Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Scent of Violas

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

What could be more heavenly than the scent of violas wafting around me on a warm Spring day?
It now seems well worth the effort of planting them on in containers before the winter started.

The skies continue to be silent and it seems strange not to see any vapour trails slicing through the blue sky.
I ought to be grateful that I have no family trapped in Japan.
We take air travel for granted. It is all part and parcel of our modern life.
All it takes is for a volcano and a cloud of ash to change our whole life pattern and to cause absolute chaos everywhere.

We are having beautiful weather right now. It is just the correct temperature for me, neither too hot nor too cold. I would like it to stay like this all through the year.
My energy levels came back quite quickly after my last chemo and the itching stopped on the 6th day.
I have spent some time chopping shrubs back in the garden and generally tidying up.
There have been a few casualties during the hard winter. I lost my Japanese Maple and a small Cordyline, probably because they were in pots in a draughty place.
My Tamarisk shrub has been severely cut back but is slowly recovering. I thought it was dead until I saw the tiny new shoots springing to life. It is normally full of beautiful pink fronds by now.

Just before Christmas, during a visit to my friend, Squirrel, It was so cold and I was a bit dismayed when she insisted that I took three pots containing earth, but planted with bulbs, back home with me. They were wrapped up with tinsel but they were so heavy. The car was parked a long way off and it seemed a burden to carry them.
I sound so ungrateful, don't I?
Anyway, I am glad that she did give them to me, because..... look at the wonderful bulbs that emerged.

School has gone back and on picking up my granddaughters yesterday, I was asked by the After School Club, "When are you coming back? We need you."
Gulp.......I need more time to recover. To restore my body from the onslaught it has under gone during the last five months.
I want to forget about the hard times, I just want to be free to be me. I don't feel I need any pressure right now. I want to be normal again, between scans, anyway.
Is that too much to ask?


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

All your flower pictures are lovely Maggie - such a pretty time of year. Our weather is marvellous at the moment isn't it. So glad you are able to enjoy it too and that you have your family close as well. A x

chaniagirl said...

Your blog reads to me like a lovely journal: sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes neither, but always honest. Thank you for sharing the photos of the flowers today: they're beautiful. I hope you do take some time just for you to get you feeling back "normal" again. That sounds like a good idea. x

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not, Maggie dear. Shame on the person who asked you so early after your chemo. Your garden is lovely, much further forward than mine so go out and enjoy it...you of all people have earned the right to sit back and smell the roses, or, in your case those beautiful Hyancinths.

VioletSky said...

I suppose she meant well - letting you know you are missed. But you have shown the bigger picture. Take the time to be 'you' again. Sit in your garden and enjoy the peaceful skies and the colourful flowers.

Reasons said...

I read your last post Maggie. I read Lance Armstrong's book a few years ago and found it inspirational - as do most people.

It's great that they miss you at school and want you back. One thing I am only just learning is that if you don't take care of your illness it will take care of you and no matter how much I want to do more it only holds me back in the long run. So be good to yourself please maggie!

Suldog said...

We haven't been affected as much by the volcanic ash over here. Hadn't thought about the silence factor. That's somewhat of a plus, though, right? How often these days does one get to enjoy a bit of true silence without background of something buzzing overhead or whatever? Just looking for silver linings, I guess.

Eddie Bluelights said...

I am just catching up on posts - I have been very busy of late.

No there should be no pressure on you to return - you are still being treated. It would be nice if you could retire and enjoy your life now you have suffered and particularly since you feel better and are enjoying life again.

Love the photos of your beautiful flowers - I know your garden means a lot to you.

Yes we miss the aircraft - we live very close to the flightpath to Bristol Airport and the planes are conspicuous by their absence.

See you Friday ~ love Eddie

lakeviewer said...

No, it's not too much to ask for you to get back your strength, catch your pace, begin to enjoy your life again. The bulbs are helping.

saz said...

beautiful pansies, tulips and a lovely springy post!!

saz x

saz said...

beautiful pansies, tulips and a lovely springy post!!

saz x

Joey said...

It's not too much to ask, Maggie. Not at all.

The flowers are wonderful. I wish I could smell them.

Hilary said...

It's not too much to ask nor to achieve. You'll get there. Until then, you need not feel pressured. I love your beautiful flowers.. .how lovely they are.

aims said...

I don't think it's too much to ask at all Maggie!

I'm so glad you've bounced back faster this time around. I wonder what that means? It's got to be good!

We'll do Positives x 7 each - okay?

