you are feeling better, Maggie, and I'm so glad. Easter Sunday we'll attend church, then have my children (the two who live nearby) and the grandkids over. I'm hoping that for once we'll have a sunny day and can have an Easter egg hunt on the front lawn.

Wishing you a Happy Easter!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Not sure now how to tell the difference between a frog and a toad!! Hmm thinking! Memory must be failing!
Anyeay, great shot of the frog Maggie.
Enjoyed the day with you immensely but sorry I fell asleep - must have been something I ate!!! LOL
Hope you Harry managed to mend the cistern! It wasn't us folks, honest!
Happy Easter ~ Eddie

jinksy said...

It so happens, I've just joined you in a hot cross bun and a cup of green tea with honey! Don't you just love happenstance?! :) I sympathise with the loo/plumber situation at holiday time - good luck!

Suldog said...

What a lovely gift to look forward to! I'm sure it will be lovely.

Happy Easter to you, Maggie!

Expat mum said...

It's first for me - I'm taking my 17 year old (Queenager) to visit a few universities in Indiana. Just me and the girlie on a long drive.

Brian Miller said...

nice. we love frogs and lizards and everything creepy crawly around here. on sunday we will be gathering 4 generations and celebrating a new birth this week.

MarmiteToasty said...

we have encounters with frogs to, except ours are half chewed ones that me cats bring in, which they catch in me twat neighbours little pond :)