Friday, 1 October 2010

What To Do On A Wet Day

Photo Copyright: Maggie May

What can anyone do on a wet day?
What can anyone do on a wet weekend, come to that? I don't think the outlook is very good.
The garden is soaking and slugs and snails seem to be laughing at me through the window. I cannot be bothered to get soaking wet and collect them up. In any case, what do you do with them when they are caught? My son, Sam, throws them into salt water, I cannot bring myself to do that.
I used to throw them over the back wall, but since the new flats have been built close by, that is not a good idea. The gesture might be taken the wrong way.

Today, Sam was going to the massive store a few miles away and offered to take me. You know the one I mean..... You get in there and can never find your way out. Everything is written in a Scandinavian language. I'm not sure if I should be mentioning the name but just in case I shouldn't, it just begins with the ninth letter of our alphabet.
I love going to this store as some of their things are really lovely, while other things are not. I was moaning to Sam the other day that I never get to go there any more and he has been asking me to accompany him every other day because he is making major alterations in his house and goes there a lot.
So off we set and I was only going to look. This store must must have employed a psychologist who knew exactly what music would lull you into wanting everything in sight. Well it does seem to work because I always buy something whether I need it or not. I think it is the colours that appeal as well as the music.
Today I bought a blaska, 2 rationells and a janso.
Which in English is a boring dustpan and brush, 2 recycling baskets and a tiny lamp ( that was in a sale.)
However, we stayed there for ages looking round at the lovely kitchen, bathroom and bedroom arrangements and I swear that this store makes me quite dissatisfied with everything I own and I am really not normally that materialistic.

My daughter, Deb, is coming for the weekend just to stay one night, to make it possible to take the boys to The Swindon Steam Train Museum. It would be normally too long a journey for them to travel there and back in one day. Sam is interested in taking the girls too, so it seems that I am also going, as he can bring me back when he leaves. When Deb leaves the museum she will head for home in the other direction.
So it won't really matter if it rains or not for us, this weekend. We will be indoors.

Little rabbit, Ash seems back to normal now after his operation and does seem to be calming down and is more friendly. I have extended his run slightly so that he has more room. Very soon he will have taken over the dining room. Sorry all you folk who are astounded by a rabbit living in a dining area. However, that is the way it is, and he doesn't smell or anything.
I think that if he was in a hutch in the garden, he wouldn't be getting much company on a wet day like today because I wouldn't be getting wet every few moments to go and see to him. Mind you, it is lovely to be able to get my hair wet and not have to bother about styling it. There is a definite tendency for it to wave these days and it was straight as a poker before.
Life does have its compensations.

Anyway, have a good weekend. I wonder what you will all be doing?


Akelamalu said...

I have never been to that store but I do need to go because it is the only place that sells the window blind in the right size I need. However when I asked my son about the place he said he would have offered to take me but he hates the place - like you he said once in you can't get out!

It was a lovely day here yesterday we spent about 4 hours in the garden. Today it's rain, rain and more rain. :(

Twain12 said...

we are in for a rainy weekend too, i guess shopping doesn't sound to bad

mrsnesbitt said...

Rained here all day today - will be working this weekend! Might as well - hubby has to work in his workshop tomorrow and if the weather is the same on Sunday he will be shedding! ie pottering about in his new shed. Last weekend he fit up a worktop/bench so he will be in his element! I therefore will carry on in my study with more preparations for my exhibition on 22nd!

PS Glad bunny is feeling better. x

Leilani Lee said...

I am glad I wondered onto this blog from Rural Villager. This weekend is our small town's annual all festival -- Oz Fest with a Wizard of Oz theme and it should be lovely. Hoping to find some vendors selling hand-crafted items -- we'll see.

Suldog said...

My mind sometimes works in strange ways, as you know. I'd look upon the slugs and snails as a challenge. What do slugs and snails like? Is there some way to get them to go of their own accord, by leaving a trail of whatever they like leading off of your grounds? Trying to get a slug and snail caravan making its way out by itself would be fascinating, to me :-)

Pond Parleys said...

I'm so glad that my local massive store is about a 45 minute drive away. I'm sure I save lots of money because of the distance.
Have a great w/e Maggie.
(Expat Mum)

lakeviewer said...

Maggie, going shopping to Ikea is a great idea, rain or shine. We have to travel six hours to get to it, but we do look forward to its many displays and some great finds.

It looks to me that slugs will take over the earth, as long as there is moisture!
Maybe Ash could have them for dinner?

Hilary said...

I've been pondering snails lately too.. those found at the cottage. They're a nifty critter but I understand how they can creep some folks out. Rabbits, on the other hand are simply adorable. I would have no problem sharing my indoor space with Ash. I've shared cottage space with one adorable young raccoon recently. She thinks she's a cat. We haven't told her otherwise.. yet.

I love Ikea too but haven't been there in years. I get that strong urge to buy when I'm there too.. which is probably why I've not been there in years. ;)

RNSANE said...

They opened a Japanese store, Daiso, near me and I love that place. It's just trinkets and things and all sorts of storage containers, mostly things that I do not need but I like to go and look around. I love their kitchen items and, of course, I always buy something.