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Not a bit, Maggie!!! Take your time...you need it!! And it will take a while before you are ready to take on the world...for now, just enjoy! Breathe deep, and revel in the spring...you deserve that...You've just completed rounds in a huge fight. Chemo is done, but recovery has just begun. And it looks like you have much to buoy your spirits...you are surrounded by extraordinary beauty! You are a gardener, par excellence! These photos are fantastic! I wish I could join you for a cup of tea in your gorgeous garden! Love you so much! And congratulations, Maggie! You survived Camp Chemo! ~Janine XOXO

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

I just want to be free to be me.

That line speaks to me.

Wow - you have beautiful flowers in your garden. I need gardening tips!

Bernie said...

My dear sweet friend, you will know when you are ready to go back to work, if you have to say "is this too much too ask" then it obviously is, just take one day at a time. I really love your flowers, cannot believe how far ahead of us you are in England.
I would think the lack of planes flying overhead would be such a nice relief of noise, just enjoy the calm of it all. Love you my friend, stay well.......:-) Hugs

Mickle in NZ said...

Beautiful flowers. It must be such a joy to potter around in your garden, soaking in the scents and colours. My, those hyacinths are gorgeous.

Do take time for yourself to continue to heal, and to enjoy the garden and your (now complete?) new kitchen. Huggles and care from us,

Michelle and a super-purry Zebbycat

Ayak said...

Of course its not too much to ask Maggie. Naturally you want to feel like you're back to your old self before taking on too much. You need time to recover. But it looks very promising doesn't it? That your energy levels returned quicker after Chemo 6, must be a good sign.
The flowers are lovely and must cheer you up.
Thinking of you every day Maggie. Take care
Linda xxx

Monalisa said...

I agree with everyone - take your time getting back to work. Especially now we are coming into Spring and Summer when you can get out and get your strength back.

Marguerite said...

So happy that you're feeling so well! Take all the time that you need and just relax and enjoy life. You certainly deserve to do so. Your photos and garden are beautiful!
Blessings, Marguerite

RNSANE said...

Lovely flowers, Maggie, add such brightness to our lives...and the scents really are heavenly, aren't they?

Be selfish, by all means. Don't rush about anything. Pamper yourself, you deserve it. You've been fighting a huge battle and you need to recoup, regroup, regenerate, renew, etc.

Working Mum said...

No, not too much to ask. Good that after school care is missing you though. Nice to be wanted!

Love the pictures. Don't spring bulbs really cheer you up? I missed putting in my tulips last autumn (too busy), so, at Christmas, I melted the frozen compost with hot water (yes, really) and planted them and hoped for the best. I now have lovely tubs of tulips by the front door.

Nora Ibsen said...

Don't get talked into anything you don't want to do, Maggie, no matter how much they say that things aren't the same without you. You need quality time for yourself. Go ahead and take all you need. Do yourself that favour at least. Okay?


Young at Heart said...

the flowers are soooo beautiful, let the sun shine in.......one day at a time and white tea....

Carol said...

Maggie...These photos are beautiful. Spring. New life. New hope. Continued prayers that you recover fully and gracefully~Stick to your guns. You know YOU. You and only you will know when you're ready. But isn't it nice to be 'missed'??!

Rose said...

Your blooms are so lovely, Maggie; don't the hyacinths smell as heavenly as they look? Has the volcano affected you in anyway? We've heard so much about it on the news here, because there are many Americans in the UK and Europe who haven't been able to get home in the past week.

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better and that this round of chemo wasn't as bad. That surely must be a positive sign that you are beating this disease. Enjoy spring!

Jingle said...

what lovely greetings you have for your visitors,
happy blogger,
happy Day!

San said...

Maggie, take all the time you need for yourself, to enjoy that lovely garden, and simply be. I'm glad to hear the treatments are working for you.

Thank you for these gorgeous images. I don't have much blooming in my own yard yet. A few tulips, and even they're dusted with snow right now. We've had a LONG, snowy winter.

Deb said...

Ah, what beautiful colors ! Spring has sprung. Please take care of you. Listen to your heart and your body ~ and take the time to smell all of your beautiful flowers !

Suburbia said...

No too much to ask Maggie, though nice to be wanted!!

You need loads of time now, just to enjoy beginning to feel more healthy again. Don't let them nag you into it!

So glad you have complete your course of chemo.

Hope you're enjoying this lovely sun :)

(Beautiful flowers, such a lovely present)

Retiredandcrazy said...

I though that it was nice the person at the school wondered when you would be back. They obviously miss you.

Did you notice how blue the skies were last week when the planes stopped flying?

Keep well Maggie.

She Writes said...

I miss the flowers in my old garden. The scent of spring.

Take care of yourself, Maggie, and take your time getting back to all your can do.

Life with Kaishon said...

I know that everyone mus miss you so. I can tell that you are a light and blessing wherever you go. I so hope that you are back to being you soon! So hope and pray!

SandyCarlson said...

I am glad your weather is good. Your flowers are a real treat, Maggie!