Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Time To Discard These?

authorblog: Weekend Wandering

This week, David asks us, "Do you have an item of clothing that you haven't worn for a year?"

Well, yes, several if I'm honest, though I do generally have a policy to to get rid of anything that I haven't worn for a year. Some things I have though have never been worn. Why are they in the wardrobe then? What right do the have to be there at all?

There are three things hanging up against the wardrobe in this picture. The first is a waistcoat made out of silk from an ancient kimono and was a present from Japan. It is lovely to look at but there is something wrong with the way the armholes pucker up at the back. So if I was to wear it, there would have to be major surgery on it. Like wise the second waistcoat. My mother gave me that one and I think it was made in South America and I like the colour and design but once again, there is something about the way it hangs around the back of the armholes. Now I have put this down in writing, I feel that there must be something wrong with the way my arms or back makes it hang. Obviously I should not be wearing waistcoats but strange to think that other people give them to me!
I don't know why I have them still. I just seem to not be able to bear get rid of them. I have just been waiting to get them fixed!
The third thing is a yukata (kind of Japanese dressing gown) that I bought when we visited Japan in the year 1999. I have had several given to me as presents and obviously cannot get to wear several at a time. Also in England, for much of the year these flimsy things are too cold and so I need to put on my warmer, cosy one.

What am I going to do with these three items after this post has been published, you may well ask?
Well they are going back in the wardrobe of course! In the meantime, if you bump into anyone wearing these articles of clothing, you will be able to say, "Hi Maggie May, I recognize those clothes, so it must be you!


RiverPoet said...

Here's an idea, Maggie - have them framed. Seriously! I think they would make lovely pieces of artwork, and you would never have to part with them.

Peace - D

softinthehead said...

I second riverpoet's idea - the japanese waistcoat would look lovely - great original artwork with memories.

Maggie May said...

Wow...... riverpoet & softinthehead.......... what a good idea! The Japanese one anyway. Might just do that!

Lehners in France said...

Maggie, I'd recognise you anywhere in that waistcoat! There's an award for you at mine. Debs x

cheshire wife said...

How does David manage to come up with these questions? I have just come back from the sales and really need to sort out my clothes. With the UK's awful climate we our bound to have clothes that do not get worn.

bindhiya said...

Dear Maggie,
Thanks for checking on me..
I would like to take this question and post.... if i can sit long ):

riverpoet's idea crack me up but it is good you dont have to part with them :))

yes, I do have saree (indian dress) I never wear in here.. 6 years it is in my collection...a brad new silk saree... but am so good at donating other clothes i don't wear :)

Have a beautiful day.
♥ & ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Oh, Maggie, you have something that I wish I'd got from my time in Japan - a yukata! I was there for 2 and a half years but never got round to getting one. Maybe I should ask my friends to send one to England for me...

Love the idea about the picture frames - seriously good idea!


Suburbia said...

Oooo, and I thought you were going to say you were going to give them away to the first one to comment!!!

david mcmahon said...

The silk waistcoat is sensational. I agree with Riverpoet - have it framed! Seriously.

Maggie May said...

Lehners ...... thanks, Debbie! Going over!

Cheshire wife .... yes, we buy for summer which turns to winter & visa versa!

Bindi ....... lovely to have you on my blog! I think sahris are really lovely and a silk one........ hang on to that!

Peter ...... I have a cotton yukata that is traditional and some of the "silk" ones that really are not silk at all but are available for tourists!

Suburbia ...... No giving away! Sorry!

David! I am seriously thinking of that now!

Am grateful for these suggestions!

Rose said...

Riverpoet and softinthehead (love these names!) are onto something, I think. I have trouble getting rid of clothing I like or have a sentimental attachment to, even if I never wear it. That's why my closet is always so full!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

You probably feel you can't give them away because they were gifts. I think they would be nice as decorative pillows. If you don't have enough material get some that would go with them and use it for the back. Put some nice cording aroud the edge and away you go. It would be easy too.

Irene said...

I have no clothes that I have not worn for a year, as all of my clothes are new after I lost all the weight. They are all equally precious to me, but as soon as they get to big on me, they go to the second hand goods store.

Bina said...

I have a dress that was hand made by a friend, that I wore to a wedding in Hawaii. My daughter has the SAME dress, but in a little girls size 4 (she was 4 at the time). I know we will NEVER wear them again, but I just can't get rid of them. Can't do it. No way. Not ever. Those were some good times.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Yep...agree with clothing not worn. I have serious amounts of clothes from my flash "City" days (younger, fitter, slimmer)...still hoping I will fit into them SOME day! (Oy! You at the back! Stop giggling!!!) Came via Expatmum. Salve. Hadriana.

Minnesotablue said...

Framing is a great idea. They are so colorful and would be a conversation peice for sure!

Anonymous said...

I saw that question, Maggie and thought the same. I have so much stuff in my wardrobe I wouldn't know where to start. I have chucking out times like beginning of summer!

CJ xx

Casdok said...

I too have some Japanese clothes never worn but cant part with.

I sincerely hope your grandson will get the help and support he needs. A difficult time for you all adjusting too. A new diagnosis can be hard, but when you know and understand it makes a huge difference. Interesting that you say you had wondered, my mother was in total deniel for years!
Hugs to you all. :)

Maggie May said...

Rose......... they are nice names, aren't they! Glad you like the framing idea!

Nana Trish....... well that is a novel idea too!

Irene ...... well you are lucky to be losing weight but of course you are restricted by what you can eat, which is the down side of it.

Bina ..... understandable that you couldn't part with those dresses.

Hadriana....... Thanks for coming over. Any friend of expatmum is a friend of mine. I am on my way over!

minnesota blue....... yes..... a conversation piece I should imagine!

Crystal........ At least you chuck things out regularly!

Casdok ....... many thanks for the good wishes. Keep your Japanese clothes!

Mrs. Fox said...

It might be that the waist coats were originally made for men. That would make them fit all wrong in the shoulders and waist for a woman. It would probably just take a couple darts in the back to make them fit. A pretty inexpensive alteration. :)

Lee said...

Hi Maggie,
Your closet items look lovely. Is it worth while to take them to the tailor? The Japanese silk is so lovely. The last time I saw any was when I was a very little girl. Yours has lovely colors.

Hurricane update: Just got off the phone with Mom. She says they have been without power for the past 3 days. And the door is sandbagged. So they are surviving on what's in the fridge which might not be much good for much longer. At least the phones work. Whew!

Thanks for popping over and leaving such kind and caring comments.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

They are too good to let go - and the framing idea is great I think. There is always eBay of course, if you really don't want to keep them? M xx