Glad that Ash has recovered and, apparently, forgiven you for depriving him of little rabbits heirs in the future.

Weather's nice here and I hope it stays that way for my 66th birthday Sunday. I'm going to the Hyatt in the morning to hear my friend, a 72-year-old jazz singer, then my daughter-in-law is taking me to dinner. She's down this way to run a half marathon. My oldest son gave me a plane ticket so I can attend my 45 year nursing school reunion in New Orleans in a couple of weeks. We didn't have one five years ago because of Katrina.

slommler said...

I will be visiting my grands this weekend. Looking forward to that for sure. My youngest granddaughter is turning 15 on Sunday. Amazing!
Thanks for your visit to my blog. By the way...the babies are vinyl no porcelain. Just thought you would like to know that.

cheshire wife said...

We have only been to Ikea once and we managed not to buy anything. That was when we lived in Surrey. I disliked the way we were herded around as if we were in a museum. Now I don't think that their merchandise would fit in our Victorian cottage.

We had a pink sky tonight. So should have a nice day tomorrow, hopefully.

Brian Miller said...

glad to hear ash is doing better...and that store is evil...i so love their stuff...that is the problem...

Jinksy said...

I shall be wandering Blogland in the dry this weekend - And praying for a dry day on Monday, as I'm having a new Patio Door/Window fitted! LOL :)

Celia said...

A dangerous store indeed. I've been thinking about it, need an table to do art on. Have to drive 5 hours to get there from here. It's still 80 and dry here. The leaves are starting to fall. Thinking about a trip into the next state, Oregon, with son and grandgirl to see an art show and the leaves turn color in the mountain pass.

Rose said...

I'd be thrilled to have a wet weekend--it's been so dry here for three months that I keep having to water my plants before they all die.

Somehow a blaska and a rationell sounds so much more exotic than a dustpan and a basket:)

Sounds like a fun weekend is in store for you, Maggie! We're off to a football game tomorrow with my son, daughter-in-law, and two of the grandkids. Should be fun.

SandyCarlson said...

I love what you have here. Wow. Sweet.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Even your rainy day pictures are exquisite, Maggie!!! And so happy that Ash is doing better!!! Have a wonderful weekend, dear Maggie!! ~Janine XO

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are feeling up to the trek around the Swedish shop, I confess I have never been inside one.

JP would love me to cook the snails for him [a disgusting job and I only like them for the garlic/butter sauce.

Bernie said...

We are having a cool day Maggie, our trees are almost completely bare here now, and I know winter is not far behind. The older I get the shorter the seasons
Enjoy your weekend with your family, and Maggie I love that store as well. I can never get out of there without buying something....:-)Hugs

Ayak said...

We have that particular store here in Turkey too and drove past it yesterday on our way to somewhere else. I was dying to stop and have a browse but we didn't have time (or money!) and like you I always have to buy something.
I think its lovely that Ash has his home indoors. It wouldn't bother me at all sharing a dining area with him.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I know exactly what you mean about THAT store Maggie. I love to go there too (the Bristol one) and often wish I could completely re-vamp at least one room! Funnily enough I was only speaking to my daughter about it a few minutes ago and we have arranged that the next time I visit her in Stratford on Avon we will go to the Coventry store.
Glad to hear your little Ash is doing well again. A x

TechnoBabe said...

We have been looking at a place to move to and have been boxing up what we can. We will be moving the end of the month and it is taking time going through things.

Nora said...

A lot of my furniture is from that store and I really like the place. You just have to choose the right person to go with. They have to enjoy going there as well. My ex never did and it was nerve wrecking to go there with him.

Enjoy your time with the grandkids. Too bad it's raining so much. Your garden still looks lovely.

Nick Thomas said...

We've had rain only once in about 3months - what does it look like again?

Glad you liked the house guests story. Check out "Even for animals, church can be a blessing"

Working Mum said...

I had a child free weekend for the first time in over a year while Izzy stayed at my parents. It was bliss, for a whle, then I was glad to get her back, for a while...... ;)

Eddie Bluelights said...

The store you mention is very clever, or the directors are. I cannot seem to find my way out when I go there and wonder if one has to be in mensa to leave! LOL

I have been very busy dear sister so I have not been able to visit. Eddie x

gaelikaa said...

I'm glad Ash is feeling better now. As for the slugs - I remember a friend of ours in Ireland going mad once because the neighbour used to always throw the slugs into her garden. So I think you're right about that one.....

Bina said...

Well, I don't know about where you live, but here in America, most people I know keep their rabbits/bunnies in the house and they use a liter pan, just like a cat!

Joey said...

I think everything sounds better in a different language! I love to translate simple words and use them when I talk to my husband. He just give the "look".

It's getting colder here but we need some rain. Grace has decided that my Monkey Grass is delightful to play in, and Marley joined so it is flatter than a pancake.

I think having a rabbit inside is pretty interesting. I used to have two ferrets. They were mean little things.

I'm glad hair is wavy.


secret agent woman said...

I kind of like the idea of you pitching slugs at the apartments behind you.